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A Court of Thorns and Roses (A Court of Thorns and Roses, #1)
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Jessica (priceiswong) | 187 comments Mod
Let's all discuss the next 8 chapters!
Spoilers are welcome! (This is a DISCUSSION after all!)
Just please, don't skip ahead!
Let's chat!! :)

Jessica (priceiswong) | 187 comments Mod
Oh wow. This book. I honestly don't even remember what I last talked about in the last discussion topic... All I can think about is Tamblin and poor Feyre and this high mess she's gotten herself into but oh my gosh I'm rooting for her. I'm also starting to like Rhysand? Which is weird. What are your thoughts in him? I obviously don't like that he makes her dress terribly and she gets drunk and humiliates herself... But I think I'd rather dance for a handsome high fae than get burned and tortured alive like poor Claire.. I REALLY want to just finish his tonight I'm loving it so much!!

Karissa (karissahafer) This book. Oh my, so many emotions happening since starting this book. Poor Tamlin and poor Feyre is right. I hope she completes all these tasks she just has to! Or at least fingure out the riddle. I don even know what it could be.

I agree with you! I kinda like Rhysand a bit. Other than her belonging to him now. I hate how he's making her drink that wine and making a fool of herself. But I have hopes that there is something good under him in all this. Ugh but fining out the Lucien was going to help her as soon as he could! Makes me sad cause then she wouldn't belong to Rhys but then again it could of been too late when he came.

I'm so close to finishing this and I'm def going to finish it tonight!

Alisha Laurit (alishaherbooks) | 34 comments Wow, this book took a shift. What awful things poor Fayre is having to go through. And Tamlin, how can he just sit there silently. I don't get it. I hope she can make it alive through this last task. I have a bad feeling it's going to be even worse than the first two though. I have mixed feelings about Rhysland. He's disgusting making her dance for him every night, but she really couldn't do this without his help. What is his motive? Is he sick of being her "whore" as people are calling him? And Clare...poor Clare. I don't think I could ever forgive myself for what happened to her if I was Feyre. How disgusting is it that they have her body nailed to the wall like art? I so want to finish this book tonight but I think I need to go to sleep. So tomorrow it is...I can't wait for the dreams I'm going to have... :-/

Tina (colada_books) I really like where the story is heading. I think it's time for Feyre to prove herself in this world and to show everyone that she is not "just a human" but can kick serious ass. I like that she is doing fairly well in the challenges, I hope she makes it through the third one on her own and without help. I think that would give her some needed confidence again.

I really liked the riddle Amarantha gave her. I am guessing that the answer to the riddle is "love". Does anyone else think that? For me it would make perfect sense! Some seek for it for a lifetime, others trample it beneath their feet? it blesses everyone who is brave enough to dare fall in love? If you let it happen, it is sweet and soft-handed, but if you disdain it it will make your life hard? It lands powerful blows (falling in love/passion) and it "kills you slowly"? I think love is the perfect answer!!! I am curious if I am right!

Oh, and I have to admit that I kind of think that Rhysand is not what he wants everyone to think he is. I have a feeling that he has some hidden agenda and maybe pretending to be a bad person is just his own way to deal with the whole Amarantha-Situation. I am excited to read more about him.

And I don't think that Tamlin not reacting to Feyre is a bad thing, either. I mean, that is the only way to protect himself and her. I think if he shows Amarantha how much it hurts him to see Feyre like that, it would just make her do even more cruel things. She only wants to see them suffer, anyways. I don't think she really believes that any of them stands a chance against her. So, I think he reacts right. There is no chance for them to get together at this moment anyway, so why risk it and put their lives on the line.

I'm gonna continue reading now, it's almost nighttime and I want to finish this book tonight so badly!!!

message 6: by Aya (new) - rated it 5 stars

Aya | 15 comments Tina, I thought the same thing about the riddle! I think it is love. It seems legit since the riddles and trials are there because of love.

I am so tired of Rhysand. I agree with what you've said, what are his motives? He is helping her but at the same time humiliating her. Maybe he is doing it in hopes of helping Feyre without getting to much crap from amarantha?

We will see.

Tina (colada_books) I totally agree! Maybe he thinks that if he is "torturing" her himself, Amarantha will give her a break?

message 8: by Aya (new) - rated it 5 stars

Aya | 15 comments Oh that's a good theory! But what I don't understand is why he is always kind of humiliating her when they're alone. He is always adressing her as "just a human" and so on. Do you think he is shielding and protecting himself in one way? Like, trying to prove to her that he isn't impressed by her, and doesn't feel something for her, when he actually is? In one way, protecting himself from both Feyre and Amarantha? Possibly

Tina (colada_books) I definitely think he has some kind of feelings for her. I am not sure if it is love (yet) but he sees something in her. I'm pretty sure he didn't just do the "healing for the price of your company" thing just to annoy Tamlin. He wants to spend time with her. I don't know how I feel about their relationship, though :D I'm kind of team Tamlin...

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