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Descension (Mystic, #1)
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Nicola (nikki-lou) | 2115 comments This discussion thread is about Descension chapters 12 and up to and including chapter 23. If you have not read as far as chapter 23 please STOP reading as this thread will contain SPOILERS

Ok so Layla has played a little with magic flew and had an amazing kiss that had my tummy fluttering and made me so jealous!!

The bigest part in these chapters is the ring and the memories we are currently still stuck in the past of her mum and dads story and it isnt over yet. WOW
I love Aedan and Rhosewen story. I love this idea of bonded mates. I need and want to know more but I had to stop or i may finish the book without leaving anywhere to discuss haha.

What do you think of Aedan and Rhosewen ? What about Medea ? her lack of stability is frightening. that crazy kind of jealousy lead her to try and kill Aedan is totally scary. Its becoming obvious to me that this all has something to do with Layla's adoption.

Does anyone else think its weird that we know Layla is living or witnessing these memories or whatever ( we are not sure how yet) but that she must of witnessed her mum and dad having sex? saw them bonding ? that part I find a little strange and weird. Though I am still really enjoying the story and think its picked up a lot by now.

I love the love between Rose and Aedan, what do you think of there connection? do you tihnk its ok that Layla is witnessing her parents have sex? Is it ok because she didnt know them ?

Do you like this story so far ? What do you tihnk the unforgiveables are ?

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