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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 1958 comments Mod
Here in spells I'm giving people the right to make up a witch spell. It seems a bit fun to read a form of poetry that could cause all sorts of things to happen. Note by making a spell here you give permission for such a spell to be used within the group should the MoDs feel that it would work in the group. You writing within this topic at all gives permission to group members to use ideas that you have developed for witchcraft without honorable mentionings as it is in the group already and can be seen here as your original thought.

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 1958 comments Mod
~Enemies Revealed~Pain for Enemies~

Ritual Set Up: Six black candles placed in a circle. Lit counter clockwise from the bottom to the top. At the bottom candle place a paper written in your own blood with a list of names of those who are close to you. At the top place a blank parchment under the top candle. On the right place a moonstone...on the left a bloodstone. Burn dead rose petals and lavender in a bowl at the center.

Incantation: (Repeat first part three times or in sets of three)
Now is the time.
Now is the hour.
Spirits of the night give me strength.
Spirits of the night grant me power.
Now is the time.
Now is the hour.
The moon is my strength.
The moon is my power.
Now is the time.
Now is the hour.
Bless my soul with strength.
Bless my soul with power.
Come forth and reign within me.
Come forth and bless me.
Come forth and take my offering of blood.
Come forth and feel the essence of lavender and rose bud.
Now is the time.
Now is the hour.

[repeat in rounds of three.]
Silver moon high in the night.
Act as my guiding light.
Reveal to me my enemies who wish to do me harm.
Prepare my soul for battle in arms.
Strengthen my body and mind.
Make me whole and no longer blind.

{Only say if you wish for harm upon your enemies}
Move through the Earth and reveal my enemies.
Make them suffer for their crimes with the highest of penalties.
Move through me and make a plague.
Cast pain upon them and make them wish to be dead.

Incantation more powerful in a group recited in Latin the ancient language of magic.
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