This year I’m reading a book from Québec #quebecreads2015 discussion

What are you reading?

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message 1: by Josie (new)

Josie (j4shaw) | 1 comments Just finished reading a book from Québec
Cockroach by Rawi Hage

message 2: by Jonathanrb (new)

Jonathanrb | 2 comments In March I finished La grosse femme d'à côté est enceinte, by Michel Tremblay. It's a wonderful book, kind of a working-class French-Canadian soap opera (this coming from a guy who would normally roll his eyes at the mention of such a description).

I loved the characters so much (particularly Duplessis, the cat) that I've already begun book two in the series, Thérèse et Pierrette à l'école des Saints-Anges. If this one is as good as the first I'll probably read through all six in the series. This might take a while, as my French is still at an intermediate level.

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