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Share tounges, chat, and eat freshkill here.

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Neverstar glides gracefully into the clearing, her sleek gray fur shimmering in the late afternoon sun. The dark patch on her eye glimmers slightly and throw's the sun's light into the leader's eyes, making them look like fire. Where is she? Neverstar thinks, looking around for Emberpaw. The leader's yellow eyes slide around the clearing, her movements like flowing liquid as she jumps on the HighRock. Settling down, Neverstar watches the movements of her Clan.

The hot afternoon sun bores small holes into her pelt.

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Silverpaw shakes herself from her nap and sees her leader. "Morning Neverstar." Silverpaw mews, "What a lovely day it is." Silverpaw says blindly, her mind elsewhere.

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"True, Silverpaw," the leader lazily yawns. "But I think you'll find it's afternoon instead of morning."

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Silverpaw licked herself. "Oh, I do know that. I had an afternoon nap." she muttered, then she sashayed over to a march area, where she dipped her head and jumped in.

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Flamepaw races into the clearing, closely pursuing a frog. "Cut it's path off to water!" Neverstar calls to her son, leaping down from HighRock to help him. "You know that it's best that you hunt frogs in twos," she meows, her yellow glare fixed on the frog.

"I know, mom," Flamepaw says sheepishly. He runs in front of the marshy area and cuts the frog off. He leaps towards the frog but misjudges his leap and lands onto Neverstar. The two cats roll around, finally falling into the marshy area. "I can't breathe!" Flamepaw gasps as he gets up from knee-high water. He is muddy and soaked.

Neverstar cuffs him playfully around the ears. "Ha! Yeah, right." She is muddy and water-loged too.

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After the fight with the badger, Neverstar wanders slowly into the clearing. Shreds of cat fur and dried blood litter the swampy area around the camp. Neverstar climbs the HighRock to survey the damage. A bit of blood drips onto the gray stone. Great StarClan, she thinks. It's still not clotted? Neverstar rolls over on her back and stares at the great gash on her belly. "Yup," the leader says aloud, "That's gonna leave a scar."

Flamepaw leaps up onto the rock with her. "Mom? What is it?"

"Nothing, Flamepaw. Don't worry about it."

Flamepaw says nothing, but still has a glimmer of worry in his eyes.

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Silverpaw looked around, her leg wounded. She was terrified of badgers, let alone one near her. Silverpaw bounced off to her sister, Willowleaf, so she could mend her leg.

As Silverpaw entered her sister's den, she yowled, "Sister! My leg is wounded and I need your help!" Willowleaf emerged, carrying poppy seeds, skullcap seeds, and sorrel."

"Coming, Silverpaw." Willowleaf gently mewed as she gave her sister the poppy seeds, then treated to her wounds. "My my, our little warrior." she muttered. "I think they should turn you into a warrior. The way you fought that badger was….breathless." Willowleaf's eyes sparkled, and she gently laughed.

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Neverstar leaped onto the HighRock, calling the customary greeting. "Cats of ShadowClan, young and old, hear me and gather under Clan Rock! For tonight's Gathering I would like to take Willowleaf, Silvermoon, Flamelight, Emeraldstorm, and Embersong with me! If you want to come, I have room for one more cat. Simply come and ask. That is all." Neverstar leapt off the rock and padded to her den.

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Dragonmoon257 Smolderwing lugged the eagle out from the forest. This was one great catch! When everyone got back from the gathering, they were going to be so proud. He started to drag it to the warrior den.

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Emeraldstorm padded into the clearing, and looked at Flamlight. "Well, you're mother has been waiting awhile. Let's go see her."

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Neverstar was watching from her rock, waiting for Emeraldstorm and Flamelight to return. She leapt down and raced to them, gleefully wrapping her son up in a huge whirlwind of purring and licking. "Thank you, Emeraldstorm!" she exclaimed.

"Help me!" Flamelight exclaimed, struggling to get out of his mother's grasp.

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Dragonmoon257 Rainflower burst into the clearing. "Where's Duskridge?" she gasped, panting for breath.

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Dragonmoon257 Duskridge stalked into the clearing with Smolderwing. "Ah, so you must be Flamelight," he said, nodding at the cat embracing Neverstar. Or rather, the cat who Neverstar was embracing. The poor tom looked like he was choking. Duskridge tried to keep the smile off his face. Then he spotted Rainflower. She looked exhausted.

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Dragonmoon257 He slowly padded up to her, eyes gleaming. "Rainflower?"

She looked up. "Oh, Duskridge! I have so much to tell you!" She put down the freshkill. "SotherewasthisbloodandIsawasignfromStarClananddoyouknowanyonewithSUNintheirname?" she meowed quickly.

Duskridge looked at her with smiling eyes. "Rainflower... um, could you slow down a bit?"

She nodded and repeated slowly, and Duskridge's eyes widened.

"Sunkit... hurt!?" he cried. When Rainflower looked at him with questioning eyes, he hurriedly explained, "Oh, Sunkit's not my kit. She was my friend's kit. She wanted to be a medicine cat when she grew up. I started to teach her some basics as soon as I found out. She was a quick learner, and had the fascinating ability to read minds by looking in another cat's eyes." Then his eyes lit up. "If this is a sign, she could be alive!" He looked at Neverstar with pleading eyes. "Can I go find her? If she's alive, she must be with another clan now."

Rainflower nodded. "If it matters to Duskridge, it matters to me." She saw Duskridge's eyes glow happily. Then she looked at Smolderwing, who was looking rejected and lonely. "Can Smolderwing come too?"

Smolderwing shook his head. "No, we don't want the clans to think that ShadowClan is trying to take over them because they're weaker due to the dog problem." Duskridge winced at the word dog.

Smolderwing grimaced. "I won't go, but I hope you find Sunkit." He felt bitter pain in a spot of his heart. Rainflower had shattered a piece of it the second Duskridge set foot into the camp. His face softened. She would always hold a place there, but he would find another cat. He saw the way Duskridge and Rainflower looked at each other.

Duskridge gazed at Neverstar pleadingly. "Can we go find her?"

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Regan  Carson | 62 comments Icefire emerged from the Warriors Den, blinking in the bright sunlight. She hadn't meant to sleep so long, but she had been out all night looking for food for the Clan. She shook the sleepiness out of her head and padded to the pile of fresh kill, taking a mouse for herself. She wasn't that hungry anyway. Icefire made her way over to a shady spot and plopped down, dropping the mouse in front of her and taking a small bite.

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Emeraldstorm saw Icefire sleepily slop down. Smiling, she decided to go over and talked to her. "Hey Icefire." she nudged the cat. "We've got early patron. Let's go." Emeraldstorm smiled to herself.

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Regan  Carson | 62 comments Icefire licked her lips and looked up at Emeraldstorm. She groaned, but got to her feet. She shook her fur out and gave a half smile, "Well, let's get going then," she mewed. "Lead the way." She flicked her tail and stretched her claws eagerly.

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Emeraldstorm purred. "I was just joking. Just trying to wake you up."

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Regan  Carson | 62 comments Icefire glared playfully at Emeraldstorm. "Why'd you have to get my hopes up like that?" She teased, batting a paw at Emeraldstorm's front legs.

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Emeraldstorm jumped up and swatted back at Icefire. "Just trying to annoy you, that's all." she smiled and plopped herself down.

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Regan  Carson | 62 comments Icefire chuckled and shook her head. "Well, it certainly worked," she teased, "wanna go hunt? I'd love to stretch my legs."

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Emeraldstorm shrugged. "Okay, fine but not for too long. I'd want to lay down for a bit."

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Regan  Carson | 62 comments "Lazy, lazy," Icefire purred. "Come on now, let's go!"


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