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{High School Romance}


- Guy A ( You )
- Girl A ( Me )
- The occasional teachers

- Proper Grammar
- Proper Punctuation
- More then a few words
- No more then three lines per post ( I'm pretty detailed depending on my Roleplay partners )
- Don't rush into the romance
- Be paitent ( I have a life too you know )


Guy A is a jock, your average Jock, he's a player, and he slept with millions of other women, but he didn't exactly "Sleep" with them. Then there's Girl A, the loner, your average loner, she's a shy and quiet girl, she has them smarts that are never revealed to Students, she's a straight A student and has never been late to class or missed a single day of school.

One day in a math class, one that both Guy A and Girl A share together, he teacher had been calling up random students to talk about their grades, when the teacher called out Guy A's name, the teacher stood up and brought Guy A to the front of the class, where he announces that Girl A is Guy A's tutor. So things are going well, and Guy A's grades are rising through the roof for all subjects, but what happens when a little rumor spreads through school that Girl A has been sleeping with Guy A? Will Guy A let the rumors continue or will he stop them once and for all? (view spoiler).

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Stephanie | 59 comments So should we do our characters first?

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Can we use this template?


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Stephanie | 59 comments Yeah, sure.
You're gonna be Girl A right?

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Stephanie | 59 comments Name: James Evans

Age: 17

Gender: Male

(I'll post later when on phone)

Sexuality: Straight








Angela Bishop [deceased]


John Bishop [deceased]


Ella Bishop [alive] [not much contact]

Foster Mother:

Charlotte Evans

Friends: James is one of the most popular boy in school. However, he only has selected friends he trusts.

Best Friend:

Ian Sullivan
Henry Collins

Other: None

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Name: Kenize G. Callen

Age: 16

Gender: Female


Sexuality: Heterosexual

- Being Alone
- Getting Good grades
- Her father
- Medical Examinations
- Death
- Ofher people's pain
- Her Brother

Her mother
Her sisters
Her life


G. Callen - Father - Alive - NCIS Agent
Mimi Callen - Mother - Alive - Left her and her father
Josphine Callen - Sister - Dead - Died from falling out of a five story window
Jenny Callen - Sister - Dead - Died of Food poisoning
Caleb Callen - Brother - Alive - Oldest Brother



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Stephanie | 59 comments Should we start?

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Stephanie | 59 comments Could you, please?

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Kenize was walking through the hallways of the school, first class was math and she had at least ten minutes before class started.

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Stephanie | 59 comments James was hanging out with his friends, outside the hallways. He didn't bother to be silent as they all talked about his upcoming game.

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Kenize walked past the small crowd, her head as down and her black hair covered her face.

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Stephanie | 59 comments James watched the pretty girl walk past them, not ever noticing her before.

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(( How about we skip original plot and haut go with the flow?))

Kenize didn't look up as she walked past them, her eyes never leaving the ground until she reached her locker.

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Stephanie | 59 comments ((Sure, okay))

James didn't bother to open his locker. Instead, he made one of his friends to do it.

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Kenize looked up, half of her face shown as she opened her locker.

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Stephanie | 59 comments ((I was thinking maybe they could simply be best friends for a bit))

He walked up to where she was. "Hi?"

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(( sure ))

" Hey," Kenize murmured as she looked through her locker for something.

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Stephanie | 59 comments "I'm James. James Evans. And you are...?"

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" I'm Kenize G. Callen," Her reply was muffled because her head was halfway into the locker as she searched for something.

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Stephanie | 59 comments "Kenu what?" He couldn't hear her properly

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" I'm Kenize G. Callen, " Kenize repeated as she looked at James.

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Stephanie | 59 comments "Kenzie. Short for Mackenzie?" He raised his eyebrows.

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" Nope, it's just Kenzie," Kenize replied.

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Stephanie | 59 comments "Well, Kenzie, what's your first class?" He asked.

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" Math," Kenize replied as she grabbed her headphones.

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Stephanie | 59 comments "Well, could I walk you to class then?" He raised his eyebrows

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" Sure," Kenize shrugged.

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Stephanie | 59 comments "If I walk you to class, that means you're gonna have to talk to me right?" He closed her locker doors for her.

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" No duh Captian obvious," Kenize said.

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Stephanie | 59 comments "Just making sure." He grinned. "It'll be a waste, and too awkward if we just keep quiet. So where are you from Kenzie?"

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Kenzie smiled lightly, " I'm from Los Angeles," Kenize replied.

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Stephanie | 59 comments "Born and raised?" He raised his eyebrows.

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" Yep, born and raised in Los Angeles California," Kenize said.

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Stephanie | 59 comments "The land of tossed dreams and crap like that, right?" He frowned. "That's what the TV shows say."

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"I was actually part of a worldwide TV series that everyone watched and loved," Kenize said with a small smirk.

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