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A Court of Thorns and Roses (A Court of Thorns and Roses, #1)
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Jessica (priceiswong) | 187 comments Mod
Let's all discuss the next 8 chapters!
Spoilers are welcome! (This is a DISCUSSION after all!)
Just please, don't skip ahead!
Let's chat!! :)

Jessica (priceiswong) | 187 comments Mod
Oh man! I understand why Feyre is searching for these answers.. But I'm afraid she's going to regret it..
They mentioned the masks quite a bit in the first few chapters.. But recently they haven't mentioned them so I keep forgetting Tamblin is wearing one. How much would that stink?
What did you guys think about Tamblin being a High Lord? I think it's really sweet that he's trying to help her write... Who else was just waiting for her to tell him she loves to paint, then him jump at the opportunity to give her supplies? So cute. And now he's going to show her a gallery.. Just like with the library in BATB! Sounds like all of the things she thought she knew about faeries was wrong. Well.. Mostly wrong. She was right about faeries like the Boggie and stuff.. Lol everytime I see that name I keep thinking BOOGER. LOL

Alisha Laurit (alishaherbooks) | 34 comments I'm still wondering if Lucien sent her out into the woods to catch the Suriel hoping she was going to be killed? I don't know if I trust him yet...

Amber Chavez | 24 comments Alisha-- I thought the same thing! I don't blame him though. She did kill Andras. And she acts like she hates faeries. I was surprised that she released the Suriel though.

Amber Chavez | 24 comments Tamlin is so cute trying to impress Feyre!! He kept trying to ask her to spend time with him and then she tells him about the paint and he was so excited! lol

Karissa (karissahafer) I'm still loving this book so far! Okay he part with her in the woods with Lucien and the Boggie arrives were creepy and scary.

She really shouldn't of asked for where she could find more information. Because look what happened to her in the end.

I agree, I like Lucien but he def knew what would happen if she went to find the Suriel. He was probably hoping she would get hurt or killed. Then again maybe he felt like she could take care of herself or something, I'm not sure.

Tamlin being a High Lord is pretty cool - I sorta figured he was but not completely.

Also the Suriel and the naga look so ugly and scary. But it's really interesting to learn about different type of faeries because when we think of faeries it's the ones that are little and with little wings. Which I rather hang out with then the Suriel or the naga.

Also, what does everyone think that she found out faeries can actually lie. Guess she really doesn't know everything about faeries as she thought!

It makes me happy that Tamlin wants to help Feyre to write ! I'm also so happy she finally told him that she loves to paint. And how he lit up when he found that out. It was the cutest <3

I'm really excited to see what comes next!

Georgina I'm still really enjoying this. Feyre is definitely going to get herself into trouble going after answers but she's hardly going to sit still and just accept her fate. I'm sure Lucien tricked her into trapping the Suriel hoping she would get hurt. I was surprised how easily the Suriel gave her answers. The world is so interesting and I really enjoyed learning that Prythian is not how Feyre imagined it to be. I really loved the part where Feyre tells Tamlin she likes to paint it also reminded me of Belle and her love of books in Beauty and the Beast

Tina (colada_books) Same here, Jess, I always keep forgetting that they are all wearing masks. I am picturing Tam with this handsome face and then I'm like "wait... golden mask, golden mask, golden mask!!" :D I think he is really sweet and totally not fitting into all these gruesome clichés feyre has been told about faes. I like that he makes an efford to get her trust him and how eager he is to make her feel comfortable and safe in his home.

I really don't know what to make of Lucien, though. His mask is a fox so if thats supposed to be a metapher, then he should be smart and cunning, but not really evil. And I don't really get that evil vibe from him, anyway. I really hope I am not disappointed in the end. Am excited to see what his story is.

message 9: by Aya (new) - rated it 5 stars

Aya | 15 comments I agree with everyone else on Lucien. I remember him saying "I wish I had been there to help" with the naga and stuff, and Feyre took it as an apology. Maybe he didn't mean it that way, and was being sarcastic about it?

I am loving the romance elements in the book so far, and how Tamlin wants to help her and aaaah.

Hayley | 19 comments I am not sure about Lucien. Really enjoying the book. I was so happy when he was telling her he would get her supplies and show her the gallery. Feyre will get herself in trouble if she keeps digging.

Warda (wsharif) This is my first Sarah J Maas book and holy crap, I'm loving it so far. It is so intense and there's never been a dull moment. It's been action-packed and kept me on edge since the first page.

I love how the plot is slowly developing and coming together. I really disliked Feyre's sisters...

I feel like the fact that she was allowed to live with the High Lord felt slightly too convenient.. Wonder if there'll be a plot twist.

And the relationship developing between Feyre and Tamlin I'm all for. :)

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