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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 110 comments
you don't need this anymore. Just post your character in the correct thread and begin roleplaying.

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Cas ❦ (rowangalathynius) Reyna 'Rey' Alianne Carmosino
Birthday: April 13th
Queen of Haiti
Reyna has always been icy. She is very cold to royals she doesn't know well, and she acts the perfect queen. Inside, she is just a normal girl who loves to go to the movies, listen to music, and just relax. The friendly side of her only shows to people she trusts. If you ever met her, she'd seem like a normal queen, unless you were another royal. She is colder to other royals because of a traumatic event involving foreign royals when she was young. (See history)


Reyna has always been treated with respect from a young age. Her parents loved her with their hearts, her being their only child. She loved them both immensely, and she never disobeyed them. Her childhood friends didn't number many as most within her age group regarded her with disdain and jealousy, mostly because of her parents' wealth and her apparent beauty, although she never thought so herself.

She'd always dreamed of true love, and believed in it with her heart. And then, she found it, with the Prince of Haiti. He had been touring Haiti, and they had coincidentally met. He in turn loved her, and they got married and became a happy couple. They had a healthy child together, a child they both loved dearly. They could both see how good a king he would be. But happiness has catches.

When the Prince, her soul mate died, her world was turned upside down. The one person she loved the world, was gone. Yet, she knew had to stay and be strong.

A few weeks later, the King and Queen of Haiti died, and she was crowned Queen of Haiti. Then she knew even more so, that she had to stay strong and rule Haiti with pride and compassion.

She tried her best to make him proud, and be the queen he envisioned her to be. It was hard, but she managed it. At first, the people of Haiti saw her as a woman who strived for power. But once they of discovered that she would give her all for their freedom, they loved her. Her country stayed loyal to her, and Haiti became one of the strongest countries, and never did other countries even come close to conquering them. They were free people.

Her childhood friends are still her closest friends and allies, and many have moved on to become her advisors. She couldn't have made Haiti what it is now without their help, support, and encouragement.

She dislikes foreign royals because when she was a young teen, a foreign prince came up to her, and acted as if she was his slave, and his possession. Luckily, one of her friends found her, and went to get help. It was very traumatic for her, and to the current day she dislikes foreign royals, but she is willing to give them a chance to prove that they are true humans.

-Sweet food

-Drunk people

-Lawyer like speaking

-Her loyalty


Son- (tbc)
Mother- Nastassia Anabelle Benitez
Father- Yves Patrick Benitez


Husband- Romeo Oliver Carmosino
Mother in law- Myou Molita Carmosino
Father in law- Odelin Hercule Carmosino

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Name: Vanessa Sinclair
Nickname: Nessy, Sinful, Finesse
Age: 18
Personality: Sassy, Bad girl, Mean. She also has a terrible attitude and she is desperate for making love. Like one time, she met a guy in a swimming pool and she pulled him into the hot tub and made love with him. SO basically she is a nymphomaniac. She always gives her parents a hard time for always asking for the newest everything. In this way she is also greedy because she wants everything. In her kingdom she always made fun of the less fortunate such as the servants and workers in the kingdom.
Weaknesses : she is not very smart. And she proves the stereotype that pretty girl are not smart.
Strengths she is very pretty and has an alluring smile that can make any boy obey her every command.
Likes She loves to make love with male and female, she also loves wine and drinking, and lastly she really likes revealing clothes and wears them often.
Dislikes She hates glasses, reading, math, writing, science, History, tennis shoes
Appearance :description

History: Her mom is American and her Dad is Japanese so she is Japanese American. Vanessa was a good child until her thirteenth birthday. When she became a teenager she became snotty and mean. On her sixteenth birthday she had many people over. Her boyfriend came over and she lost her virginity that night. Ever since she has been addicted to sex. She loves to make love so she was excited when she was chosen as a concubine for her mom's native land.

She is a Japanese Concubine

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Cas ❦ (rowangalathynius) Lily Andrea Garner
October 10
Highest Wife in Ethiopia
Her dream has always been to become a concubine. She just loves sex, and she's always wanted someone royal to fuck her. Becoming a concubine was her dream come true.

History: Once, she was a simple peasant in Ethiopia, forced to work on a farm. And then, the royals noticed her. The way she walked, the way she talked- they noticed all of it. They thought she'd be a fitting concubine. So, instead of capturing her, they confronted her, and asked if she'd like to become a concubine. She agreed ecstatically. Her parents were astounded by her choice, but the royals gave them a very generous compensation, which shut them up. Now, she lives with the royals, and she has a happy life she would've only dreamed for if the royals hadn't noticed her. Being the highest wife was a fantasy come true.


Mother: Maureen Olivia Garner, Age 48, Birthday September 22, Peasant
Father: Riley Adam Garner, Age 46, Birthday August 14, Peasant

((Any ideas about what to add))

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Cas ❦ (rowangalathynius) Dominic: Your work on harriet looks good so far. But can you please fix these things:

1. The image URL is not valid. Can you please fix it and embed the image rather than leave a link to it? If you don't know how to do this please enquire on the questions thread.

2. You haven't included what exactly Harriet is. can you please add if she is a princess/concubine/queen, etc.

3. I would like you to add Harriet's history. Basically, her life story up to now.

4. Under family, you have written that she has a mom and dad. Can you also include their name, age, birthday and rank (e.g. peasant)?

message 6: by Cas ❦ (last edited May 14, 2015 12:50AM) (new)

Cas ❦ (rowangalathynius) Can you please embed the image like I did above?

<.img src="(paste image url here)"/.> (Remove the periods between the < >) In case you don't know how to do it. Also, is Harriet a princess, concubine, queen, or what? Can you please specify what she is, and what her parents are, thanks! :)

message 7: by Cas ❦ (new)

Cas ❦ (rowangalathynius) Dominic wrote: "Sorry still don't know how to put in the pic, but I put in the rest :-)"

I just showed you above: <.img src="(paste image url here)"/.>

Where is she a princess of? In this group there are certain royals, and there are no princesses left to claim. I suggest you ask Aniza to explain it.

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Rose ♥ | 74 comments Disclaimer; (view spoiler)

{Name} Amaya Qi Yukimura ~アマヤ 気 幸村~

|Amaya| Amaya (ah-MY-ah) is a female Japanese name meaning "night rain". Amaya was named this for her silky black hair that glistened like rain drops in the sun.

|Qi| Qi (KEE) is a unisex Chinese name, meaning "breath", "energy", or "vitality".

|Yukimura| Yukimura (yuu-KEE-mer-ah) is a traditional Japanese surname meaning "snowy village", with "yuki" meaning "snow" and "mura" meaning "village" or "town".

{Age} Twenty-nine (29) years old.
|Date of Birth| September 13th, 1985
|Time of Birth|11:56 PM
|Location of Birth| Kantō, Japan

{Gender} Female

{Sexual Orientation} Heterosexual [Straight]

{Status} Japanese Empress [By marriage.]


In short, Amaya is an appropriate, proper woman. In a formal event, this is the only side of her that shows. In fact, this is the only side of her she really ever shows. If there was one thing Amaya ever took to heart from her mother, it was the lesson to be and to remain a poised and proper young lady. While Amaya can make small talk easily and seems like she puts her heart into all that she talks about while conversing, the elegant, polished empress is nothing like she appears. She is not the delicate young woman that agrees with whatever her husband says that everyone thinks she is.
Once you get to know her, it is obvious that there is more to Amaya than she lets on. She is very passionate about the things and people she loves, and will go to any limit to protect her friends and family. She is very kind and a good listener, and therefore a good friend. When you need advice, or just someone to vent to, Amaya is the girl to go to. She doesn't necessarily agree with you--in fact she tends to have her own personal views on things that don't correspond with most others' ideals--but she can easily tell when someone simply needs her support. Amaya has a very sweet and gentle disposition when you are on her good side. She is loyal, expressive, and honest.
However, when you are not on Amaya's good side, things are not pretty. It is known she is passionate, but "passionate" does not only refer to good things. If you insult her, her family, her lifestyle, or anything else she cares about, she will give you a long, full-hearted speech about why that specific thing is so fantastic. And if you still do not agree at the end of her speech, she will make another one, and another one, until you do. Amaya can also be both fierce and full of attitude. She does have quite a bit of anger locked up inside her, which is why she practices with her katana so much. She needs a way to get her anger out, so it doesn't come out in a less appropriate enviornment.

|As a Wife|
No, Amaya does not love her husband. That statement itself is true, down to its roots. But that does not mean she doesn't care for him. Amaya thought she would grow to love him over time, and she still believes that it could happen in the future, for she has much time left. But it has only been two years since they were married, and the marriage was not her choice in the first place.
Despite these setbacks in their relationship, Amaya does her best to play the role of the good wife. She supports her husband in open situations, and helps him make important decisions by arguing with him privately. Whether her husband admits it or not, Amaya actually does play quite a big hand in running the country.
It is in the bedroom that Amaya has her biggest and most numerous problems with their relationship. She will not have sex with him. She tells him it is because she is not ready to have a child of her own yet, but that is a lie. She does not want to bear his child, that is true, but the main reason why she won't make love to him is because she is in love with someone else. She has a feeling that her husband has caught on to her feelings by now, but she does not bring it up and neither does he. She figures it is because her true feelings can't make a difference in the long run. After all, the man she is really in love with is gone from her life.

|As a Step-Mother|
When Amaya became the Emperor's second wife, she knew she would face more challenges other than just her inability to love him. She expected to have many more problems with her step-daughter than she actually did, though. The main she didn't was the fact that she immediately accepted that she would never replace the princess's late mother. And when she accepted that, she obtained the ability to be her step-daughter's friend rather than her mother. However, this is not always a good thing. When Amaya feels she needs to teach her step-daughter something important, or maybe needs to scold her, it is difficult. She has not made herself an authoritative figure in the girl's life, and therefore has some difficulty getting the princess to listen to her.
When it comes down to it, Amaya does love the girl, though not so much as a daughter as a she does a friend. Just as it is difficult for a step-mother to replace a mother, it's hard for a step-daughter to take the place of a birth-daughter. And Amaya does not have one of those yet. She looks forward to the day, but not to the day she has one with the emporer.

|Face Claim| Meisa Kuroki


Amaya was born to a loving father and an overbearing mother. She was named Amaya for her silky black hair, and Qi for her mother's expectance of her purity in the future. For five years, she was a happy child, content with her life, just as most young children are. However, at five and a half years old, Amaya's father was killed in a construction accident. That was when her mother started to become her true self.
As Amaya grew, her mother controlled more and more of her life. She taught her how to eat properly, dress properly, and act properly. She said it was because she believed Amaya was destined for greatness. It wasn't until Amaya was twenty-three, out of college, that her mother's real mission became evident. But those nineteen years between age five and twenty-four were pure misery for Amaya. Every moment of her life had a new lesson to be learned or an old lesson to be brought up once again. Amaya hated it, but she didn't know how to fight back.
When Amaya went to college, she felt as if she were finally free of her mother's cold, tight grip, that she was finally able to choose things for herself. What she didn't know was that her mother was simply making plans of how to get Amaya to the top when she returned four years later. Amaya's years at college were the best of her life. It was when she met someone. The man of her dreams. Her way out of her trapped life. His name was Akira, meaning "light" in Japanese. And he was the light of Amaya's life.
Amaya fell deeply in love, and she believed Akira felt the same about her as she did him. And she was right, for the night after their senior graduation, Akira proposed to her. Amaya, of course, said yes. She wanted nothing else. She'd always thought she'd escape her horrid life at home for a life of her own, but now she knew she would escape into a life with Akira. Their love was pure and true, and a love like that was hard to find.
Unfortunately, Amaya's mother did not approve of Akira. At all.
Akira was dirt poor, and Amaya's mother told her that she couldn't marry him, for he wouldn't be able to support her needs. Amaya responded with the statement that her only need was Akira himself. It was her first time standing up to her mother. And it felt good. Really good.
Then something tragic happened. Akira went missing. Quickly presumed dead, as there was no trace to where he'd gone, Amaya fell apart. She fell so far, in fact, she even went crawling back to her mother. She had no where else to go. She had fallen apart, only to be put back together by her mother; put back together into a stone-cold woman, too afraid to show her feelings again. Her mother had told her Akira had run off because he was too nervous to marry Amaya, that he was a coward and he could never have truly loved her and been able to run away like that. And what choice did Amaya have but to believe her. Even though, however hard she tried, Amaya could not forget about Akira, and she still loves him to this day.
The next year, when Amaya was twenty-five, news passed through Japan that the Empress has passed away due to illness and the Emporer was looking for a new wife to take care of his only daughter. Amaya's mother quickly took advantage of the opportunity, and set her daughter up with the emperor. The man quickly fell for Amaya, and Amaya tried hard to show him she felt the same. She wanted to be Empress now, for if she couldn't have true love, she wanted to have everything else. Two years later, two years of elegant and formal courtship, the emperor wed Amaya and she became the Empress of Japan. Two years have passed since then, and Amaya has grown used to the life of a royal. But she fears she will never truly grow used to a life and marriage without love.

~Mother, alive
~Father, deceased
~Husband, alive
~Stepdaughter, alive

{Relationship Status} Married

{Other} Amaya has recently become suspicious that her mother had something to do with Akira's disappearance. Amaya is also very skilled with a katana and can easily defend herself, should she get into a messy situation.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 110 comments
grace ;
move Vanessa to the appropriate thread and delete the post here.
jacque ;
Your character is approved, and since she has been moved to the appropriate thread, I will delete the posts here.

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rose ; reyna
Again, she was never a princess. Please remove that from her personality, because it makes no sense. Add on her family, even the ones that have died, and she will be good to go.
- her name doesn't in any way reflect that she might be from Ethiopia. Please change it to fit.

- you still mention that she is a concubine, despite the fact that she is highest wife. Please change that.

- If she were a peasant, she wouldn't be forced to work on a farm. It would be her choice.

- You still state that they confronted her to become a concubine. How would they have noticed her? Additionally, she's the highest wife, not a concubine. You should also explain how he might have noticed her.
dominic ;
- Stana Katic looks a littler older than twenty

- please state where she is princess of. Make sure you've claimed this place.

- her history is currently hard to read because everything is capitalized. Please fix that.
arieya ;
Amaya is approved

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Cas ❦ (rowangalathynius) sucre'd fiend wrote: "rose ; reynaAgain, she was never a princess. Please remove that from her personality, because it makes no sense. Add on her family, even the ones that have died, and she will be good to go.lily- he..."

Oh, sorry... It's not the first time I've modified my post and the changes haven't been saved... I'll fix it now. :D

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