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A Court of Thorns and Roses (A Court of Thorns and Roses, #1)
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Jessica (priceiswong) | 187 comments Mod
Let's all discuss the next 8 chapters!
Spoilers are welcome! (This is a DISCUSSION after all!)
Just please, don't skip ahead!
Let's chat!! :)

Jessica (priceiswong) | 187 comments Mod
I feel like a LOT has happened in these past few chapters..
What does everyone thing of Tamlin? Feyre?
There's clearly something starting between them. <3 I liked it when she gave him her painting.
Not sure how I feel about the scene when she leaves for the drumming and encounters those creepy faeries. I'm just glad Lucien found her and brought her back.. It was a little weird though.. What with Tamlin having to choose a maiden and all of that..
I like that Feyre still stand up to Tamlin although he can be pretty scary.
What did you guys think about the scene when all of the glamours were stripped away? And she could hear and see all of those incredible things? It's interesting that all along there have been tons of other faeries on the grounds and she didn't even know it!
I'm really interested in this story and excited to see where it goes!

Amber Chavez | 24 comments When she realized how many faeries were on the grounds, it explained how she felt like there was someone right behind her towards the beginning in the gardens. It's funny that they were trying to mess with her. lol

Alisha Laurit (alishaherbooks) | 34 comments So much has happened and yet I feel like we still only know so little. I love the relationship that's forming between Tamlin and Feyre. Although the whole "Fire Night" seemed kind of strange. What kind of a creepy ceremony is that? Haha I really enjoyed when he took the glamour away. It did surprise me a bit though when she said everything looked different. I thought it was only going to be for that moment she could see. We haven't heard much more from Lucien at this point...I wonder what he's been up too.

Karissa (karissahafer) I agree a lot has happened! The scene with the faerie with his wings tore off was so sad. Feyre was so soft with him making him feel comfortable. You can see that her idea about faeries are changing.

I love Tamlin and Feyre <3 Not even going to try to think of a ship name lol I love when she shows him her paintings as well! And he wanted one of them.

I wanted to yell at Feyre when she didn't listen and went out on "Fire Night" I mean she didn't know what it really was. But still she should of listen, clearly they were trying to protect her. The ceremony was creepy to begin with.

Lucien said that Tamlin would smell her and come after her. I know because she is human or whatever but does that also mean he has feelings for her? I was kinda of confused. Clearing you can see he feels something for her I suppose!

It surprised me that Tamlin put a glamour on everything! Very interesting. I would be scared to if there were more faeries there that I couldn't see before.

It's so late now but I still want to continue reading. I'm still loving this book <3

Tina (colada_books) This book get's better and better. It makes me cry and laugh, it scares me and warms my heart a couple of pages later... I love it!

The scene with the dying faerie... I cried so bad. How he kept mentioning his wings missing :( I really liked the way Feyre reacted and gave him comfort in his last moments, even though she has her problems with faeries. I can only repeat that she is a great main character.

I thought the way Feyre attitude towards Tamlin changed from "I don't know what to make of him" to "I am horribly attracted to him" was kind of rushed and slightly unbelievable. But maybe the moment he gave her that paint changed it for her. The way she handled this whole Fire Night thing was also kind if weird. But not as weird as the ritual itself :D

There is still so much to know about the other characters, though. Tamlin seems so troubled and I wish he would just open up to Feyre and tell her whats going on. Clearly he has feelings for her. I really want to know whats behind all that stuff. And what about Lucien, we didn't see much of im during these last chapters. But I am happy to see that he hasn't turned out to be an evil sod yet.

btw: is anyone else creeped out by the fact that Tamlin is like 500 years old and in love with a 19 year old :D

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