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message 1: by Christa - Ron Paul 2016 (last edited May 06, 2015 02:00PM) (new) - added it

Christa - Ron Paul 2016 (christa-ronpaul2012) | 3184 comments This months book will be Treasure Island by Robert Luise Stevenson. Please join us in the reading of this classic book. Please put all discussion of the book here and if you write a book review please post that here too.

Katee Scarlett Knittle This is actually one of my brother's favorite books, so I look forward to finally getting around to reading it.

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Angela Tenore (bookishlie) Somehow I got through childhood never reading not seeing this movie. I'm excited to see what it's about. I'm on chapter four I think. Should be a quick read!

Christa - Ron Paul 2016 (christa-ronpaul2012) | 3184 comments I haven't read the book either Angela, and until about 5yr ago had not seen it in movie form either. Then I was introduced to "Muppet Treasure Island", my the joy I had been missing out on.

message 5: by Angela (new) - added it

Angela Tenore (bookishlie) Ironically enough that is the only muppet movie I have not seen! The chef and Beeker are my favorites!!

Lora (lorabanora) That's the only muppet movie I actually like.
As for the book, I loved it when I was younger. The adventure, the mystery of the exotic island, old Ben Gunn, and goats! Gunfire! Forts! Pirates, at sea and on land! Betrayal! Loyalty!
It was one of those books that I was just so pleased to see my kids enjoying. Classics are classics because they are timeless.
Oh, and speaking of movies based on it, does anyone remember Treasure Planet? That was better than I expected.

message 7: by Brenda (new)

Brenda Clough (brendaclough) | 246 comments TREASURE ISLAND is the root from which all kinds of works spring, including Pirates of the Caribbean and lots of N.C. Wyeth paintings.

Katee Scarlett Knittle I just finished reading this. It was really interesting to see how this book has influenced so many stories that we are telling now, especially the Disney Pirates of the Caribbean. I believe that it was Walt Disney who said, “There is more treasure in books than in all the pirates' loot on Treasure Island and best of all, you can enjoy these riches every day of your life.”

message 9: by K.N. (new)

K.N. (karmaplace) Is there anyone that didn't enjoy this book because they had seen several adaptations prior to reading it? (Muppets is by far my favorite.)

I think my boredom was cause by a combination of the above and that I preferred his prose in Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde over the narrative in this.

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Angela Tenore (bookishlie) I didn't finish it. I even liked it sort of. But too much distraction this last month. Definitely going to have to see the muppets version though!

Kimberly | 145 comments I don't remember seeing any movie version of this book. At least not literal movies. I've seen The Pirates of the Caribbean, though. ;) :) I rather enjoyed this book, too. :) Lots of adventure, with a good ending. :) I like how the majority of the story is from the young boy's POV. I think it makes it even better. :)

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