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Isis Hunter actually lives in a small cottage right outside the palace walls. (But it seemed best to just bring it into this area).
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((I'll just go ahead and post, then...))

The moment Jocelyn had stepped outside, she regretted her decision to meet with Hunter. The sky had opened up once again and it was hard to see further than ten feet in front of her face. She had to squint to see through the downpour and she probably walked right past the cottage five times before she finally found it, never having been there, not to mention it was rather small considering it belonged to the queen's brother.
The weather turning her mood sour, Jocelyn ducked in close to the door of the cottage and knocked on it relentlessly until Hunter opened up.

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Isis Hunter opened up the door to let her in, already an apologetic look painted on his face. "Sorry, I forgot how bad the weather was. I should have thought about that before. Come inside, sit by the fire, dry off," he said almost frantically. He quickly pulled her along toward the fire and sat her down in front of it. He also pulled a blanket off the couch as they went by and he put it around her. "Dry off. I don't want you getting any kind of cold or anything," he said softly. "The food is almost ready, until then, just make yourself comfortable. My place is your place."

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Sharp words were lined up on her tongue, waiting to be released, but Jocelyn hardly had a chance to utter a single one when Hunter grabbed her and pulled her inside, apologizing profusely. She was bombarded with warmth as she was set in front of the fire, her clothes already practically steaming next to the heat. She really wanted to complain about how much she hated being sick and blame Hunter for the whole situation, like she would have done without a second thought had it been a little more than just a week earlier. Now he was treating her kindly, taking care of her after spending the last hour preparing a meal for them, welcoming her into his home and it was enough to pacify her. '"There better be strawberries," Jocelyn threatened halfheartedly as carefully took the edge of the blanket around her, trying to dry off the skin under her mask, the rain having slipped its way around the slick metal.

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Isis "You really think I would dare to bring you into my home without having strawberries at the ready? I do not have a death wish, my dear. There are plenty of strawberries and I'll even send you home with extras, if you want," Hunter told her with a soft chuckle. He walked back to the kitchen and continued what he was doing before she arrived.
He had managed to steal the ingredients for a nice pot pie. It wasn't the prettiest dish now that it was finished, but he tasted it and it was just right. He divided some of it into two bowls and then placed a large bowl of strawberries on the table as well. "Can I get you something to drink?" he called.

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"So you have a hero complex, but not a death wish. Something doesn't add up," Jocelyn mused, dragging a hand through her hair to try to smooth out the damp, tangled mess. The thought of strawberries lightened her mood marginally, even though she felt like she was sitting in a puddle, her clothes not drying nearly as fast as she would have liked them to.
She was pleasantly surprised by the aroma wafting over to her. Despite living in the palace, she was rarely around in time to catch any of the food when it was fresh. "I think I'm perfectly well hydrated from the trip over here, thanks," Jocelyn replied, though truthfully, she just didn't want to have to ask him for anything after he had already done so much for her.

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Isis "Are you sure?" Hunter asked, "You don't want anything, anything at all? I have wine, ale, water, or some kind of juice that smells like peaches. This is your only chance, so speak up now." He peaked out of the kitchen area out at her. He gave her a smile. "It's ready when you are. I set it up at the table if that's alright with you," he shrugged his shoulders a little bit.
He found that he was suddenly nervous. He was concerned that she wouldn't like the food. She already seemed pretty upset over having shown up at all, though he was so glad she had. He knew she was probably joking but he didn't want to risk anything being imperfect, just in case. Really, he just wanted to impress her, why, he was unsure. He was always unsure around her suddenly.

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"Alright, fine, maybe some wine will help cheer me up," Jocelyn sighed as if it were some huge hassle. She had had enough of water, never liked ale and peaches weren't exactly her favorite either. If anything, a little alcohol might warm her from the inside. Getting to her feet, she readjusted the blanket around her, making sure at least her exposed skin was now dry. Jocelyn didn't relish moving away from the fire, but she was hungry, and as long as she got a taste of the food she was smelling, she didn't care where she ate it.

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Isis Hunter rolled his eyes before grabbing a bottle of wine from a cabinet. He opened it and then poured two glasses full. He brought the glasses, and the bottle, to the table and set them all down. "Alright, ma lady," he smiled lightly, "You may begin. If you hate it then you can just push it aside and I promise I won't be offended. Like I said, I'm not a perfect cook." He sat down at his seat then watched her sit at hers. He was still nervous, especially now that she would be judging his food. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea...

((Sorry, hard to work all day today. Tomorrow too.))

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((Don't worry about it. I'll be around most of the time, just sprained my ankle yesterday and finished up with most of my big classes so I don't have much to do))

Once he had set the glasses on the table, Jocelyn picked one up and brought it to her lips, taking a healthy sip. Just as she suspected, the sweet taste of alcohol slid warmly down her throat. She knew she couldn't just guzzle wine the entire time, so she took her seat, the blanket still draped around her shoulders. Snatching up a strawberry, she took a bite out of the bright red fruit as she got a look of what he had made. If it tasted as good as it smelled, there would be no problems here.
After swallowing down the strawberry, Jocelyn picked up a fork Hunter had set out and she could feel him watching her. "You know, if you keep staring at me like that, I'll start feeling self conscious," she said, nonchalantly pushing her mask up her nose the tip of her utensil as she glanced over at him.

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Isis ((I'm so sorry I haven't been on. I've had work, but I'm quitting and interviewing for new jobs so there's that too haha. It's just been busy. I should be on a whole lot tomorrow. And I'm sorry about your ankle. Been there, it's horrible.))

Hunter felt a light blush come to his cheeks and then looked down and away from her. He hadn't realized he had been staring so intently, or so obviously. Of course, now that he was aware of it, there was no way he could deny it. He had been staring at her indeed, and he was no blushing because he had been caught.
He cleared his throat then picked up his fork and poked it into his food. "Well, um, sorry," he said, unsure of what exactly he should be saying at this point. He popped the food into his mouth and tried not to chew too loudly or in too messy a fashion. On the bright side, the food was actually pretty delicious in his opinion.

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((Don't worry, I totally understand. I hope you find a job you like more than the one you've got now :) Look forward to rping more, I've been rather bored lately))

Jocelyn said nothing, though the corners of her lips curled up ever so slightly when she saw his cheeks change color. Looking down at the food before her, she delivered a small forkful to her mouth. Despite the potpie having just been prepared, it wasn't so hot as to burn her mouth. The crust was fluffy and the contents soft and just salty enough for her to reach for her wine, which complimented the meal nicely.
"Not bad for a queen's brother," she mused before taking a sip of her drink and reaching for a strawberry. In the short time he had had to prepare everything, Hunter had done a surprisingly good job.

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Isis ((I've interviewed for a job washing dogs and I hope I get that one. I love animals more than I will ever like people.))

Hunter rolled his eyes. "Thanks I guess, since I'm pretty sure that was almost a compliment. Never would I have thought, coming from you, that even that were possible." He took another bite then shrugged. "It's not my best, but it has been a while since I've prepared it so I'll excuse myself this time." Another bite, still being careful and making sure he didn't do any talking with food in his mouth. "I spent a lot of time with the cooks when I was a boy. I didn't learn as much as I should have, but I can make pot pie and scones."
His dog immediately peaked her head into the room upon hearing his last word. Hunter shook his head at her and she simply turned around and disappeared again. "Sorry, she doesn't exactly know the difference between the food and her name. Understandable, really, but I'll keep her out until we're at least finished with the meal."

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((I hope you get it. I'm puppy sitting two naughty boys for the week. The little one is driving me nuts, but I already love him to pieces))

Jocelyn gave him a cheeky grin around her fork and she continued eating while he talked. If this wasn't his best, she would have to sample some more of his cooking because she had nothing to complain about with her meal. It was simple and fresh and she almost wished the kitchen prepared more food like this.
She looked up from her meal when she heard the sound of nails softly scratching against the floor and she saw a bloodhound peeking into the room. Jocelyn recognized the dog from the night in the dining hall, the one who had been on Hunter's heels. "You named your dog Scone?" she asked, wondering what could have possessed him to do such a thing. Maybe he really liked them, but enough to name a living creature after them? Jocelyn had never had a pet, but she doubted she would name it Strawberry.

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Isis ((I just finished puppy sitting my aunts Pomeranian, my goodness what a horrible little bark she has, but she's so sweet you can't help but like her.))

"I have a kid," Hunter laughed, "And she was the size of a damn scone when I found her. I had to threaten my own father in order to keep that dog so I'll keep her name however I like it. I don't think she minds anyway, so you just accept it." He gave her a mockingly serious look then busted into a grin. "I was a kid and I really couldn't come up with anything better. It was the first thing that popped into my head and therefore it was her name." He shrugged. "Plus, she's just about as sweet. I tried training her to be a hunter or something but she's pretty much useless in any arena that doesn't involve sleeping, slobbering, or just generally being a push over."

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((Well I've got my big yellow lab, who's three years old now, and the new 10 week old half German Shepard/ half husky puppy who has tiny little teeth and he uses them constantly on me and the lab))

Jocelyn took another bite of her meal to hide the fact that his grin was a bit infectious and was almost in despair when she saw that her plate was almost clear. To make the pot pie last longer, she grabbed another strawberry. She did sound like a sweet thing, and it almost made her want to finish her food so she could come out and she could officially meet the only thing Hunter claimed to love.
"Well its no wonder her name is Scone if she doesn't go around preying on innocent creatures," Jocelyn teased lightly, looking at him pointedly to make the sudden connection about his own name.

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Isis ((Oh yeah. I had a beagle puppy for a while and he would bite anything, ANYTHING. He bit a hole through my nose just about and tore up our sprinkler system...))

Hunter laughed, "Alright, it wasn't all her fault that she's no good at the sport. My name might be Hunter but I've never really had knack for it. Most game animals taste like, well, game animals, and I'm not a great shot. I know I look tough but even I have my qualms about killing innocent rabbits and taking them away from the animals that actually want to eat them. I'm more a of a reader, if you haven't realized by now." He stuck his tongue out at her before finishing off his plate of food. "There's more if you're interested."

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((Me and the puppy were napping today on the couch, but then he decided to start attacking the hood on my sweatshirt and I had to fend him off until my mom got home))

Jocelyn could see where he was coming from, though she was never a picky eater. She could remember that her father had hunted illegally during some of the slimmer winters up until he was almost caught. It never sat with her well that people would hunt for sport. Something about killing just for the pleasure of bragging rights or a nice pelt was one of the reasons she looked down on some of the nobles who would participate.
"Well, you're a fairly aggressive reader at that," Jocelyn commented before finishing her glass of wine, remembering the day they had met and most of the encounters that followed. She glanced down at her nearly empty plate and screwed her lips to the side contemplatively. "Maybe later. I wanna meet the special lady in your life."

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Isis ((Hahaha the usual with puppies.))

Hunter laughed, "Oh I don't know if you're quite worthy enough to meet her. Like you said, she's special. You, on the other hand, not so much." He stuck his tongue out at her playfully then stood up and brought his plate to the wash bin. He brought along his glass of wine as well, which he finished easily enough.
"Plus, I don't know if she wants to meet you. She hates strangers," he lied. His dog would let the house be burnt down and robbed as long as the criminal stopped to pet her belly for a few seconds. She was really a horrible excuse for a dog, when it came right down to it.

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Jocelyn just rolled her eyes, wiping away some water that had gathered at the edge of her mask while she was eating. "I'm plenty special and you know it," she told him, scooping the last of the food onto her fork. "You're just worried she'll like me more than you," she concluded before finishing off her meal. She was still debating asking for more, but if she ate any more, the food would absorb the alcohol she had consumed and get rid of the pleasant warmth that had worked its way into her bones from the drink.
Carefully draping the damp blanket around her shoulders so it hung off of her loosely, Jocelyn stood with her plate and glass in hand to clean up.

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Isis Hunter carefully took her dishes from her and put them in the bin as well. "Fine then, if you must meet her," he said before letting out a soft whistle. Immediately Scone was scrambling into the room, her tongue lolling out of her mouth the second she got to her owner's side. She was a silly thing, but a well behaved one who knew when she was wanted around. She wiggled a little bit, as if trying not to jump in her excitement, but other than that she was pretty still, awaiting some kind of instruction.
"Well, go on then," Hunter said to the dog, "Say hi." Scone let out a bark then got up and went to Jocelyn, headbutting her leg lightly in order to grab some attention.

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Jocelyn mumbled a short phrase of gratitude when he took the plate from her and she looked up when the large canine came in, looking as if she was trying to contain herself. A grin split across her face when the dog gave a short bark before coming to Jocelyn's side. She crouched down so she was at eye level with Scone and she held out her hand for the dog to sniff before Jocelyn started to scratch her lightly under the chin. She had learned quickly when she started living in the city that it was best to not start petting a strange dog on top of the head, which could be shown as a sign of aggression. Not that Scone was a strange dog or anything like the strays she had met on the street. She was rather well behaved and marvelously friendly.
"Hello to you too," Jocelyn said in greeting, reaching up to rub Scone's ears. "And your owner says I'm pretty," she complimented the dog even though the creature was making no sense of the sounds coming from her mouth.

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Isis Scone wiggled and whined happily as if she had indeed heard the words, though really it was just the tone of voice and petting she was loving so much.
Hunter sighed softly and shook his head. "Really Scone, you're embarrassing me. At least try to pretend like you aren't so desperate. You act as if I don't already spend the majority of my time petting your lazy bones. If I gave you any more attention I wouldn't even have time to breathe," he said, though there was affection in his voice. He really did love the dog, despite how silly she was with her incessant need for love and her lack of any dog-like instincts.

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Her smile grew wider as she started using her nails to scratch at the top of Scone's head. "Oh, don't you listen to him, it isn't your fault I'm just so damn likable," Jocelyn assured the dog, though she was looking up at Hunter. She could hear the tenderness in his tone, something that should be a surprise coming from someone who claimed love didn't exist. It was good that he had someone in his life that he actually cared for and it was clear that this dog loved him back, though it seemed she would give just about everyone this kind of attention. He was right, the bloodhound really was a sweetheart.

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Isis Scone's tail was wagging about so fast it was a wonder that she wasn't causing a tornado with it. On top of that she was already flopping over onto her side as if she was helpless to resist gravity. Once on her side she was rolling as much onto her back as she could in order to expose her belly without flailing her legs in the air.
Hunter shook his head once more. "Don't take this as a compliment. I assure that you are not all that likable, she's just a dope who would let anyone pet her belly. I warn you though, if you start, she is not going to let you stop very easily. She's the clingy type. I'd even go so far as to say she is a stalker."

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Jocelyn grinned crookedly when Scone flopped over, relishing the attention she was getting. "I think I'll take my chances," she said before moving her hand to scratch down the dog's chest. She laughed when she reached the one spot on the dog's torso that caused one of her hind legs to start thumping.
"Come on, give the girl some credit, she just has good taste in people, don't you Scone?" Jocelyn having some mercy on the creature and moving her hand away when the dog's foot started getting dangerously close to thwacking her bruised knuckles. It seemed Hunter was determined to pass the notion that Scone was a truly judgmental animal.

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Isis ((gotta go for a bit, be back in an hour or so))

Hunter laughed before simply crouching down and starting to give the dog's belly some extra love. Really it was ridiculous the way the dog was rolling about trying to get as much of their hands as she could, but it was also adorable. The dog was probably a little too plump and she was getting to be on the old side for sure, but she was still cute in her way.
"Now we've really started something, I'm telling you. She's going to start her whining as soon as we stop and then we're going to feel compelled to start this all over again. She's got the best puppy eyes in the world, just like all hounds. It physically hurts to look at her sometimes and I'm sure this will be one of those time," Hunter told Jocelyn, "So I just want you to know that it's all your fault and I cannot be blamed in any way here."

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It was like Scone didn't know what to do with herself with the affection of not one but two people. In the past, Jocelyn had been reluctant to come to Hunter's home for his help, and today she had been hesitant to event accept his invitation for a meal, but now she got the feeling she would want to make regular visits just to see the dog. If only her schedule was as free as Hunter's...
"There you go, pinning all the blame on anyone but yourself, even when you literally have your hands all caught up in it," Jocelyn said, looking up to shoot a mock glare at Hunter. "Apparently some things never change," she said theatrically.

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Isis Hunter reached over and pushed her playfully, which Scone seemed to enjoy because she let out an excited yip. Hunter started to laugh as well because he could see the way her eyes went from mock glare to just a little too wide. He almost wished he could have seen it without her mask in the way. Her mask was always in the way, and so was his now that he thought about it. Things would probably be even easier between them if they could read each other's faces, but he was most definitely not going to suggest such a thing.
"I only blame you because you deserve it," Hunter told her, "Now just accept it. Shhh, yes, accept it."

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Not prepared for his gentle nudge, Jocelyn lost her precarious balance on the balls of her feet and ended up tipping over, landing on her backside on the floor. She gasped, as if shocked that he would do such a thing then turned her gaze onto Scone when she let out a seemingly happy noise. "Who's side are you on?" she demanded from the dog, though her attention didn't last long, her gaze flying back to the culprit. "I deserve it? I'm not the one who was hiding this precious creature away, so I don't see how this was my fault," she argued, refusing to agree with him.

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Isis "Precious creature? Oh I don't think so. You're going to regret disagreeing with me this time my dear Jocelyn," Hunter said through laughter. He turned to Scone and stopped his petting. "Get her," he said and pointed to Jocelyn, who was now on her butt and defenseless.
Immediately Scone was scrambling to her feet and then she was practically pouncing on Jocelyn, knocking her onto her back. She lunged in like she was going to attack and started to frantically lick at Jocelyn's face, knocking the girl's mask back further and further with every feverish lick.
Hunter laughed hysterically, holding at his belly, because it really couldn't get any better than this.

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Jocelyn didn't understand his words until she was suddenly knocked back by the roiling mass of furry energy that was Scone. She let out a startled scream when her face was assaulted by the dog's rough, wet tongue and she helplessly try to shield herself, but Scone was too enthusiastic for her own good. All Jocelyn could do was try to turn her face away and keep her eyes shut tight.
"Call her off Hunter!" she exclaimed, trying to suppress the giggles that were threatening to erupt as she prayed that she wouldn't end up with dog tongue in her mouth. "Scone, I swear if you don't stop I'm not rubbing your belly ever again!" she threatened emptily.

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((Off for the night!))

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Isis Scone let out a happy yip upon hearing her name, despite the threat that was being thrown at her. She continued her licking as if that was her one and only purpose in her life.
Hunter laughed, "I'll call her off as soon as you admit that I'm right. This is all your fault," he said. "And you're most definitely going to be petting Scone as much as she wants because she's perfectly innocent in this and you were warned."

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"But you're wrong!" Jocelyn whined as she tried and failed to shield herself from Scone's relentless kisses. By now, her mask had slid up to her forehead some of her hair getting tangled in the curling metal edges. She couldn't help the laughter that finally escaped her, which only seemed to encourage the dog further. When her sides started to hurt and it was getting hard to breathe, she finally gasped with her fingers crossed, "Fine, it's my fault, just get her off of me!"

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Isis Hunter couldn't help but think that she looked absolutely beautiful lying on the floor, unable to stop laughing, with her mask pushed back far enough for her face to be seen. He was laughing at least as hard as she was. But, he did keep his promise. As soon as she admitted her fault he whistled and Scone immediately pulled back and came to his side, sitting there and panting.
Hunter reached out a hand and brought her back into a sitting position. He only let go of her in order to reach up to her mask, which he carefully started to untangle from her hair. He couldn't wipe the grin off his face, though it had calmed down just a bit. "Sorry that that had to be done," he told her.

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"It didn't have to be done, you just enjoy tormenting me," she shot back, wiping the slick dog slobber off her face with her sleeve. Without the bloodhound looming over her, Jocelyn allowed Hunter to pull her up so she was no longer flat on her back on the ground and Scone looked all to pleased with herself sitting beside him. Having reined in her laughter, she was able to breathe again and she didn't bother trying to pull down her mask again; the ties were so loose now it would only slide off her face, that is if it weren't caught in a knot of her hair. Her heart did something odd in her chest when Hunter carefully started to free it from her hair. "Do you have something against my mask? This is the second time you've tried taking it off," she asked curiously, raising an eyebrow at him.

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Isis "I have something against masks in general," Hunter said softly, as if he was far away. He finally freed her mask from her hair then reached around and gently untied it. He brought the thing away from her face then gently set it into her lap before he looked to her face once more.
"I think it's horrible that we have to hide our faces all the time. How can anyone except to know another if they can't see their face? How can we gauge each other's emotions properly? Not to mention they're uncomfortable and they block your vision half of the time. Just because the king is too scared to show his face, because he doesn't want anyone to see the monster he is, we have to suffer. I find it all quite ridiculous," Hunter told her.

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Jocelyn found herself holding her breath when he leaned slightly closer to reach around her head and untie her mask. She picked it up once he set it down for her, keeping her head tilted down slightly as she suddenly found the metalwork very interesting. Hunter had seen her without her mask before, but it was different now, in the light of day, or rather with whatever light the stormy weather could provide. Fidgeting with the ties of her mask she glanced up at him. "I won't say you're wrong, but I have yet to see without your mask," Jocelyn pointed out. He talked about how much a mask hid someones face and she couldn't help but wonder how different he might look.

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Isis "And that's my fault?" Hunter asked her. "If you ask me to take off my mask, I will, but you haven't asked." He shrugged his shoulders a little bit, a small smile coming back onto his lips now. He really would take off his mask as soon as she asked, but he needed to hear the question now that he had been accused. He had no problem showing his face to another, though he had never had occasion to. His parents and his siblings rarely even saw him without his mask. Of course, his dog saw him without a mask most of the time, but that was really the only completely safe being. Though, maybe he could count Jocelyn as safe too, if she asked nice enough.

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Jocelyn rolled her eyes, giving him an unamused look. "That's hardly fair. You've never asked for me to take mine off, and yet what do you know, it's off now!" she pouted, knowing that if she tried to take the mask off herself like he had done to her, he would just set Scone on her again or something. "Just take it off, it's not like you have some kind of deformity hidden under there," she goaded, though she kind of hoped she did. She knew she probably shouldn't enjoy spending this much time with him, it distracted from her work. If he was nice to look at on top of everything else, she might be in trouble.

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Isis "Demanding me to take it off really doesn't do anything for me. I'm going to need you to ask real nice now. And I do mean real nice. If you don't, you'll never get to see my deformities, I can promise you that," Hunter told her, trying to keep from laughing, though that was all he seemed to want to do. "And you can't blame me for the fact that you just can't seem to keep your mask on. I've done nothing but help you with that thing and it's not like you've tried to stop me." He reached out and laid one gentle finger on her cheek. "It leaves a mark on your face anyway. Best to have it off."

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"I haven't tried to stop you because masks are an incredible inconvenience! Mine is metal and cold and horribly uncomfortable, but the Baron doesn't let me wear anything else because 'it looks pretty'," Jocelyn said, scowling. Pinning her gaze on him, she brushed his careful touch away. "Come on, you probably know me better than anyone else by now, and you expect me to ask nicely? I don't do the whole getting on my knees and groveling thing, begging you to take off your mask so I can see your big brown eyes better."

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Isis Hunter felt a shiver wanting to run up his spine when he heard the part about his big brown eyes. He honestly hadn't even thought she knew the color of his eyes, let alone even considered seeing more of them. He knew she was probably being sarcastic, but still, she had thought about it enough. "Well, I prefer your actual face to the metal of your mask. I think you're more than pretty enough without it, but maybe that's just me." He shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly. "But you'll never see these eyes at this rate."

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Jocelyn groaned, feeling like throwing herself back on the ground in despair. He really did enjoy tormenting her. She wrinkled her nose, not liking what she was going to have to do; she would have to be genuine if she was going to see Hunter maskless before she left this cottage. Steeling herself, Jocelyn sighed, "Fine. Will you please just take your mask off once. I'm a spy for goodness sake, I wouldn't be able to do the damned job if I didn't like knowing things, and I really want to know what you actually look like." Ugh, he got me to say please.

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Isis Hunter busted into a grin. "Well, I suppose since you asked so nicely..." He reached back behind his head and untied his mask slowly, then brought the thing away from his face. He set it aside on the floor next to him then looked at her. "Are you happy now?" he asked her calmly, though really he was a nervous wreck inside. The first person to ever see his face who wasn't related to him. She was a spy, as she just reminded him. There were so many ways that this could go terribly wrong. For all he knew, she was using him, or worse, she would find him repulsive and leave.

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Jocelyn rolled her eyes when he mocked her, but that was the last time she took her gaze from his face until he removed the mask. She chewed on her lower lip to keep from cursing because, dammit if the only reason she couldn't admit he was handsome was her pride. The closest thing to a deformity were the faint scars on his cheek. She had noticed them peeking out from under his mask, but they were more prominent on the minutely paler skin that would usually be hidden. If anything, they just enhanced his appearance. When she finally trusted herself to speak again, she replied with a simple, "Yes."

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Isis He rolled his eyes and shook his head. "If I had known that all I needed to do was remove my mask to make you happy, I probably would have done it ages ago. No. Sorry. That was a lie. I just needed you to give in once and ask," he smirked at her. "Now, I have dessert made if you're interested. Alright, I didn't make it. I stole it. Chocolate cake from the palace kitchen. I'm not much a of a cake eater myself, but this stuff is amazing." He pulled himself up from the floor then offered her his hand. He didn't harp on his now exposed face. He couldn't gauge her reaction so he was just going to avoid the topic all together.

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"Because all you've ever wanted is to make me happy," she shot back at him. This was good. Bickering with Hunter could definitely help distract her from a lack of a mask. Honestly, Jocelyn was never one to get hung up on a handsome face and she would be damned if she started now. "You don't like cake and you don't like strawberries," she said, shaking her head in disapproval as she grasped his hand to help pull herself up. "Well, stolen things always just seem better, so I can't say I'll turn down a slice."

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Isis "Of course you won't turn down a slice. I'll force feed you if I have to," Hunter told her, smirking just sitting on his lips. He let go of her hand only to whisk himself off to the kitchen. He opened up a container and revealed the cake. It was a big thing and it had probably been meant for someone important, but no one would suspect him. He cut two large slices of the cake now and put them onto plates. He brought one to her, along with a fork. "More wine?" he asked her, "I'm sure they'll compliment each other nicely."

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