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Create your Half-Blood character here! To create a character, copy and paste the info sign- up thingy below. If you are approved, your character will stay, if you are declined, your comment will automatically be deleted.

Copy and paste the form below to a comment filling it out. Everything must be filled out in order to be accepted. (If you have trouble inserting a picture, don't worry about it. ;)







FRIENDS (You may use other member names):

HISTORY (How you came to Camp Half-Blood):




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Name: Aster "Art" Winterstorm

Age: 18

Camp: Camp Half-Blood

Godly Parent: Hades and Hecate


Country: USA

Personality: Though admittedly shy, Aster can be open with friends. She is one of those people who just blends in. Aster is strong and has many challenges in her life, one of them was losing her brother to a Minotaur.

Weapon: Bow and Arrow/ Dagger/ Sword and Shield/ Spear (changes forms into what is needed. When not in use, the weapon becomes a charm bracelet)


Mother- Orva Winterstorm (killed in fire)
Brother- Connor Winterstorm (killed by minotaur)


Aster was born in the 90's, and got stuck in the Lotus Hotel and Casino. Aster managed to get out by herself, but she was rescued by Carter and Sadie Kane after being tracked down by a serpopard.

After living in the First Nome for 10 years (she was 12 when she left), Aster was sent to Camp Half-Blood. After spending two weeks there, she was claimed first by Hades and a day after, by Hecate. Aster is a loner, and she prefers spending time by herself near a the lake, the ocean, or a quiet place in the woods.

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NAME: Aralyn "River" Rozumny

AGE: 13

GODLY PARENT: daughter of Poseidon and Athena


Sea-green and gray eyes that change. Long brown hair. tall and thin figure. Long fingers.

PERSONALITY: An EXTREME introvert, doesn't cry unless has really been hurt, or pain is unbearable, caring, respectful, loyal as heck, is outgoing with friends, can talk smart sometimes. Wears short shorts, and a graphic tee. Can sometimes act like a punk.

FAVORITE WEAPONS: Has a watch that when the clock face is turned reveals 5 crystals that change into a sword, a spear, a dagger, mace and a battle axe. is like Thor's hammer, only she can use it.

FRIENDS (You may use other member names): Aster (KatJade92) ssieminski, Gina, Amu

HISTORY Just to make this clear i am not supposed to be alive. Zeus was furious with my parents, Athena, and Poseidon. They killed my parents, Hestia and Hecate took me in. I lived in a cottage surrounded my forest and a strong mist. The only friends I knew were the Nymphs that were cursed to their roots. I lived there since i was 2. I always knew of the gods. I grew up with a few pets too (See pets page), i went with them to camp half-blood with my weapons at age 10


Mom: Lactris Rozumny (Dead Zeus)
Dad: Hunter Rozumny (Dead Zeus)

COUNTRY ORIGINATED FROM: Poland, moved to USA shortly

Favorite saying: The scars that are invisible are the ones that hurt the most, and are the hardest to heal- showing how her live is, Happy on the outside, torn apart on the inside.


if people weren't so stupid i wouldn't have to be so sarcastic


people you hate are like slinkies, they are really good for nothing but they put a smile on your face when you push them down the stairs.

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gina | 3 comments NAME: Elizabeth Winchester

AGE: 15


APPEARANCE: Elizabeth is tall and lean, with very long dark brown hair, almost black, that is slightly wavy and always tied in a braid.

PERSONALITY: Elizabeth is super kind, and befriends just about everyone she meets. She's extremely smart, and fantastic in battle.

FAVORITE WEAPONS: Sword or dagger, likes to practice with bow and arrow but is only okay

FRIENDS (You may use other member names): Amu

HISTORY (How you came to Camp Half-Blood): Mother and father were killed by monsters, was injured and woke up in Camp Half-Blood

Brother- Aiden Winchester (killed by monster)
Mother- Olivia Winchester (Killed by monster)
Father- Jack Winchester (killed by monster)



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NAME: Candace McGuire

AGE: 12


APPEARANCE: Red hair, brown eyes description

PERSONALITY: Caring, Smart (Obviously) can get mad easily


FRIENDS (You may use other member names):

HISTORY (How you came to Camp Half-Blood): Parents were killed in America while the family was on vacation with Candace.

OTHER FAMILY: Half sister of Elizabeth


OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Candace is very fierce in war or battle for Camp Half- Blood

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Ileane Gutierrez (agentthundercat) | 7 comments NAME: Lovely Creeper

AGE: 18

GODLY PARENT: Hades and Persephone

APPEARANCE: Long dark hair usually in a pony tail and long black fingernails that she constantly seems to be biting. Violet eyes with thin wrists her watch shows the waning and waxing of the moon

PERSONALITY: Quiet and reserved but sometimes known for singing out loud when she's alone she hates to make people feel bad and likes to heal birds when they are hurt. Disgusts her father but her mother loves her dearly there's always at least one of her mother's flowers in her hair.

FAVORITE WEAPONS: Her own nails they grow to sharp razor points that can piece steel

FRIENDS (You may use other member names): the people that die and are sent to the underworld by her father

HISTORY (How you came to Camp Half-Blood): She was trying to figure a way to the surface when she stumbled through a rip in the underworld hidden behind Cerberus. she toppled through and ended up in New York (ironic huh) she was captured by banished underworlds that wanted to use her as ransom. Then was found by Arties who then brought her to the camp

OTHER FAMILY: no other family but the undead, Maria the woman who drowned In the creek is her fake mother and braids her hair when she lets it grow, Thesis is her friend when she wants to practice her strikes was a warrior who was betrayed in battle

COUNTRY ORIGINATED FROM: Came underneath New York city

OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION: she smells when people are going to die but cant tell them because they will freak out and call her an abomination.

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Dragonmoon257 NAME: Celeste "Owl" Creek


GODLY PARENTS:Athena is mom, Poseidon is Grandpa, Hephaestus is great-uncle

APPEARANCE: Short, brown hair, blue-green eyes, tan skin

PERSONALITY: Intelligent, loves horses, good with technology

FAVORITE WEAPONS: Bow and Arrow, staff with water inside that turns into a replica of me (and takes every command I give it from the inside) so it is basically immortal backup, and I can summon it back into the staff

FRIENDS (You may use other member names):Katjade92, gina, bowsandarrows11, ssieminski

HISTORY (How you came to Camp Half-Blood): I got chased by a rabid chimera until I got to the ocean and rode Estelle to the shore of Camp Half-Blood

sister - alex
half sister - gina
distant relative - leo


OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Rides pegasi in free time

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NAME: Caleb McGuire

AGE: 12


APPEARANCE: Red hair, brown eyes:


PERSONALITY: Friendly, intelligent, hard-working

FAVORITE WEAPONS: Celestial bronze dagger (similar to Candace's)

FRIENDS (You may use other member names): Candace, Aster, Nico, Percy, Aralyn, etc.

HISTORY (How you came to Camp Half-Blood): Caleb was lost in Ireland, trying to find his way through the lush, green forests of Norther Dublin until Athena helped and guided him to America and to Camp Half-Blood.

OTHER FAMILY: Twin brother of Candace.


OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Refuses to smile at people that have done an act of evil, even if they had changed.

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NAME: Tessa

AGE: 6



PERSONALITY: Shy but friendly once she gets to know a person. Likes to go exploring.


FRIENDS (You may use other member names): Aster, Nico, Percy, Aralyn

HISTORY (How you came to Camp Half-Blood):

Stumbled across the border one day when she was exploring.

OTHER FAMILY: Her family shunned her for being a "freak." Aster is now her adopted sister/ mother.

COUNTRY ORIGINATED FROM: Italy, her adopted father was sent to America.

OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION: She will protect her family to end. She likes to keep her hair short but will grow it out.

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NAME: Scarlet McLean (formerly Adelise Shray)

AGE: 16

GODLY PARENT: Aphrodite and Ares


PERSONALITY: sweet, kind, loyal, funny, talkative, obsessed with fashion

FAVORITE WEAPONS: spear and a knife

FRIENDS (You may use other member names): Tessa, Aster, Aralyn

HISTORY (How you came to Camp Half-Blood): She was randomly walking through the forest, attempting to make a dandelion chain when she saw two campers fighting each other with a dagger and sword and she questioned them. they realized she was a daughter of Aphrodite, so they brought her to Camp Half-Blood. Her adoptive father always knew she was a half-blood, and he understood right away where she went because he got a call from the camp. Eventually, she found out she was actually born because of a romance between Ares and Aphrodite.

OTHER FAMILY: Dereck- adoptive father
Relena- adoptive little sister


OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Adelise can speak up to five languages and can tell you an automatic price for any type of clothing, jewelry, handbags, or makeup. It's in her nature. :)

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Jay | 1 comments NAME: Jen (Often goes by Jay; Hates to be called Jen.)



APPEARANCE: Coal black hair that is pin-straight. Length-wise it is past her waist, but as it is often braided, it usually falls to her lower waist. She has bangs that hand just above her eyes, her irises the same deep black as her iris; all light consumed by them. She has Vitiligo, a condition that leaves little 'star' shaped patches all over her body. Her bangs hides such a "star" that resides in the center of her forehead and continues to grow. She is 5'3", endomorphic body type. She has a small waist and has medium sized breasts that she binds with a binder. She has a heart shaped face. Has nose piercing, 3 piercings in her left ear (2 bottom& 1 cartilage), and one in her right. She has a tattoo on her wrist of a sigil she refuses to talk about besides "It keeps me calm"

PERSONALITY: Quiet, fairly cold, but it is really attributed to her shyness and anxiety. She can be really sweet if one gets to know her, but if a person pries too deeply into her past or triggers, she WILL shut them down without hesitation. She can be quiet calculating, good statistician, and loves the shade a dark.

FAVORITE WEAPONS: Stygian iron dagger her mother gave her

FRIENDS (You may use other member names): unknown at this point.

HISTORY (How you came to Camp Half-Blood): After living with her abusive father for 10 years, Jay took an opportunity to leave her tribe in Ethiopia and take her chances in the United States. After arriving, she was visited by her Mother, who taught her many things, things she to this day will not explain in detail, or better said, can't explain. After that, using the abilities her mother taught her, used the Mist to protect herself as she lived illegally on the streets. Only after she met a Searcher, and almost immediately after being attacked by an enemy she could not handle, did she go to Camp Half-Blood. Since she arrived she has been less stressed, but something her mother told her during her time with her still bothers the hell out of her. She also refuses to meet the Oracle.

OTHER FAMILY: Her father and tribe who she does not and has not communicated with in over 5 years.



Alex Danvers -Athena's SlytherClaw Daughter NAME: Alexis Gwendolyn Cromwell
NICKNAMES: Alex, Lexi, Lynn, or Gwen

AGE: 15 (Arrived at CHB at age 11)

GODLY PARENT: Athena and goddaughter of Hephaestus and Hecate (separately)

APPEARANCE: Alexis has perfectly straight blondish-hazel brown hair, with the bottom tips of her hair curly (small circling curly's)that glistens in the sun. Her blue eyes are blue and has a tan skin color.

PERSONALITY: Alexis is somewhat shy, but you would never know that if you saw here around her friends. She can be Alexis is known from three of her personality traits: Sarcasm, Loyalty and Intelligence. Alexis is extremely smart - not just because she is an Athena child.. She loves books and aces all things having to do with school and knowledge. And since she has both the bloodline of Hephaestus and Hecate, she is good with machines and can wield a bit of magic. She maybe an Athena kid, but her fatal flaw could definitely be loyalty. She has the back of anyone she cares about, especially her friends. She cares about people and makes sure that their okay, she’s sincere and loving to her group of family and friends. Alexis is also known for using sarcasm, when around people she cares about, she loves to joke around. She reverts to joking around when a friend is feeling down or just to lighten up the mood. And though she can be a joster at times, she is serious in times of danger or profound situation. As all Athena and Hephaestus kids, she is athletically fit and creative. Her favorite sports are basketball, soccer and baseball. As athletic as she is she is much more creative, she loves to paint, draw and design stuff.

FAVORITE WEAPONS: Staff / Bow and Arrow/ Scythe [ Note: the staff has a button that can pop out the swords on either side. The swords are able to come out of slot if needed. Also it changes forms into what is needed. When not in use, the weapon becomes a pair of drumsticks).

FRIENDS: Aster "Art" Winterstor, BowsandArrows11, Aralyn "River" Rozumny, Elizabeth Winchester, Candace McGuire, SSieminski, Katjade92, Amu, Maddie and Athena campers

HISTORY (How you came to Camp Half-Blood): One day she was studying at the library and noticed that there was a new librarian. She was curious about that, since she had been here yesterday studying for the math test that was on given today. And Mrs. Lancaster looked just fine and healthy. When she asked the new librarians name she smiled and said her name was Ms. Raines. Apparently Mrs. Lancaster had been in an accident and was hospitalized, so she was asked to take over until she could come back. Over the next few weeks she grew close with the new librarian, but something seemed off and gave her that creepy feeling. A month after Mrs. Lancaster “accident”, Ms. Raines wanted to show Alexis a new shipment of books that she thought Alexis would like. At first she was weary about going alone down in the basement, but she didn’t want to be rude, so she went anyway. When down there, her instinct kept telling her this was a bad idea, so she told the librarian she and to get going. Well, Ms. Raines didn’t let her leave, so when she wasn’t looking she took off, up the steps. She got her stuff and ran out of the library. Outside she ran into a classmate she knew. When she told her what was going on, she had an odd expression of fear, realization and awe. At that moment Ms. Raines bursted out of the door, and came after her, at that moment Alexis saw Mrs. Raines for what she real was, an Empousai. Her classmate, Lena, dragged her by the hand into her car. On the way she explained all about being a demigod and what goes along with it.

OTHER FAMILY: Athena Campers and campers at CHB. Has a dad that is okay, they have an average relationship. But usually spend her time Camp Half - Blood year around, except for the big holidays (sometimes).

COUNTRY ORIGINATED FROM: United States of America

OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION: LOVES to read (especially fantasy, fiction and Science Fiction) and build. Will only practice magic in a hideout she made in the woods. And unless it's in use of dire need, she never uses magic in front of anyone else other than close friends.

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Terrance BasonJr (basona) | 3 comments NAME: Terry Bass

AGE: 18


APPEARANCE: Short dark skin, very built, black long dreads

PERSONALITY: loving to everyone welling to protect anybody, but when it business he is like a 5 star general and a demanding leader

FAVORITE WEAPONS: a sword that turns into a whip

FRIENDS (You may use other member names): none

HISTORY (How you came to Camp Half-Blood): on January 17 his father came Terry's birth day giving him his weapon, as soon as Zeus left a centaur came and killed his mom while he escape and trying to find his 6 year sister but could not so he accepted as if she was dead, he roamed around Intel his father lead him to camp half blood.



his eyes turn into a static blue when angry

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Name: Summer Hubbard
Age: 11
Godly parent: Apollo
Personality: She's a funny, outgoing weird girl who no one wants to mess with. Summer will fight back. If she gives you one of her deadly stares you are in trouble. Summer also is athletic.
Appearance: brown hair, green eyes and she always has her hair in a side braid. She is tall and broad she has built of a athlete. She has tan skin
History: She was on a road trip when a gorgon attacked her car it tipped over and her mom and brother died. Summer was only She five at the time. She met a kid in a orphanage and he showed her to camp half-blood. She was 9 at the time and as soon as she arrived the next day she was claimed.
Friends: None
weapon: bow and arrow that turns into a bracelet.
Family:mom (Mary hubbard dead)
Brother (Brian hubbard dead)
Country originated from: USA
Other: She lived in the orphanage for four years before camp and has been at camp for two years

Alex Danvers -Athena's SlytherClaw Daughter ((I love your profile name!!))

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Sara B. Name: Sierra Lighter

Age: 15

Godly Parent: Hermes

Appearance: long blonde hair, bright blue eyes, linky and thin, medium height,

Personality: fun, jokester, prankster, NOT the smartest person ever, loud, athletic, and sometimes lazy!

Weapon: dagger mostly but I can take anyone down with my hands and legs

Friends: Connor Stoll, Leo, hazel

History: My mom and stepdad are Harvard graduates and they excepted me live up to them. When I didn't, that's when the beating come in. So l ran away, and found camp half-blood. Connor Stoll showed me around and we became great friends!

Boyfriend: Connor Stoll!!

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Sara B. Oh and, this is my first group so please don't get mad at me if I start doing something wrong. Thanks!!

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Sara, great job with your character! Welcome to the group.

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Sara B. Awwww thank you!!

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NAME: Jayden Sigma

NICKNAME: Jay or Sig

Birthday: January 1st

AGE: 16

GODLY PARENT: Janus, blessed by Eris, Erebus, Hypnos, and Hermes. Because Dione is blessed by Hermes and Janus does not have a cabin, she stays in the Hermes Cabin.


Jayden generally wears darker clothes in shades of gray, blue, and black. He does not wear the camp shirt or necklace, even though he has been at camp for 7 years, because he wants to cut off his greek ties.


Jayden is bitter and angry because his father, Janus, abandoned her when she was young. He hates his past and refuses to talk about it in any way. Jayden hates the gods and hates when people pity him. He refuses to show any weakness and will never back down from a fight.

Because Jayden is a son of Janus, she can be happy one moment and angry the next; she is generally moody, rebellious, and angry with the world.

FAVORITE WEAPONS: Jayden uses a gun modified to shoot celestial bronze bullets. He also uses an imperial gold sword when he runs out of ammunition.

FRIENDS: None; to angry to get close to others.


Jayden's mother was a psychologist. On the day Jayden turned two years old, his mother was killed in a car accident. Jayden's father raised him up until Jayden turned 6. Jayden was abused at some times and then treated well other times, which confused him and made him hate his father anymore, so Jayden was happy when he was taken to Camp Half-Blood because it meant he was away from his father.

Jayden lived at Camp Half-Blood for 7 years, picking fights with everyone he could and hating on everything. He didn't make any friends and spent most of his time somewhere by himself.


Maya Sigma, mother; human <>
Janus, father; god <>



-Jayden has dreams that are not his. He can intrude the dream of a stranger (because he was blessed by Hypnos) and modify it as he wishes.

REMEMBER; Jayden stays in the Hermes Cabin because his father does not have a cabin. He was also blessed by Hermes, which gave Mr. D another reason to place Jayden in the Hermes Cabin.

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silverineAlchemist | 377 comments Mod
You couldn't hold ur self could you?

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Sara B. Yea, I'm not alone!! Gtg byeeeeeee!!!

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Alessa is approved! Welcome!

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Albany | 3 comments NAME:
Albany Pennington


Chronos(god of time) NOT Kronos(titan king)

Dark brown hair and bright green eyes. Multiple scars on her arms, and a couple on her face

Bit of a loner, twists her ring when nervous, nice when you get to know her, brave.

Dagger and bow and arrows

FRIENDS (You may use other member names):

HISTORY (How you came to Camp Half-Blood):
She ran away at age 6. Found Camp Half-Blood at age 7

Her mom, Leah Pennington, a strict and harsh woman


Can stop time for a few seconds

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^^Love the stop time thing! Accepted!!

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NAME: Lestrua Goldling

AGE: 15

GODLY PARENT: Hermes-But joined Artemis' Hunt, so stays in the Artemis Cabin


PERSONALITY: Harsh at times, snippet, likes to be in charge, kind, doesn't like men/boys


FRIENDS (You may use other member names): None except her fellow Hunters

HISTORY (How you came to Camp Half-Blood): She was a normal girl but then her heart was broken and she vowed never to fall in love again and she became a huntress. She stays in the Artemis Cabin to watch over ((I'm gonna make it that some other Hunters also stay there.)) it and make sure there is no foolishness.



OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION: with her arrow, she can force her opponent to stop for a couple of seconds

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Leustra is approved!

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Lestrua* but thanks!

DaughterofPoseidon | 11 comments NAME: Daniella Smith

AGE: 13


APPEARANCE: Blonde hair, green Eyes a lot of scars on her arms and back.

PERSONALITY: she´s very out going, she likes to read and can be very crazy. she is also very tuff.


FRIENDS (You may use other member names): Emma Scotts ( jukje)

HISTORY (How you came to Camp Half-Blood): she was attaced at home at age 8 by medusa. and her family sent her to Camp Half -Blood.

OTHER FAMILY: Died in monster attac.


OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION: she is blessed by Poseidon and Iris.

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Daniella is accepted!

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NAME: Emma Scott



APPEARANCE: As the most of the Athena kids, Emma has stormy grey eyes. Her hair is a pretty light shade of brown and to her shoulders. And she has freckles.

PERSONALITY: Emma is loyal, kind, protective, friendly and outgoing. She can be a bit harsh sometimes, and has a bad temper. She is very smart, and likes nature and to read.

FAVORITE WEAPONS: Bow and arrows. Can handle a sword pretty good too.

FRIENDS (You may use other member names): Daniella Smith

HISTORY (How you came to Camp Half-Blood):
I was 11 when I first arrived to Camp Half Blood. It was at summer, my family and I were on vacation in New York. My sister Louise suggested that we siblings could go to the beach that was close to the house we rented. My dad said "of course!"and I, Louise, my stepbrother William and my stepsister Elsa went down to the beach. I don`t think any of us expected this to be the last time we saw each other. We got attacked and I was the only one that survived. I think. I must have fainted, because i woke up at Camp Half Blood.

OTHER FAMILY: Dad: Jonathan Scott
Stepmother: Jessica Scott


OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Emma can be very, very sad when she thinks of her siblings, She sometimes don`t say a word in days!

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Sara B. Hiiii

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Sara wrote: "Hiiii"

Hi :)

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Emma Scott is accepted!

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NAME: Reagan (Rea- pronounced Ree) Arrosio

AGE: 19



PERSONALITY: He's pretty shy around people and likes to keep to himself. He isn't open with a lot of people, only with a couple of close friends. Can be quite mean.

FAVORITE WEAPONS: A small trident that can grow in size.

FRIENDS (You may use other member names): Not many but best friend: Luestra Golding (not a romance)

HISTORY (How you came to Camp Half-Blood): He was sent away by his mother when he was having problems in school. He understood, but got pretty mad because he would miss her. He was 11.

OTHER FAMILY: Mother, Grandma, and Great-grandpa


OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Has a pet fish that is very rare. Present from father on his 10th birthday.

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Reagan is accepted.

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NAME: Louise Scott

AGE: 12


APPEARANCE: Lousie is an almost replica of her older sister Emma. But Louise hasen't got any freckles.

PERSONALITY: Louise used to be happy and outgoing before the attack. But nowadays, she is very quiet, sad, cries often and is very overprotective. She has always been wise and likes to read books.

FAVORITE WEAPONS: A silver dagger.

FRIENDS (You may use other member names): No one, yet. Except her sister of course.

HISTORY (How you came to Camp Half-Blood): After the monster attack, Louise woke up with wounds, but she survived. She thought that her siblings were dead, and she didn't wanted to get back to her parents because she thought that the monster would attack them too. She ran away for 2 years, before she found a mobile phone. She didn't know what to do with it, and just called Emma's number. Emma answered, and then helped Louise to get to Camp Half-Blood.

OTHER FAMILY: Dad: Jonathan Scott, Stepmother: Jessica Scott, Sister: Emma Scott


OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Louise has a extreme phobia for horses.

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Louise is accepted!

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Thanks! :)

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name >> raven dameron.
nickname >> ravie.
age >> fifteen
date of birth >> thirteenth of february
godly parent >> morpheus.
country originated from >> german-romanian descent, born in the united states.
appearance >>

(view spoiler)
personality >>
raven is a dreamer, poet, and artist. she likes to share her thoughts with others but has little to no way to do that, as no one generally listens to her, being the "stupid one." though she may not have gotten good grades, she feels there is not reason for her to be treated this way, but she doesn't speak up about it since she doesn't think that anyone will listen to her. raven generally expresses herself through other mediums, though she won't say anything when it comes to verbal and physical abuse.

weapons >> katana

friends >> none, she is totally new to the camp.

family >>
gena dameron ~ mother
wendell dameron ~ stepbrother
history >> raven never knew her father, though she did meet a strange man in her dreams whom her mother described as her father. her father, morpheus, taught her how to control her dreams and how to see into the dreams of others, as well as send them dream messages. raven was quite adept at doing so enjoyed making up dreams for herself. one day, she decided she wanted to see what her mother saw at night. what raven saw scared her so much that she ran away from home and vowed never to use her powers again. it took four weeks- about a month- for her to decided to return home. no one tried to find her, and when she came back, she found that her mother re-married and that she now had a younger stepbrother. raven, feeling unwanted and betrayed, slipped into a state of depression. her stepbrother, wendell was there for her. raven was about ten and he was seven when they first met, and their bond only continued to grow. the two began to discuss raven's ability and how she could develop it. wendell offered her the chance for her to use her powers on him. raven agreed, and she soon discovered to make people go to sleep, wake people up, and talk to people in dreams. one day, raven managed to put wendell into such a deep sleep that she couldn't wake him up. her mother got so angry she threw her daughter out of the house- in retaliation, raven did the same thing she did to wendell to both her mother and stepfather. after that, she was forced to wander the streets of new york alone and without anyone to help. she tried a few times to visit wendell while he was in a hospital, but she couldn't, though she was told that her stepbrother was in a 'coma of some sort.' raven turned away from new york city and never came back, choosing instead to find a place to stay permanently. by some sort of miracle, raven stumbled into Camp Half-Blood, miserable and alone, struggling with guilt and depression, and was saved.

other >> she still has issues with her depression currently and has yet to overcome them.

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((sorta late and 4th charme but i honestly could care less no offense))

NAME: Cornelia Furrow

AGE: 23



PERSONALITY: helping, nice, kind

FAVORITE WEAPONS: Umm she's a healer

FRIENDS (You may use other member names): EVERYONE

HISTORY (How you came to Camp Half-Blood): She was immediately sent here by her mother at the age of 8 because she knew about her daughter being a half-blood and feared she would get hurt in the outer mortal world. She already knew some basic medical stuff as her mom is a nurse.




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