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message 1: by Mercedes (new)

Mercedes (mercysbookishmusings) | 103 comments Mod
Please discuss our May read, The Summer Book, here :)

message 2: by Sookie (new)

Sookie | 3 comments This one sounds like a great summer book. You need the calmness and gentleness to tackle the summer heat :)

message 3: by Jade (new)

Jade Just ordered the book. So excited!

message 4: by Sookie (new)

Sookie | 3 comments This book can be superficially easy read if I don't stop to think for a moment. If I do stop and think, it can get consuming.

I kinda caved and purchased Kindle edition.

message 5: by Alekz (new)

Alekz (alekzisonfire) | 14 comments I finished this already, it was a reread for me. It's one of my fave books by one of my fave authors.

I read this in Swedish. If anyone could write the chapter titles in English for me, I'd love to discuss! :)

message 6: by Alekz (new)

Alekz (alekzisonfire) | 14 comments Yamini - thank you! Makes it a bit easier to discuss. :)

Yes, it makes you laugh right? But I agree on the melancholic part. I find it quite sad in some parts, which makes the book even better in my opinion. Because at a first glance you'd think it's just an easy, short read, but it contains so much more if you just stop and think about what you've read in between the chapters. I think Tove Jansson portraits charachter very well, and feelings of not having full controle of your own life - like with the grandmother being too old and Sophia being too young. But they are both adventurous and stubborn and do things anyway, trying to hide from the dad.

I have so much to say, haha.

message 7: by Alekz (new)

Alekz (alekzisonfire) | 14 comments The Cat is my favourite chapter, it has a lovley quote about love (or obsession really).

message 8: by Mercedes (new)

Mercedes (mercysbookishmusings) | 103 comments Mod
I'm going to read this one tomorrow - I'm very much looking forward to it :)

message 9: by Peony (new)

Peony (peony79) | 5 comments I just joined the group..I noticed couple of familiar faces I follow on youtube and noticed you were reading The Summer Book, witch I currently have on my shelf (from the library). I was saving this one for a sailing trip. I live in Helsinki, we sail and camp in the islands and region where Tove went to the sea..I have seen her summer cottage - just a tiny little wooden cottage on a small cliff in the trees, totally open for wind, sun and storm. I always take a book or two from Tove when we go sailing. Sailing puts me in the mood for those.

It'll be so much fun to read this and share thoughts here. I'll read this in Finnish.

message 10: by Mercedes (new)

Mercedes (mercysbookishmusings) | 103 comments Mod
I read the summer book today and loved it :) I read about half on my break at work and then the rest just now at home. I agree it is such an easy read I had to get myself to slowdown to fully appreciate it. I'm not into funny books but this one was so cutely snarky that I loved it and chuckled loads. The dialogue between the two of them was just perfect.

My favourite chapters were the cat, dead calm and of angel worms and others.

I agree about the melancholy aspect, because whilst it was beautifully written it dwelled on the inevitability of ageing and the initial freedom and then restrictions it brings.

It made me want to live on a deserted island with loads of books and my cats :)

I hope you're all enjoying it :) I'd be interested to know if anyone has read any of her other adult books. And if so if you'd recommend them?

message 11: by Alekz (new)

Alekz (alekzisonfire) | 14 comments I'd say "late in november" would count as an adult novel but most of her work is intended for adults except the few picture books. I own a couple of her non-mumin books, but have unfortunately not read them yet.

message 12: by Alekz (new)

Alekz (alekzisonfire) | 14 comments it's apparently called "moominvalley in november "

message 13: by Peony (new)

Peony (peony79) | 5 comments I like to read Moominland Midwinter in the summer time..I can't say why. If it's like +30 celsius it makes me miss winter :D The original long moomin stories (novels) are quite philosophical and can be fully understood mainly by adults.

I liked The True Deceiver too. I read that in february.

message 14: by Peony (new)

Peony (peony79) | 5 comments I finished this book last night. Absolutely loved it. When I got this from the library I had a feeling I had read this like maybe 15 year ago..and yes I have read this before, I realized that quite early on while reading. But still it was almost like a new book to me. I remembered/assumed that the grand mother died in the end and I was confused if the library book had all the pages in the end of the book :D

I love Tove Janssons way of writing. I love how she describes the houses, objects and especially nature..I feel like I can vividly see everything she's showing me. And the thing I love about her characters (in any of her books..moomin books or other) is that she makes you love the characters even if they behave badly or have negative traits. She makes you understand them. She makes children have bad days, be cranky or have selfish thoughts (like any child would) and still makes them look good and lovable.

message 15: by Lauren (new)

Lauren (glowingreviews90) | 19 comments I have nothing really to add to the convo except that it was such a lovely little book and it was perfect to read with summer just around the corner.

message 16: by Peony (new)

Peony (peony79) | 5 comments The weirdest thing happened. I had already decided that I'll buy this book for myself if I happen to see it anywhere. Today when I got home this book was in the corridore of my house. Every now and then, when people are moving or just want to get rid of some books, they place them on the radiator next to the outside door, so that anyone can take them if they find them interesting. Today there was this Summerbook by Jansson among others.

message 17: by Alekz (new)

Alekz (alekzisonfire) | 14 comments awesome!

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