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A Court of Thorns and Roses (A Court of Thorns and Roses, #1)
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Jessica (priceiswong) | 187 comments Mod
Let's all discuss the next 8 chapters!
Spoilers are welcome! (This is a DISCUSSION after all!)
Just please, don't skip ahead!
Let's chat!! :)

message 2: by Ann (new) - rated it 2 stars

Ann Fernandez (annfernandez) I just finished Chapter 31 and I'm currently having all the feels right now. Why does this always happen whenever I'm reading a touching moment in any of Sarah J. Maas' books? WHY????

Jessica (priceiswong) | 187 comments Mod
Oh. My. Goshhhhhh. These chapters have been insane. So much to talk about! Okay, so I guess I should have realized that Amarantha was the "blight" and she was the curse but I didn't realize. How frustrating is it that if Feyre had told Tamlin she loved him, the curse would have been broken?! Ugh...
It was so sad when he sent her away. He really does love her. And what about how he took care of her family?! He set them up in a mansion and everything! I guessed that Nesta remembered everything by the way she was acting. Who else was really touched that she went after Feyre?! Awww. I really really loved that chapter. Then Feyre tried to teach her how to paint. So cute.
I'm freaking out though.. Feyre has to save Tamlin! Ahhh!

Tina (colada_books) I totally agree with you on Nesta, Jess! I first thought she was an evil b****, but she actually loves her sister! what a surprise. I liked how she reacted and encouraged Feyre to go back to Prythian.

I understand your frustration about the missed opportunity to break the curse, too. But I have to say that I really hate it in books, when the man sends away his beloved woman heroical just to spare her from harm and making decisions for her without listening to what she actually wants. I mean, if she doesn't want to go, she doesn't want to go. Let her stay there and help you! I also hated that Feyre just went with it and didn't stand her ground. I miss her being this kickass character from the beginning and I am really happy that she seems to get some of that back again during the last two chapters. Can't wait to see her rip apart the evil queen :D

Karissa (karissahafer) Yes, so much to talk about! I was so happy that Tamlin and Feyre finally got together! <3 I should of known that Amarantha was the "blight" as well! But didn't really think about it other than her being really evil.

Ugh! I'm so upset that she didn't tell Tamlin that she loved him when she does! I wonder how he felt when she didn't say it at all. I hate how he sent her away and she just let him, ugh! So frustrated with the whole thing.

But I'm kinda glad she got to see her family again. And Tamlin did promise that he took care of her family which was true! I didn't doubt it at all.

I loved Nesta and Elain better now! Especially Nesta and how she actually went after Feyre! Even if she is harsh, she loves her sister. And I loved how she tried to teach Nesta to pain.

I hope Feyre can save Tamlin ! She just has to find him ! Can't wait to see what happens but I'm also very nervous to see what happens.

Alisha Laurit (alishaherbooks) | 34 comments Ugh I just wrote this huge long comment and then it got deleted. So sad! So I'm just going to say I generally agree with everything you all are saying and I almost cried when Tamlin sent her away! Ugh. So many feels...

Tina (colada_books) Alisha, I hate when that happens!! :D

message 8: by Aya (new) - rated it 5 stars

Aya | 15 comments Okay these chapters... The feels. Wow. Why didn't she just tell him she loved him?! Aaaah so frustrating. And I do agree with you all about Nesta and how she changed and developed was so perfect. I absolutely loved that part.

I loved that Nesta said "you would do anything for your High Lord" and that made Feyre realize that she should do something. It felt really realistic that something actually triggered the feeling that she should be doing more.

I am hoping for greatness aaah I'm loving this so far

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