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message 1: by W.G. (new)

W.G. White (w_g_white) | 22 comments Howdy folks,

I've written a short story that I'm hoping to enter into competitions/ submit to magazines, and I'd be really grateful if someone would take a look at it for me!

The Gardener:

Reina Small inherited her green thumb from her Grandfather, and he from his mother before him. For as long as anyone could dare to remember, the Small family had always been gardeners. The Small family had always stood custodian to the last apple tree.

If anyone would be willing to have a look over it then please email me at or message me here.



message 2: by T.A. (new)

T.A. (tahernandez) | 42 comments Hey there. I've read for you before I think ("The Walker" and "The Rider"). I would love to read this for you if you'd like. Would you be interested in a swap? I have a sci-fi short story of similar length that I'm looking for feedback on.

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