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Did You Hear What Happened to Andrea?
SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Young adult novel about a teen girl who is raped while hitch hiking [s]

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Francoise Purdue | 3 comments I read this book when I was a teenager in the late 1980s or early 90s but I have a feeling the book itself was written in the 70s or maybe early 80s. From what I can remember, a teenage girl hitch hikes with her boyfriend and after the boyfriend is dropped off, the man who picked her up rapes her. (They're not hitch hiking across the country or anything, I think it's within their own town.) I can't recall if she reports it to the police or not (maybe if she does it's not right away), but she tells her sister and her sister is surprised that she was still a virgin. I think she tells her boyfriend but he doesn't believe her. (I read this at the same time as Are you in The House Alone so perhaps I'm mixing up the details of the two books?) I can't remember what happens in the end, but the book was about how she mentally comes to terms with what happened to her.

Francoise Purdue | 3 comments I've found it on Goodreads under the category of young adult books about rape! It's called "Did you Hear What Happened to Andrea" and it's by Gloria D Miklowitz. It was originally published in 1979.

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