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World Cup
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World Cup History

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message 1: by Oscar (new)

Oscar | 38 comments I just finished the novel, World Cup by the author Matt Christopher who has won the Sports Books award, and Boys' Clubs of America Junior Book Award. I would recommend this book to boys or girls who enjoy Soccer and who are into the back round of its tournaments. I really enjoyed the novel because it talks a lot about the the sport and how it was established. I would compare this Book to Soccer Halfback because it relates to how the sport began and why Jabber had such a huge passion for Soccer. Is there any way you can relate the Ball game that the Maya played back then to Soccer? Any similarities? How so? What are the differences?

message 2: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Dalton | 16 comments Your book review sounds really interesting, it makes me want to read it. As both books had a passion for soccer, did you think there were other books like those you mentioned? Good job overall.

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