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Aly (poaly1998) | 225 comments (view spoiler)

message 2: by Aly (new)

Aly (poaly1998) | 225 comments Maximilian was, evidently, rather excited to show Scarlett his musical talent, so as they returned to the building he quickly led her upstairs towards his dorm, a rather proud expression on his face. She was most certainly going to adore it, after all. "I do hope you enjoy the music," he smiled at her, pushing the door open and holding it in place for a moment so she could enter.

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Pamela "Wow! You live here...alone." Scarlett was astounded by the beauty and privacy of his suit. She was also jealous about it, "oh how did you get to live alone and have your own suit." She said accusingly not really asking.

message 4: by Aly (new)

Aly (poaly1998) | 225 comments Huh. Maximilian would have thought he had already explained the answers to both of those questions but evidently not. "My family has attended this school for around two hundred years," he informed her quite proudly. "Besides, I am a Duke, and, thus, it only seems logical that I have my own suite." After a moment of thoughtfulness he asked: "Would you like a brief tour?"

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Pamela Scarlett gaped a little then smiled yes a tour. She would like one, she wasn't overly artistic but she did love art and it's beauties and she was a model. Something to get inspired about but she thought taking a tour would be selfish since she came here to listen to his music. "Maybe later, I did come here to listen to your music after all." She smiled her dimples showing. "Lead the way, sir." She said quirking a brow.

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Aly (poaly1998) | 225 comments "Alright," Maximilian answered, leading her through to the music room and gesturing for her to take a seat on one of the large couches there. She should be comfortable like that. "Would you like a drink?" he questioned. "I can send Félix if you are thirsty." Because going himself would have been tedious and, anyway, he was seating himself at the piano now to show her his piece and didn't have much time for this.

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Pamela "No, thank you I think am filled up with all that Ice cream. You can play now." She sad smiling as she gave him an intense look.

message 8: by Aly (new)

Aly (poaly1998) | 225 comments Maximilian nodded and smiled at Scarlett, taking a seat at the piano and starting to perform the piece he had written a while ago. He was quite pleased with it, honestly, and probably considered it to be one of his best works.

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Pamela Scarlett was stunned by the music, it wasn't perfect but it was good maybe better than good. The most important she noticed was he looked peaceful, for the first time he wasn't exactly carrying himself like a duke. He just looked humble like a normal boy. She clapped after it ended. "Wow that was amazing, what inspired you?" She asked curiously.

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Aly (poaly1998) | 225 comments "I have always enjoyed music," Maximilian informed her proudly. And he had always played music too, right since he could first play the piano aged four. "Mummy has ensured I take lessons, and so I have, although I never needed to, and then I decided to compose."

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Pamela "That great." Scarlett said ash e stood up as walked to him. "I took piano lessons at the early age so may I?" She asked as she reached the piano. "I'm not that good and it had been a long time."

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Aly (poaly1998) | 225 comments Maximilian frowned, a little conscious about someone else playing his piano but moved aside for Scarlett to play. "Do be rather careful," he warned her. "It cost a fortune." For someone else, he supposed.

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Pamela "Don't worry you can sit, like I said I'm not good am just going to play the basic songs." She said before starting to play the twinkle star that was a very common song. She missed a key several times, she frowned but continued.

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Aly (poaly1998) | 225 comments "Very well," Maximilian answered, remaining in the seat and listening to her play. She wasn't wonderful, he thought, considering how she kept missing notes, but he felt as though there was at least some potential. "Would you like me to show you?" he questioned.

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Pamela "Of course, I'm killing the keys here." She said honestly. Removing her hand before waiting for him to start. "I will just pretend you're think I'm awful."

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Aly (poaly1998) | 225 comments "You are not awful," Maximilian corrected, shaking his head reassuringly. "You are simply...not the best." He smiled a little and then played the first few notes of the piece. "Try this."

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Pamela She smiled at his words but quickly focused on the notes he was pressing. She tried mimicking him but wasn't getting it. "Yap I'm definitely not the best." She said wincing when her fingers pressed the wrong key again that made an awful screeching sound.

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Aly (poaly1998) | 225 comments "It takes a while," Maximilian assured her once more, demonstrating the first few notes once again so that she could see, before moving his hand on top of hers in order to place it over the correct notes. "I will help you if necessary, don't worry about that."

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Pamela "That will be good, join in." She said casually though excited at the prospect of him getting closer she stared at him a flush rising on her face.

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Aly (poaly1998) | 225 comments "Are you alright?" Maximilian questioned, noticing the colour of her face. "You seem rather distressed about something, unless that is simply my imagination?"

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Pamela That made her flush deeper "Gosh no, let's just carry on." Scarlett said coughing as she tried to hide her face. "So you were....saying." She said obviously trying to hide her embarrassment.

message 22: by Aly (new)

Aly (poaly1998) | 225 comments "I shall assist you," Maximilian informed her once more with a smile, moving her fingers over the notes once more so that she would understand. "Here. It really isn't that difficult, I can assure you."

message 23: by Pamela (new)

Pamela Scarlett listened with rapt attention before feeling tired from hunger and her back ache. She stood stretching "I have learned a lot today." She said as she smiled and stepped away from the piano.

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Aly (poaly1998) | 225 comments Maximilian smiled, glad to hear this from her. "Well, I am pleased you have managed to learn something from it," he commented casually, closing the lid of the piano and turning back to her. "Is there anything else you would like to do? It is getting fairly late, and if you are tired, I do not mind at all if you wish to leave."

message 25: by Pamela (new)

Pamela "Not the moment as it is getting late, but I am free tommorow and probably the day after." She said with twinkling eyes, she leaned a little closer "So..."

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Aly (poaly1998) | 225 comments "Then we shall have to organise something then," Maximilian informed her, a slightly sly smile playing on his lips at the moment. "I am sure you shall enjoy that...shall you not?" Of course she would. Still smiling, he leaned forwards in order to kiss her goodnight, currently in a surprisingly good mood, which no doubt she had brought on.

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Pamela She smiled as she kissed him before breaking it "Of course." She said in a proud voice, skipping away to her dorm with a blush on her face "See yah!" She said in a song-song voice.

((Where to....?))

message 28: by Aly (new)

Aly (poaly1998) | 225 comments ((Well, perhaps they could meet in like a classroom or something or just generally around the school?))

Maximilian watched her leave with some interest, smiling after her, before passing through to his dressing room in order to get ready for bed.

message 29: by Aly (new)

Aly (poaly1998) | 225 comments Maximilian drove them back and then led Scarlett upstairs to where his suite was. He was fairly excited to spend some time alone with her once again, to be perfectly honest. He had no doubt it should be enjoyable.

message 30: by Pamela (new)

Pamela Scarlett entered the suite and was stunned again by how lavish it was. She didn't think she would ever stop being stunned. She smiled at Maximilian, running inside and to sit on the couch, she bounced because of her sprint but landed well on the couch. "Come join me!" She shouted with joy. Enjoying the way the couch bounced.

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Aly (poaly1998) | 225 comments Maximilian watched her start bouncing on his couch and then frowned very slightly. Why was she doing that? He didn't like that very much. "I would rather you didn't bounce around on my furniture," he commented, moving over to take a seat beside her. "It is rather frustrating."

message 32: by Pamela (new)

Pamela ((Angel! Youre invading their privacy Xd))
She pouted at him but stopped "Maximilian, youve got to learn to live, have fun." she said a bit frustrated at him "Just existing is boring."

message 33: by Aly (new)

Aly (poaly1998) | 225 comments [[ He is like the best at existing. All he has to do is breathe and then sometimes get some help from Mummy. ]]

"I have fun," Maximilian objected, although he was quite glad to see that she had ceased her jumping around. "However, that does not mean I take to jumping around on the furniture. Besides, that is an expensive sofa, and I shan't have it destroyed by bouncing."

message 34: by Pamela (new)

Pamela "You think to much." Scarlett said,rubbing her eyes. Irritated "Sometimes you just have to---do stuff. Dont you ever do something without thinking? Fine you can have the sofa. You too can live happily ever after." she said in annoyance standing up and sitting on the floor. Very petty but she didnt care.

message 35: by Aly (new)

Aly (poaly1998) | 225 comments "Why are you sitting on the floor?" Maximilian asked, not fully understanding the situation. He wasn't particularly well versed in this sort of thing, which was odd, since he had performed plenty of tantrums in his time. "Don't sit on the floor. Whilst it is perfectly clean, Mummy doesn't believe that sitting on the floor is a good idea at all and, thus, you should refrain from doing so."

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Pamela "Maximilian, you are exhausting and your mother too," Scarlett said standing up, she went to him as a thought popped into her brain "Come with me." she said dragging him, not giving him a chance to refuse."

message 37: by Aly (new)

Aly (poaly1998) | 225 comments Maximilian frowned a little as Scarlett suddenly started dragging him away after her. "This isn't particularly appropriate," he informed her, although still allowing her to pull him away. He had to assume there wasn't anything bad Scarlett was going to do to him but, even so, he was still fairly concerned. "I am not very comfortable with this situation."

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Pamela She rolled her eyes "You dont have to. Where is the balcony?" She asked frowning when she couldnt find it.

message 39: by Aly (new)

Aly (poaly1998) | 225 comments Maximilian sighed in slight defeat at her eagerness, still unsure about what she was doing and, more importantly, whether or not he should really be going along with it. "The balcony is accessed form my bedroom," he informed her, gesturing through to where his actually bedroom was in the large assortment of rooms.

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Pamela She rushed in, her lips forming an O at his room, but her eyes were set for his balconies. So she moved past his room to his balcony. It was twilight and from his ballcony the view was marvellous. "Okay, i know i didnt explain why i rought you here. And that was for a reason. Maximilian just follow what i say without question." she said waiting for him to accept or decline.

message 41: by Aly (new)

Aly (poaly1998) | 225 comments Maximilian followed her out to the balcony and looked out amongst the rather beautiful view before shrugging at her once more. "I suppose so," he replied, even though he was rather obviously quite concerned about what she was planning. "Although you should really be telling me what you are planning."

message 42: by Pamela (new)

Pamela "Wheres the fun in that." she said grinning at him, okay just follow my lead. This usually work she quirked a brow at him "Close your eyes, and relx your shoulders." she said queitly.

message 43: by Aly (new)

Aly (poaly1998) | 225 comments "Why?" Maximilian asked, although once again doing what she was telling him to do and closing his eyes, relaxing his shoulders as well as he could. He wasn't sure what was going on, but he supposed he could trust Scarlett because, well, he saw no reason not to.

message 44: by Pamela (new)

Pamela Scarlett grin though he couldnt see her, she felt like her heart would burst with the amount of joy she was feeling. It was a new experience, a sensation. She didnt know when or how she started feeling so much for annoying and cute boy. she studied him as his eyes was close. Reluctantly she continued what she started instead of grabbing him and kissing till they both run out of breath.
"Good Maximilian, now let go of your worries and just breath the air around you. Try to feel without touching."

message 45: by Aly (new)

Aly (poaly1998) | 225 comments "What does that mean?" Maximilian questioned, a little unsure. "You want me to breathe without touching anything? But you're touching me." He frowned slightly at the contradiction but started breathing deeply anyway, just to see why.

message 46: by Pamela (new)

Pamela "Maximilian!" Scarlett snapped losing her patient with him "Do you know your annoying, focus on your breathing and not thinking. Okay." She said softly and removed her hand.

message 47: by Aly (new)

Aly (poaly1998) | 225 comments Rolling his eyes, although still smiling a little, Maximilian did as he was told, which was definitely not something he was used to, and cleated his mind as well as he could, breathing deeply.

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Pamela Scarlett was overjoyed watching him do as she sad for once. She smiled at him and let him continue for a moment "how do you feel? Don't open your eyes! Just continue." She said very fast rushing her words.

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Aly (poaly1998) | 225 comments "Uh, I'm breathing," Maximilian answered, not really sure what she meant by this. He really did just feel completely normal in this situation, except he was breathing really weirdly. That was it. "Am I supposed to feel different?"

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Pamela "Than a hour aga, then yes," she sighed "Maximilian is there a wine in this house?" She asked feeling a bit tired.

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