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Nicole | 9914 comments Here.

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Nicole | 9914 comments Sorry, that point at the end of my here looked so cold! So, any plot ideas in mind?

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Um....no....Lol. I can do fantasy and fiction...

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Nicole | 9914 comments Yeah, me too. Romance? How about an alien and a human? Maybe the girl is the alien to have a strong female character, but I don't know.

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I don't mind romance, but can I be the girl?

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Nicole | 9914 comments Okay, do we make characters or jump in? Do you like the alien-human thing?

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Sure, but which one is the human? And whatever you want to do is fine, I have done both.

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Nicole | 9914 comments The boy

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Okay. So you wanna make characters? Or not I'm fine either way.

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Nicole | 9914 comments Let's just jump in, I think I'm not too inspired for choosing a name. If you want you can link a picture of her? Can you start please?

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Nari sat on a bench observing the place where she just landed. The air was horrible, barley breathable and the water. Ew! It was so sour, but sadly, she had to stay alive so she had no chose but to drink the awdul liquid.

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Nicole | 9914 comments He was getting dressed, not really caring what clothes he wore for the first day of his senior year, this was so stupid he told himself, he despised highschool, how everyone seemed to be there to judge you, break you and take advantage, becoming popular for doing so. He put his brown leather jacket on and walked out of his house, he hated autumn and winter even more than any other seasons.

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She gagged as she took another sip of the clear liquid and finally gave up. She set the liquid down on the grass and got up from her chair. She walked around the park she was in. There was signs telling people where to go but it looked like nonsense to her.

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Nicole | 9914 comments He, as always since his incident in eight grade, had put some of her mom's peach lipstick in his lips, that was so ridiculous, sometimes he asked himself why he even cared about what people said, but it was really embarrassing and he felt kind of better that way. Boy had started to notice his red lips even when they were younger, but it had been in eight grade that they had started really bothering and giving him nicknames, he didn't like to admit it but his lips were girly, and he felt bad about it, also his body, his complexion wasn't muscular but elegant and his long eyelashes all together made him look 'beautiful' as bullies said. He hated winter since his skin was paler, he got thinner and his lips stood up proudly, he hated his genes. He walked to school looking at the park in front of his house as he always did, he loved autumn leaves though, they reminded him of childhood.

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Nari frowned. This place had funny colored leaves and funny trees and funny...well everything. Her mission was to see if there was any intelligent life here and report back, but the humans here had already wasted the land away. She saw some...building? On wheels? Racing across a grey platform and more humans on the other side. She figured she might try that side because this side was awful.

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Nicole | 9914 comments Ugh, he told himself, not again. Hector, the school jock and principal bully and his group were in the park, right in front of him, he tried to walk faster and unnoticed by them but his friend had already seen him. Too late, he said to himself.

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Nari saw movement on the other side and perked up. She couldn't tell, but he seemed to be...avoiding something? She went to go investigate, but when she tried to get across the grey platform the moving buildings almost ran her over! They made a honking noise that made her jump. She hissed back at them, getting her a few weird looks.

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Nicole | 9914 comments "hey hey hey, what do we have here, our little princess. Are you scared, will you run" Hector said as the other started laughing and making a circle around him, I have to get out of here, and fast he though, not wanting to add a purple eye shadow to his look. He heard cars honking in the street but he wasn't paying attention, he needed a distraction, fast. He hit the one closer to him, he wasn't muscular but he was strong, strong and fast thanks to his athletic complexion, he took off running and crossed to the other side of the street almost been hit by a car, he knew they couldn't possibly get to the other side on time with all those cars.

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Nari ran back to the park area and climbed up a tree to get a better view. Whoever that person was hit one of the other humans and ran off, but he, like herself, could not get across the grey platform. At least she knew it wasn't just her. She closed her eyes and turned invisible to the human eyes and carefully climbed back down the tree, hoping to see how the person got across the grey area without being run over.

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Nicole | 9914 comments Red light, he sighed relieved and ran to the other side, then the light changed to green again, leaving them all behind. He felt so much like a coward as he walked to school, his hands in his pockets. He was walking when hit shoulder hit someone he hadn't seen, "I'm sorry" he said politely turning to the person he had bumped into, but there was no one there. Now I'm going mad

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Nari made a slight squeaking noise as the boy bumped into her. She was by far the worst agent who ever lived. He looked right at her, but didn't seem to see her so at least she was okay so far...sort of. Her barrier only lasted a few more seconds so she hoped that she didn't appear right in front of him. That would be bad. Very bad...

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Nicole | 9914 comments He shook his head, he had been so sure, maybe the wind he told himself knowing it was a stupid answer, but he other option was that he was crazy, which he didn't like either. He looked at the street where Hector and his group were supposed to be, they were there so he would just have to wait a bit longer to cross the street and get to the highschool, he sat in a bench, looking at the leaves flying around, I'm going to be late, again

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Nari materialized. She sighed. She had to stay hidden and she had barley managed to do that. If she was caught her entire mission would be compromised and all because she was too curious. She scolded herself. There was very few people out right now, they all seemed to be going somewhere...

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Nicole | 9914 comments He sighed again, they were still in the street and he had just three minutes to get to school. He looked something blurred with the corner of his eye, his vision was quite good but he doubted he could say the same about his mind, he could swear that girl hadn't been there a second before, "hey?" He said softly to the girl.

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Nari jumped at the sound of the humans voice. She had no idea what he was speaking, but it wasn't the language she spoke back home. She tried to understand what he was saying, but nothing came to mind. She guessed it was some sort of greeting, but she still had no idea how to respond, so she just stood there giving him a confused look.

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Nicole | 9914 comments "okay..." He said awkwardly, now this girl probably though he was weird, he felt stupid. "so hey I guess, are you going to school?" She looked around his age, and was very pretty too, maybe she was just shy.

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She tried to register what he was saying, "Um.." she mentally searched for what language he was using. Her search landed on English. She downloaded into her memory and she frowned, "Uh...hello?" She stuck her tongue out. The words felt weird in her mouth. "Sorry I am not from...around here?"

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Nicole | 9914 comments He heard her accent and though that maybe she was from german, peach skin and blond hair. "It's fine, do I guess you're going to highschool. There's only one highschool, at least that I know" he said more like a question, he was already late to the first period anyway.

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She nodded, "Highschool?" She had no idea what that was. Back home the only thing you learned was how to fight and stay hidden...she needed more practice with that one. "I am sorry, but might I ask, what is that?" She took a deep breath and gagged, the air was like inhaling pure smoke!

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Nicole | 9914 comments "uh, where you go to study. Really, you've never been to school before? Whoa, I mean, I guess that's everybody's dream, are you going to start going?" He was a little surprised, maybe she didn't know that word in english yet.

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Nari was so lost, "No...I mean yes I have been to school, but...I have a slight feeling that they are different here than where I come from. Are you...going to school?" she said trying to get used to the feeling of the language. It still felt weird.

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Nicole | 9914 comments He nodded, knowing nods were understood better everywhere, "I am, you? If you are we have to get moving, the second period will start in some minutes" he said, he still wanted to eat something before though, "but wait, do you want a coffee?"

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Nari felt very awkward as he asked the questions, "Um...yeah I am very sorry, but I have not a clue what you speak of...I still am not even clear on the whole school thing...you must think I am clueless, sorry for wasting your time," she turned around to walk away. It was official, she was the worst agent ever.

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Nicole | 9914 comments He frowned, he had two options, the girl didn't really understand a thing or she was acting because she didn't want to 'waste his time', probably she didn't want to waste her time with him. He shrugged and walked to the coffee shop, not really caring that he was late anymore.

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Nari became invisible again and tried to stay away from any humans. She didn't need anymore distractions. She walked across the grey platform and almost got hit by one of the buildings. She squeaked and landed on the other side. She was glad no one could see her.

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Nicole | 9914 comments His day went by as always and he died to hear the final ring, when he was out of the school he went to get some coffee again, the senior year didn't add anything special to his routine, more than girls wearing more makeup and less clothing, yep, highschool, he didn't know how could someone actually don't know what it was.

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Nari walked into a building. It had a sign on it but she couldn't read it. She went to a table ans went to go sit down, so far she had learned nothing, but the land had toxic air and moving buildings.

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Nicole | 9914 comments He walked into his favorite coffee shop and saw the girl there, she looked paler if that was even possible in her skin, maybe just his imagination. But he didn't say anything, just looked at her for a little while, he didn't want to do something ridiculous twice in a day so he just kept standing in the line to order his drink.

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Nari turned her head and saw the human she had met earlier. Found twice in one day had to be a new record of some sort. She looked away and used her hair to hide her face, but she was pretty sure that he had already seen her. Great, just great, I am going to get it when I get back home She thought.

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Nicole | 9914 comments He bit his lip, knowing now that she hadn't wanted to waste her time that morning, yeah, the second option and there went the last time he tried to be nice to people his age. He saw as the line kept walking and she didn't seem to be eating anything, he knew he would regret what he was about to do but he couldn't help it, he ordered the two drinks and stood in front of her table awkwardly. Maybe she didn't know how to order he though as he said, "hey, uh. I was wondering if you wanted chocolate? It's quite cold outside you know" he said already regretting his decision

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Nari looked up the boy. It took her a moment to process what he way saying, then she tried for a smile. What the heck she was all for trying new things so she nodded, "Sure, why not?" She knew she had to focus on her mission, but her mind tended to drift....

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Nicole | 9914 comments He smiled as he sat down in the chair in front of her, this was going to be quite weird, they couldn't have a conversation in mimics but he tried to talk anyway, or this could become awkward. "so, I guess you're older than what you look like, I mean... You're not going to highschool are you?" He said quite slowly so she could understand him better.

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Nari laughed a bit, "I may not be from here, but I can hear you just fine. And I would not know how I look because I know how old I am therefore I would assume I look that age...that made sense right? And no I have never gone to school....what is it like?"

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Nicole | 9914 comments "uh, yeah" he laughed a bit, he said kind of understanding what she said, but it was better to drop the subject, "and you're lucky, trust me. Well, basically you go there to... Learn things, or so they say, make friends... Yeah, you dress up and basically they judge you by the way you look. But you can make good friends too, it depends on the people" he said, he'd had friends two years ago, but their group split, others went to better towns, that was basically all, now he had just someone who could be considered his best friend. She always defended him when she saw someone trying to make fun of him, but that just made him feel embarrassed.

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"That sounds....intriguing. I want to go, I do not interact with...people very often. Or every for that matter."

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Nicole | 9914 comments "well, have you applied already? That's the first step, you fill in a paper they give you, but I think you need some kind of certificate. Did you study at home?"

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Nari frowned, "You could say that. No I have not applied, I am afraid I so not even know how to write in this language." She looked down in embarrassment, "Never mind forget I ever spoke."

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Nicole | 9914 comments "hey, it's fine, no one in school can talk two languages, and your english is kind of good, what's your other language?" He asked, he could talk in english because he grew up learning it, he didn't know how some people could manage living in countries where they spoke a different from their own, he kind of admired her.

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