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Paranormal Romance in Need of Reviews

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message 1: by Tabitha (new)

Tabitha Barret (tabithabarret) Author Name: Tabitha Barret
Book Title: The Third Throne: Angel of Darkness
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Reader Age Range: 18+
Content Warnings (ex.Violence): Explicit Sex, Profanity, Violence
Length (Word count or # of pages) 385
How Many Copies: 1 printed copy
Format(s): Kindle, epub, PDF
Goodreads Link To Book:

Description of book:

Michelle Black lives an average life as she looks to her future beyond high school, but she is not an average girl. Plagued by nightmares of Hell and the unusual ability to see the sins of men, she stands apart from those around her. Deceived by a voice controlling her mind, she finds herself trapped in the place of her nightmares, Hell.

The ruler of Hell, the Angel of Darkness, tells her that she must now serve him, and she is forced to face the Realms of Torture. Strange things begin to happen as she senses that she is being deceived and is meant to be more than just a servant. The Angel of Darkness tries to gain her trust by professing his love for her, but she knows that he is keeping the truth from her. She will need to survive enemies hidden in the shadows who conspire to destroy her. Will she learn the truth about who she is and what she is destined to become before it’s too late?

The Third Throne: Angel of Darkness is the first book in the series that introduces us to Michelle Black and her dark destiny. She must fight to survive in Hell as she searches for the terrifying truth about the darkness that resides deep inside of her.

Thank you!!

message 2: by Wren (new)

Wren (wrenlee) This sounds cool. I am willing to help.
My email:

message 3: by Tabitha (new)

Tabitha Barret (tabithabarret) Great! I will send you the info!

Abby ~ Bringer of Chaos Interesting premise. If you still need reviewers, PM me and I can give you my email.

message 5: by Tabitha (new)

Tabitha Barret (tabithabarret) Yes I'm still looking for reviewers. Thank you. I will email you.

Naturalbri (Bri Wignall) (naturalbri) | 7 comments I would love to review this. I have entered to giveaway! My email is info(at)naturalbri(dot)com

message 7: by Tabitha (new)

Tabitha Barret (tabithabarret) Wonderful! I will email you shortly!

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