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ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments Here it is! Okay, so what sort of thing for you want to start? Do you have ideas or....???

Aηgєℓєηα  | 2762 comments Um... I'll have to find the document I put them on. I can post some later today if you want. Is there anything you've been wanting to do?

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments Ummm I'm not sure... I'll hear your ideas and then I'll think of some too.

Aηgєℓєηα  | 2762 comments (view spoiler)
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Yeah, so those are two ideas I found that I haven't done in awhile. But I'm also really interested in some other things at the moment (detectives, scotland, high fantasy, fairy tales...). So, what do you think? Did you think of any ideas?

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments They are both really good ideas, but I think that the second one is too similar to our other one. As for the first one, I've done an rp pretty similar to that one before, and I'd like to try something new if thats okay with you. I found these in my computer, and if you don't like any of them we can just work out something from scratch.
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Aηgєℓєηα  | 2762 comments Wow, I really like both of those ideas. What if we actually tried to combine them a little? Like, leave out the time traveling thing, but maybe one of the characters in the first one could actually be a detective that's tracking them down because detectives are kind of my thing right now. But I really like the idea of doing something sci-fi, like with all kinds of different alien races and worlds and such. The characters could be all mismatched like on Guardians of the Galaxy xD I think, with the different class systems like you said, they could even end up being a type of Robin Hood thing... But, you know, futuristic-y...

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments Oh wow, you really like them both? lol I thought that they were long shots but apparently not XD I really do like the idea of combining them. You can be the detective character going under cover on the ship to exploit the captain and the rest of the crew since you seem excited about that :D Yes, like I said, it really is a little bit of everything. I think we'll call it Space Robin Hood for short because that's pretty much what it is.... Except they don't always give what they steal to the lower classes, they have to give it to their employer in order to get paid, but I think that they would keep a bit of the bounty to give to others/keep for themselves.

Aηgєℓєηα  | 2762 comments WOOOHOOO DETECTIVES!!!! Like, I recently rewatched every episode of Sherlock, like all nine of them and now I'm reading this supernatural detective story, and I just... I just want to detect and stuff.
That sounds good to me. And there doesn't have to be one distinctive plot either. We can just have all kinds of adventures and those mishaps where they steal the wrong things/dangerous things... Yeah.
So, who is who, then (besides me being the detective, because that is nonnegotiable....)?

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments Well I set this up to be doubles because it's fair and you kind of need more than a captain and one crew member to run a ship. I planned for the main four to be in it at all times and they are all of equal importance (meaning that they are like Alexander/Celia. We don't swap them in and out like we do with pretty much every other character in that rp) We can have other important characters too of course (ones like Sage or Rosanna/Voltaire or James and such), but those are ones that we would swap in and out when they are needed. We won't bother with creating them in the beginning....

That being said, we have established that you are the detective :D That means that you would be one other normal crew member of the opposite gender (a pilot, mechanic, that sort of thing...) Or you could even be the captain. I honestly have no preference here and so I will let you choose what you want because I feel like I'm being bossy :( I hope that I'm not.... I don't mean to be, I've just been wanting to do something sorta like this for a LOOOONNNGGG time and kept getting abandoned. At least with you I know that it will be amazing, so I'm super excited! Just let me know if I'm being too demanding/controlling and please add in your input too!

Aηgєℓєηα  | 2762 comments Lol, don't worry! You're not being controlling or anything, and I know what it's like to be excited about an idea. xD Doubles it is, then. So, I'll be the detective and a crew member. And then you can be the captain (seeing as it's your idea and all) and then another one of the crew. That sound good? Is there a certain member of the crew you want to make?

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments Hmmm could my crew member person be a medic? I already kind of have a character partly made for one.

That reminds me, what info do you want to be in the characters? I don't think that they should be eternally long so that we can get the the story, but it's really up to you.

Aηgєℓєηα  | 2762 comments Okay! I think I might make my other person a mechanic then... They can, like, invent stuff. ^.^

I don't think they should be too long... Maybe just Name, Age, Appearance, Position, and a little paragraph about them?

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments Okay! I'll post my charries after I respond to the other rp!

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments Name: Ian Reynolds
Age: 24


^ ignore the weird cell phone stuff on this one. Not sure why it's there but I liked the picture....

Face Claim: Steven McQueen

Physical Features
Height: 6 ft 0in
Weight: 170 lbs
Build: tall and fit
Hair: chestnut brown
Eyes: light brown


Many people think that Ian is cold, but in reality, he simply doesn't like to hang around and talk to other people and he doesn't allow himself to have very much fun. Sometimes he does lighten up when he is in a good mood and will crack jokes or allow himself to being his guard down a bit, but it doesn't happen very often. He is highly protective of his crew even though he can sometimes be distant from them, and has no problem killing anything that might harm them.


When he was a kid, Ian was neglected by his parents. At first they just seemed to ignore him all of the time, but after they got divorced, his father became abusive and his mother didn't care. He would be passed between the two of them so that he could see them both even though he would rather see neither. To make matters worse, he also had two older brothers who err very cruel to him as well. He tried to run away several times, but was always caught.

When Ian turned 20 he finally had enough money to buy his own ship. Granted, it was run down and it barely even worked, but after se time fixing it up, he was able to get it working again. He was forced to become a self taught thief in order to make money and quickly became one of the best in the business.


Name: Aida Hawthorne
Age: 22


Face Claim: Rebecca Ferguson

Physical Features
Height: 5ft 5in
Weight: 115lbs
Build: petite but also fit
Hair: chestnut brown
Eyes: hazel/green

Aida may be on the smaller side, but that doesn't mean that she can't fend for herself and those that she cared about. Even though she isn't the best at fighting/weapons, she has a sharp tongue and a clever mind. She is also very compassionate and loyal and cared deeply for her friends and family. However, if she is confronted with someone or something that wants to hurt her or the people she cared for, she can become a force to be reckoned with.


As a child, Aida was always misunderstood by her family and few friends and even though she loved them all very much. She was a quiet child, but others thought that meant that she was shy, when really she was simply introverted. She was never popular and was always known as the pretty and intelligent good girl who never broke the rules.

Aida is very smart and graduated her medical training at age eighteen. She attended a very prestigious school, but she didn't feel like she felt in with the snobby rich kids who also went there. Her parents were less than happy when she got a job on a somewhat run down space craft as a medic when she could have become a prestigious and respectable doctor. They couldn't understand her desire for adventure and freedom and didn't know why she would ever run away when she had always done as she was told and followed rules before. She hasn't heard from them since she ran away.

Aηgєℓєηα  | 2762 comments I love them! My characters will be up tomorrow! ^.^

Aηgєℓєηα  | 2762 comments
{~Ɲαмє~} Lucinda Rowe

{~Ɲιcкηαмє~} Lucy, Luce

{~Agє~} 21

{~Ƥσѕιтιση~} Detective

||Hair|| Red, wavy
||Eyes|| Gray
||Height|| 5'6
||Weight|| 112 lbs
||Build|| Slender, perhaps a little thin.
||Distinguishing Features|| The mark of her empire, a small blackbird, on her inner right wrist.

Lucy has always been too intelligent for her own good. She has a quick and agile mind, and a knack for thinking on her feet that makes her a great detective. She's clever and cunning, able to weasel her way out of even the toughest situations, and just naive enough to take on even the toughest criminals in battles of wits. Lucy is very stubborn, proud, and loyal to her cause. She's always trying to prove herself through her assignments. In addition, Lucy is passionate about what she does and always calculating, always planning ahead.

Lucy is from an upper class planet of humans, where Emperor Laius is in charge. Her father was the Emperor's chief inspector until he was killed by traitors to the throne. Lucy, who had never known her mother, was orphaned at the age of seven. She spent much of her childhood in the care of her Uncle, a general. From an early age, a loyalty to the crown was instilled in her, but when she turned eighteen and decided to follow in her father's footsteps and become a private investigator, she never imagined that the emperor would seek her out and offer her employment. The emperor has promised her the position of Chief Inspector if she can discover who is responsible for some recent robberies, what it is they want, and bring the group of hoodlums to justice.

{~Ɲαмє~} Nolan Kade

{~Ɲιcкηαмє~} N/A

{~Agє~} 23

{~Ƥσѕιтιση~} Mechanic

||Hair|| Dark brown
||Eyes|| Brown
||Height|| 6'1
||Weight|| 156 lbs
||Build|| A little on the scrawny side, lanky
||Distinguishing Features|| An assortment of scars and burn marks from experiments gone wrong.

Nolan has always been a little unusual. Because he spends more time around mechanisms than people, he has certain social impairments. To put it plainly, he's a little awkward. Nolan has never been the most confident person and can be insecure at times, especially around members of the opposite sex. He'll either be way too self-conscious, or he'll be so caught up in his day-dreams that he won't pay you any attention. Nolan is a fun person to be around, though, always ready with a sarcastic reply or a fun new invention.

Nolan is not entirely human. His mother was from Reklar, a planet known for it's advancements in engineering and inventions, mainly when it comes to weaponry. When Nolan was ten, his mother died in an experiment and he was retrieved by his father and taken to live with him. Nolan has always been interested in creating things and everyone has always considered him strange, mainly because not all his inventions work. His father lived in the slums and only wanted Nolan around in order to collect money from his government. Once Nolan was an adult, he was kicked out and worked odd little jobs until he found his current crew.

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments They look awesome! Would you like to start? In a bit busy right now.... Maybe we could start soon after Ian has employed Aida and Nolan and they are docked somewhere for supplies when he comes across Lucy and she tried to get him to hire her since she recognizes that he's a wanted criminal?

Aηgєℓєηα  | 2762 comments Sorry, I was at dance. But yeah, that sounds good to me! I'll have the starter up in just a bit. :)

Aηgєℓєηα  | 2762 comments The bar had that dim kind of lighting, the kind that was just dark enough for you to forget who you were... Or to make sure other's never found out. Lucy wrapped her nails against the sleek, dark bar top, letting her gaze travel around the space. The bar was a mix of old and new, with wood paneled walls and chrome tables, an old-fashioned cash register and a thin viewing screen on a table that projected a holographic image of the host of some Entertainment news network. The patrons of the bar were also varied, their skin colors ranging from ivory and brown to blue and green complexions. Several were from other planets, which was a given considering there was a airship landing dock right by here. But all looked like shady characters, with cloaks or hats concealing their faces and the tattered clothes of the poor. With her worn out clothes and her mark hidden under her sleeve, she looked no different than any of the other low-lives here. She came to this tavern often just to observe. Maybe there was a deeper reason to that, maybe it was nice to feel like she was as free as the rest of these criminals every once in awhile.
But she liked to stick to the first reason. If she dwelt too much on the topic of freedom, she would start to question things that weren't meant to be questioned. If only that blasted brain of hers would shut up some times, she wouldn't have to worry about her thoughts traveling into any dark abysses.
Lucy let her eyes fall upon a middle-aged man a few seats down from her. In a moment, she was able to pick up on the fact that he had family troubles, that he had been cheating on his wife and the guilt drove him to drink. It was all in the little details, of course. The small red dot on his collar that could only be from lipstick. And more specifically, the bright sort that would never be seen on a mature, adult woman. His mistress was most likely in her twenties.
Lucy let out a sigh, returning her attention back to her tapping fingers. Maybe coming today was a waste, maybe there would be nothing here to peak her interests.
Maybe she should just go home before she found the trouble she was always looking for.


Nolan's sleeve was on fire.
"No, no, no, no..." He said that word over and over again as he shook his arm about like a madman. He said a few other choice words, but they were drowned out by the roar of the engine. The flames crawled higher up his sleeve, slowly burning it away as he, still panicking, wrestled himself free of the jacket and began to stomp the flames away. Once the fire died, he put his hands to his knees, breathing heavily as his pulse calmed. "Alright, then." He muttered to himself, turning his attention back to the ship. They had stopped to pick up some supplies and so, as the newly appointed mechanic, he thought he might as well check and make sure everything was ship-shape. Get it? Cause it's a ship.
Nolan chuckled sadly at his joke, wincing slightly as though it pained him. Gods, he was lame. He took up a rag to wipe the grease off his hands, shaking his head at his own stupidity.
The ship was fine, it seemed, though it had tried to kill him with fire. He had heard a strange clanking noise once they entered this planet's atmosphere and was sure there was some problem. But there was nothing out of the ordinary. He ran his hand appreciatively over the side of it, wondering briefly where the others had gone. Maybe Aida had went to go gather medical supplies, the likes of which she would probably only ever use on him. Funny how he always seemed to be the only one to get injured. Granted, it was usually his own fault. Stupid fires...
He had the brief image of flames engulfing a building nestled in the mountains.
And he shook those images away before they began to hurt, before the flames of memory burned him as well.
Nolan closed the hatch, feeling satisfied. He was thinking innocent things, like estimated how long they might be here or how long they could be here before they aroused the suspicion of any local law enforcers, as climbed inside the spacious ship and found a seat at a table by the wall, knowing that he should probably stay to watch over it. After a moment, his arm began to sting.
Sure enough, there was a nice-sized reddened mark from the burn of the fire. He winced, placing his other hand over it in attempt to sooth it.
Well that's just fantastic...

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments Aida was busy in the infirmary organizing her supplies. When she'd taken the job as medic on this ship about a week ago, she hadn't really understood why the captain was in need of a medic. He'd only had one other person with him, a mechanic named Nolan, and yet he was wanting to employ her. She had been expecting to be employed by a captain of a big ship with a lot of people on it , not a ship with three people including herself.
When she had asked Ian about it, he had said something along the lines of "I'm likely to get shot in my line of work if I'm not careful and I don't fancy dying. It's a job, so if I were you I wouldn't complain". That's when she had figured out that Ian was an outlaw. Aida didn't exactly like that about him and she did worry about getting in trouble for being in his crew if he was ever caught. She had already aided in one of his robberies, and truly she hadn't felt good about it, but she knew that it was an adventure, and that was what she had wanted right? It was why she had given up everything she'd had and her future to run away from home. She could only imagine what her parents would say if they knew that she was helping a wanted outlaw commit his crimes, and she preferred not to think about it.
Ian had been good to her thus far, even though at most times his exterior was cold. Aida saw no reason to think about packing up and opting out of the job so far, but she knew that that could quickly change.
She sighed as she closed the cabinet that she had stored her surgical tools in, hoping that she would never have to use them. She could feel the ship losing altitude and she knew that they would be touching down soon at the landing dock. Aida left the infirmary and headed towards the cargo bay, but on her way, she could hear yelling coming from the engine room. She was instantly alert and quickly opened the door and went inside. It was very warm inside from the engine working over time in order to land. "Nolan?" she called into the dimly lit room, "Nolan is everything alright?" Somehow she had a feeling that the poor man had hurt himself....again.

Ian sat at the helm of his ship piloting it through space and closer and closer to their destination. It was simply a small moon, but it had a large docking and loading station there at which he could buy more fuel for the ship and try and find another job to do. Maybe if he was lucky, he would find a tavern and he could buy himself a drink. He felt like he needed one after the close call that he'd had on his last job. Ian wasn't used to almost being caught, and so the first time that it had happened had been a bit of a shock to him, naturally. Ian was one of the best thieves in the business, but even the best had their close calls.
He felt like he owed that to his new crew, both of which were socially awkward people who had no experience in crime or thievery. It wasn't that Ian wanted to make criminals out of the nice people, he just wished that they knew how to be a little bit more helpful. Ian sighed, knowing that they would improve given time.
As the ship began to enter the thin atmosphere of the moon, Ian forced himself to forget about all of his worries. He had to focus on this landing so that it wouldn't be as rocky as some of his others. Ian was no pilot, even though he knew how to fly. That didn't mean that he was good at it. Knowing this, he grabbed the small communicator off of the wall and said, "We'll be landing in a minute or two. You guys might want to strap in for the ride," he said into it, his voice echoing through the old ship from the speakers.

Aηgєℓєηα  | 2762 comments ((I'm going to pause Lucy until they actually get there. :) ))

Nolan's head snapped up when he heard the voice and footsteps descending down into the engine room. Of course, he knew who it was before he saw her, considering there was only one female aboard the ship. He stood up immediately, feeling his cheeks darken a bit in an embarrassed blush. Reklarians had black blood and when they flushed, their complexion became a shade darker rather than redder. Of course, Nolan was only half Reklarian, so his blood was much lighter than others of his species. Some might even say it was pretty, swirls of red and black and gray...
Nolan just thought it was weird.
"Oh, hey Aida... yeah, I'm fine. Just that blasted grate over there." He nodded towards a fire concealed within a dark metal cage that burned away strange metals that looked silver in the flame. Nolan shrugged, trying his best to hide his arm from her. Honestly, why did Ian have to choose a girl medic? That made his constant injuries all the more embarrassing!
Nolan grabbed his rag again, wiping away a thin layer of sweat from his forehead. "Curse Terryn, it's hot in here." He muttered, cursing his people's god of fire. Nolan worried about whether or not the engine was overheating. But it only got like this when they were landing, when they were forced to run it harder. And that, of course, was normal enough.
"We better go, uh, strap in." Nolan said awkwardly after he heard Ian's announcement. "We all know the real scary thing about Captn' is his driving... Don't tell him I said that." Nolan nodded with his head for her to go up the stairs before him so they could go strap in on higher deck, still trying his best to keep his burned arm out of her view.

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments Aida frowned when he pointed out the grate, somehow knowing that he had managed to burn himself on it because even though she didn't know him very well, it simply seemed like something he would do since he seemed to accident prone. She sighed, knowing that he must be hiding the injury from her, and she didn't understand why he couldn't just come to her about it. It was a quick fix to reveal some of the pain and quicken the healing process, and she only wished that he would let her help him.
Aida knew that he was right when he said that they should go and get strapped in though, so she pushed the thoughts of him most likely being injured out of her head for the time being. "Oh, I think that the Capt'n knows that he can't fly this thing. I'll bet that he's going to be scouting for a proper pilot today when we land, and I certainty hope that he finds one because he don't know how much more of this I can take," she said, holding on to the railing as she went up the stairs with him so that she didn't fall as the ship shook violently.
Aida quickly sat down and fastened the safety strap, hoping that this landing would be much better than the other one. Ian was going to tear the poor ship apart if he kept pretty much crashing it into the ground like he usually did.

As they got closer to the ground, Ian knew that he landing was going to be a rough one, as always. He wished that he was a better pilot, but even though he knew the basics of flying, that sadly didn't make him good at it. It didn't take long before the bottom of the ship hit the ground hard, making everything bounce up and then back down. He just hoped the Aida and Nolan were both strapped in. The bottom of the ship scraped along the concrete runway, creating a terrible noise, but thankfully it was quickly over when the ship came to a full stop. Ian shrugged a bit, knowing that had had much worse landings. He shut down the ship's power and stood up from the pilot's chair, heading out on to the main deck of the ship. He approached Nolan and handed him a fistful of cash. "Use this to buy fuel and food and nothing else," he said sternly, giving him a hard look, "I'm going to see if I can find someone who can actually fly a space ship that's looking for a job." With that, he opened the air lock and disappeared into the thick crowd milling about.

Aηgєℓєηα  | 2762 comments "Agreed." Nolan muttered in reply, always a pessimist. Of course Nolan wouldn't leave this crew unless he got fired, and certainly not because of the Captain's poor driving. To put it quite frankly, Nolan didn't have anywhere else to go. He had tried to find work elsewhere to no avail and... Well, he definitely wasn't going to go crawling back to his biological father. Nolan closed his eyes, forcing himself to forget all the events that had led to him finding Ian and Aida as the ship began to descend. A second later, his eyes were open once more and there was not a trace of his inner turmoil. Nolan would rather play a clown then let people see the truth behind his smiles.
But, unfortunately, it was hard to smile as they entered the moon's atmosphere. The turbulence made him feel like he was going to be shaken out of his seat, despite the straps that held him tightly. "Oh gods, we're going to die, aren't we?" He muttered under his breath. But then a scratching sound rang out and the ship rumbled as they slid against the runway before coming to a lurching stop. Nolan's breath was ragged and he realized he had been holding it.
Not that he was afraid or anything...
"Well, that certainly wasn't terrifying. I hope you're right about him - "
He was cut off by Ian and the sight of the money in his hands. Nolan held his hands up defensively when Ian glared at him and clarified his instructions. Luckily, there was no time for his stupid mouth to start running before Ian left, leaving the money in Nolan's hand. "Yes, sir." He muttered sarcastically under his breath as he unstrapped himself and rose to his feet. "He's a good mood today... Well, you with?" It took Nolan a moment to realize he had asked the question wrong. He winced at his own awkwardness. "I mean, are you coming?"

Lucy sighed. She had gotten to her feet, finding that she no longer liked her seat at the bar. There was a man by the wall who had kept staring at her as she sat there, and she feared he would recognize who she was. Drawing her jacket tighter around her, she found a new seat at a table by the window and stared out at the dark and starry sky. She had always liked this moon; it looked practically silver and in the craters you could imagine all sorts of images. Lucy could see her planet from here, just faintly. That little sand colored sphere just in the distance. She needed to be getting home soon, and she knew it. Perhaps she could hitch a ride on a merchant ship heading that way. The next shuttle probably wouldn't take off until later tonight, so...
"Need anything, miss?" Lucy's head popped up at the voice. It was the man who had been watching her from across the tavern. She felt a prickle of danger run down her spine, but she simply smiled at him.
"I have everything I need, thank you." She answered with a confirming nod of her scarlet topped head.
The man narrowed his eyes at her, scanning her as if he saw something suspicious. Then, he reached forward. Lucy tensed, expecting a blow, ready to fetch the gun from her boot. But the man simply brushed away a piece of hair from her face. "I can see that." He said, and the smile he gave her seemed bitter as he stepped away.
The second he had turned away, Lucy reached for her bag. Just as she had thought.
The man had distracted her.
And then he had robbed her.
She took a deep breath, tightening the hat on her head as she assessed her situation. Confronting the man would probably result in the loss of her life, considering his large stature and the scars that marked his body that must have been from fights. The small bag had held some gold coins and a memo book, nothing of true importance as her netscreen was stowed away in her pocket. But it was a tad inconvenient, considering that was all the money she had brought with her. No chance of buying fare back to Arescet now...
But no matter. Lucy could be very creative and besides, maybe this was a sign that she shouldn't go home just yet. Or maybe she was always a little too willing to put herself in harms way.

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments Aida sighed when the captain practically shoved the money at Nolan and then left without so much as saying sorry for the rocky landing or even saying goodbye. She was usually an extremely optimistic person, but not when someone or something was irritating her the way that Ian was at the moment. She decided not to talk about it anymore though because she didn't want to dwell on it.
When Nolan asked if she was coming with him, she smiled a bit when he said it weirdly the first time and then corrected himself. "Yes, I'm coming," she said, knowing that she didn't want to stay in the ship all by herself and she always really wanted to get out and breath real air and see some real people.
Aida grabbed her sheer floral printed shawl that she had left in the space that had become their living room more of less. It had two beat up couched chained to the floor so that they didn't move around, and they spend a lot of time there, just sitting and talking. She draped the shawl around her shoulders since she was merely wearing a black tank top and figured that it would be chilly outside of the ship.
"You comin'?" she asked, smiling happily at him as she headed out the door in the air lock and appeared outside of the ship. Aida beamed, seeing all of the people in the ship yard that also almost had the feeling of a market. Possible passengers were milling about with their luggage, trying to find a ship to hit h a ride on, vendors were walking to and from spaces where they tried to sell things. It was all very busy and fast paced, and Aida enjoyed being in the middle of it all.

Ian walked through the thick crowd of people, looking down or away whenever he saw someone who looked like a law official or bounty hunter that might recognize him. That was the trouble with just walking around on the street like this. He could easily be recognized, and these people, most of who were in poverty wouldn't think twice to turn him in and take the reward.
Instead of going straight to the employment board where he planned to post his ad stating that he was looking to hire a professional pilot, Ian went first to the local tavern. As he opened the door he found that it was dimly lit and run down, just as he had expected. It was full of other low life's like himself, talking or drinking or smoking or gambling or a mixture of the above. Even though Ian was considered to be in the same social category as these people, he knew that he didn't look the part of an outlaw. He was cleanly shaven and his raven dark hair was clean and well groomed. His clothes were old and somewhat tattered, but the long brown trench coat that he wore with all of the buttons undone over the top hid that a bit since it was of high quality. this of course meant that he had stolen it. He had a bruise on his left cheek that still hadn't healed from a week or so ago that he'd gotten in a fight, but other than that, he didn't have any scars or injuries that were visible.
Ian walked in and took a seat at the bar, ordering something that wasn't too expensive and wasn't too strong because he wasn't intending on getting drunk or anything like that. He just needed something to clear his head for a while. Ian just hoped that Nolan and Aida could figure out how to purchase the fuel and the food rations with the money that he had given him. Since he want exactly a trusting person, he didn't entirely trust them yet, so be always wondered if he was giving them too much freedom too quickly.

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Aηgєℓєηα  | 2762 comments Nolan's skin darkened a bit in blush and he rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly as he followed her out through the ship's hatch and onto the landing docks. "Yeah, yeah. I'm coming." He looked around at all the other spaceships, feeling quite small in comparison. He tried to blend in with the ship behind him as much as possible, as Nolan had never been a fan of crowded, loud places. He felt awkward and out of place, felt as though he could be trampled by the hustle and bustle of this moon's runway. The whole place seemed like no more than a trading center, a resting place for weary travels. A place to stop by on your way to somewhere else rather than a destination.
Which meant all kinds of people trying to sell things. The money Ian had shoved at him was burning a whole through his pocket. He remembered the days when he had lived on his home planet, when his mother provided for him and they had more than enough money to get by. He remembered buying candies from the merchants by the Green Lake, feeling as though they were worth millions.
"Well, time to go get supplies." He tugged his cloth jacket on to keep out the chill, considering they were on a moon and all. He winced slightly, feeling the newer burns on his arm. Another reason to wear the jacket: so Aida wouldn't have to bandage him up again and make both of them uncomfortable.
He swallowed nervously, trying to look anywhere but the smile on her lips as he hunted down the right vendors. "Over there." He pointed out. It looked as though an older woman was selling fruits. The captain liked fruits, right? "I'm sure we can buy it by the box. Come on." He started forward, shoving his hands in his pockets as he awkwardly weaved his way through the crowd. "There should be someone selling fuel closer to the edge of the runway. That's usually where they are..." He knew this, of course, because he was a skilled mechanic and expert at his job... And because he had caught a glimpse of the tent when they landed. "So... How you liking the ship so far?" He muttered awkwardly, trying to make conversation with her. His voice, he realized, sounding unnaturally loud at the moment, as though he was trying to talk over a crowd that quieted the moment he opened his mouth.

Lucinda stood, brushing herself off even though the action wasn't needed. Her coat lay discarded on her chair's back, but she wasn't worried about it getting stolen. Drastic times call for drastic measures, as they say. Her eyes landed on a man at the bar who looked a little better off than most of the people here. He would do, then. Lucy made her plan as she walked through the crowded tavern, sliding under everyone's radar in her drab outfit, her attire made of a gray shit and dark pants. The only thing that stuck out about her was her bright red hair, which was braided messily for the time being.
No one saw as the young woman swiftly fired a shot towards the other end of the tavern, her gun returning to her boot in record time.
And outburst immediately rang out, a man who the shot had almost hit crying out at a green-skinned boy across the bar, thinking it had come from him. Lucy slid into the background as the man approached the greenie and began a stream of curses. It wasn't long before a real brawl broke out, one that spread throughout the bar.
First step, a distraction.
In the midst of it all, Lucy somehow made her way closer to the bar and threw herself right in harm's way. She was shoved, the hit hard enough to send her falling into the man in the nice coat at the bar. It took a second for her vision to find it's way back to normal and the ache in her bones to stop. "Sorry!" She blurted out, seeming every bit of a flustered young girl. "I'm so - so sorry. I was shoved and - This is utter madness!" She shrank a bit towards the counter as she took in the scene of the fight. Her gaze fell back on the man as she rubbed her bruised head. "Oh, I'm so sorry! I made you spill your drink." Her face was almost as red as her hair as she grabbed a stack of napkins from nearby and began dabbing uselessly at the liquid on his shirt. Meanwhile, her free hand slipped discreetly into his pocket.
The netscreen in her pocket buzzed. "Sorry, so sorry. But that must be my brother. He's waiting for me. Sorry!" And then she was starting off the other way, new cash now in her pocket.
She had assessed him to be a thief, and Lucinda didn't think there was anything wrong with stealing something that never belonged to him in the first place. She smirked in distaste at the thought of how he had gotten it in the first place.
Now, all she had to do was grab her coat and make it out of the chaotic building without him noticing anything was missing, then find a ship to buy passage on home.

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments Aida traveled through the crowd with Nolan, looking around quickly and smiling brightly at everything and everyone. Even though she was socially awkward as well, it was a different kind of socially awkward that Nolan. Aida loved people and was normally very outgoing and kind, but sometimes she simply did not know how to deal with people and came across as strange.
When Nolan stopped at the fruit stand and suggested that they buy some, she but her lip, feeling like it was against the rules. "But he said fuel food rations only," she said somewhat sadly, knowing that fruit was not included in that. Food rations were essentially proteins and other packaged powdered foods that were good for taking into space because they didn't get old. Something like fresh fruit wouldn't last very long in space without getting old and gross, plus, Aida figured that it would be very expensive since fresh fruit and vegetables were normally only for the extremely wealthy. The fact that there were some in the market probably meant that they had been snuggled in. As she looked closer though, she saw a small basket of strawberries on the table and felt her mouth begin to water. Strawberries were her absolute favorite. "Well...." she said after a moment, starting to rethink her earlier statement.
That's when she noticed Nolan wince a bit as he put on his jacket. Aida frowned and looked at him. "Nolan, what's wrong?" she asked softly, knowing that whatever it was, he wasn't telling her about it. Realizing that whatever was causing him pain had to involve his arms since he had winced when he'd slipped them into the jacket, Aida slowly reached out and took his arm. She then slowly and gently pushed the sleeve of his jacket up to reveal the burned skin on his arm that he had been hiding from her. Aida's eyes widened when she saw the reddened skin. "Why didn't you tell me about this?" she whispered, not understanding, "Nolan... these burns are second, almost third degree; they're serious." She knew that there had to be a reason that he hadn't told her about them, but she had no idea what it was. Didn't he want her to help stop the pain?

Ian was close to halfway done with his drink when suddenly he heard a shot ring out on the bar. He spun around in surprise, but then sighed as he saw the fight starting, knowing that he should probably get out of here before he was somehow sucked into it. Ian wasn't much for bar fights, except for when he was drunk, which didn't happen too often. He was about to get up to leave when suddenly a girl crashed into him and he spun around to look at her. When she started rapidly apologizing, he simply shook his head to indicate that he didn't really care that she had been pushed into him, so she needn't waste her breath with apologies. After about the fourth time she apologized though, Ian knew that something was up. He could feel her hand slide into her pocket and take out what little money he had in there, but he let her take it and watched as she started to leave.
Ian was cruel like that. He wanted her to have a false sense of security for just a few moments before he shattered it. Being rather clever, it didn't take him long to piece together that she was the one who had fired the shot and started the bar fight. She had been intending on robbing him since the moment she saw him. Unfortunately for her, Ian wasn't just some random guy.
When she was almost to the door, Ian got up and started walking after her. He grabbed her arm and spun her around, slamming her against the wall so that she was looking at him. "You're really going to have to do better than that next time. Your technique is clumsy," he said with a smirk and cold eyes, but then the smirk left his lips and was replaced with a firm hard liked frown that clearly showed that he wasn't playing games. "Now, hand it over before I grow impatient and take it by force. I've played this game before, many times," he said coldly, his brown eyes boring holes in her, or so it seemed.

Aηgєℓєηα  | 2762 comments Nolan blinked at Aida's words, seeming to come back to the present. He saw the fruit stand for what it truly was rather than what it would have been in Reklar. Thanks to the advancements in agriculture technology, Reklar had an abundance of grown food. Apples and strawberries were so commonplace you never realized how much of a luxury they could be. Nolan sighed, staring at the produce stand for a second longer. The fruit was contained within strange clear cases, but if you looked closely enough, you could see over-ripe spots and bruises and all sorts of other blemishes. Nolan forced himself to turn away from the illusions. "Right, sorry. I just - "
He had tugged on his jacket again, causing pain to shoot across his arm. He tensed, breaking off when Aida demanded to know what was wrong. In his mind, he told her that there was nothing wrong, that he was perfectly fine and he always had been.
In reality, he didn't move as she pushed his sleeve up, the only sign that he was alive being the way his complexion darkened at his cheeks. "I - I..." He stumbled over the word, embarrassed by her scolding and the fact that she had seen it to begin with. He finally managed to gather his wits about him and pulled his arm from her grasp, wincing slightly as he pulled his sleeve back down. "It's nothing, Doc." He muttered. "I barely feel it. Reklarians have tougher skin." That wasn't exactly true, but he hoped she didn't know that. He shook his head, silently willing her to forget she had ever seen it. "Let's just get the supplies and get back to the ship before the Capn' gets in an even more sour mood." He started walking without waiting for her reply, this time heading towards a seller with boxes of plain looking plastic bags, ones that were labeled to taste like different foods but all actually tasted like nothing.
Honestly, he didn't know what to tell Aida or how to explain the reason he liked to feel the burns.

There wasn't enough time for a reaction that was more than a gasp as Lucy was turned around and shoved harshly into a wall. Her head banged against the wood paneling, sparking stars across her vision for a brief moment. She heard his voice before she could make out his shape, cold and unforgiving. She blinked, focusing on the form of the man who she had tried to rob. "Let me go." She managed through gritted teeth, struggling briefly against his grip. Stay calm. She thought to herself. Assess the situation and form a new plan. Of course, she could just give him the money back... But that would result in a harsh blow to her pride.
Her eyes fell on the white coat that she had retrieved from her table, the one that now lay in a heap on the floor to the side of them. "My coat's going to get dirty thanks to you." She said with a bit of annoyance coloring her tone. Lucy had calmed herself. In fact, she seemed completely calm for someone who was being shoved against a wall. "And I don' know what you mean by clumsy." She struggled once more, as if trying to catch him off guard and wrangle free. When it didn't work, she continued. "My plan was perfect and my execution was near flawless. My only mistake was... Well, you didn't look like much of a threat." She smirked up at him, eyes dancing, though she wasn't really focused on him. Her mind was racing, looking for any way out of this situation. "Excuse me for my failure, but I'm not some petty thief. I was a pilot aboard the Artemis, but I made the mistake of siding with my captain during a mutiny. They left me stranded here." She took a deep breath, thinking up the story as she went. It sounded, however, entirely convincing. "I just... I just want to get out of this blasted place." Sympathy, perhaps? That was the angle she was trying for, but she wondered if she would have much luck as she gazed up into his hardened eyes. So, her expression a mix of defeat and sadness, she added. "It's in the coat pocket. Right side."
Of course it wasn't. But the second he went for the coat, she would make her escape.

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments Aida frowned even more when he insisted that his burns were completely fine even though they were clearly causing him pain. Didn't he understand that she just wanted to help him?
It was simply Aida's nature to be caring and resourceful and that was part of the reason that she was such a good medic. Sure, she was gifted in her intelligence and knowledge, but it was truly her personality and character that made her great.
She glanced once more at the strawberries at the fruit stand and sighed sadly as she silently followed behind Nolan and collected what the Captain had ordered them to. She was completely silent the entire time and the almost ever present smile had left her face, which was extremely unlike her. Aida seemed to always be talking, even if it only were to herself. Whether he knew it or not, Nolan had hurt her.
By the time that they finally got back to the ship after picking up everything that they needed, she finally deciding to confront him about it. She set the box of packaged foods that she had been carrying down in the cargo bay and looked over at him, brushing back some hair that had fallen into her face.
"I know that you're lying to me," she said, "You must think that I'm an idiot if you think that I'd believe that Reklarians have thicker skin than humans do. I have a phd in alien biology. I bet you didn't know that...." Her time wasn't angry or accusing, just simply flat out hurt. Aida want one to hide her feelings, mostly because she simply couldn't. She was the kind of person who had to express something if she was feeling it and there was no way for her to hold it in for long.
"It's clear that you don't want to come to me for treatment, and I'm thinking that it's not because you don't want the treatment, I think it's because of me. You have a problem with me," she said picking up the box of food again to take it to the kitchen, "That's okay though. I'll just stay out of your way...."
Aida carried the box off down the hallway, not knowing why she cared so much about his approval of her. She figured that it was because she had wanted a friend and he fit the bill when the captain hadn't. Aida had enjoyed the company of the dorky mechanic, but clearly the feeling wasn't mutual, and that hurt her deep inside. Had he been simply putting up with her all this time when he would have much rather told her to go away? Aida wondered what she had ever done wrong.

Ian held her against the wall, not caring if he hurt her just a little. He figured that the little minx deserved it. Maybe next time she'd think twice before trying to rob a professional thief.
When she made the comment about her coat getting dirty, it only made Ian more angry.
"I don't care about your damn coat. If you don't give me that money back, my crew isn't going to be able to eat next week, and they are good people. Not the scum of the earth like you and I," he said coldly, still glaring at her with hard eyes and a set jaw. When she said that he didn't look like a threat, Ian nearly laughed at how stupid that sounded. "And you don't look like a thief, or someone who should be anywhere near here for that matter, yet here you are. I guess that we've both underestimated each other today," he pointed out. As the woman went on about being a pilot, the thought of hiring her didn't even cross Ian's mind. This girl was a com artist, and he wanted nothing to do with her. He had lost his patients with her and when she started to play the sympathy card, that was it. Knowing that the money wasn't in her coat, Ian picked it up but did not let go of her or search the coat for it.
"You had your chance to cooperate, but now you're out of chances," he snarled and grabbed on to the girls wrist, dragging her out of the tavern because the fight she had started was getting intense and he didn't want to be apart of it. Ian was in a bad mood now all thanks to her, and when that happened, he became a rather unpleasant person to be around. This was all thanks to his parents and his older brothers, but he preferred to shove memories of them deep into the back of his mind every time they tried to surface.
"You're going to take a little trip with me now," he said, dragging her through the crowd and to his ship. He had every intention of keeping this girl prisoner until she decided to hand over the money because he had no intension of hurting her in order to get it. Ian was always reluctant to ever hurt anyone, but he would do it if it was absolutely necessary. Not with this girl, no. She reminded him of himself when he was first starting out in the world, and even though he would never admit it, he had a small degree of pity for her.

Aηgєℓєηα  | 2762 comments Nolan felt like he was in a coffin, and each moment of silence was another shovel-full of dirt tossed on top of his corpse. Strange, considering Reklarians didn't even bury their dead.
He couldn't bring himself to look at Aida as they gathered the supplies and spent almost all of the money they were given for food rations and fuel for the ship. Guilt ate at him as he considered the possibility that his aloofness might have hurt her feelings... If only he were a big enough man to actually apologize and explain things to her. But he barely knew her. Why should he care if she was upset or not?
But he did care. Nolan had always been a bit of a softy, and he couldn't handle the sight of a female upset.
Nolan was packing away the boxes, a task that took an embarrassing amount of effort on his part, when Aida finally made the first move and started to talk to him. Unfortunately, he wasn't particularly fond of the words she used. His skin darkened in blush and Nolan found himself taking an involuntary step back when he was called a liar. He had never been good with confrontation... or people in general. He certainly had no idea how to fix this problem.
It was clear she was upset with him, but he had no idea what he was supposed to do about. "I - I - No, I didn't - " But she didn't give him much time to get any words in. But what she said was true. They didn't really know each other; Nolan hadn't taken the time to get to know her.
"But that's not because - "
He was cut off once more. Nolan hadn't meant to offend her, and his unwillingness to be healed and to get to know her wasn't because he had anything against her. He just wasn't good with people and...
Nolan actually liked her. He liked her a lot.
Unfortunately, he was always far more awkward around the people he liked. "Wait, Aida - !" He called out, hurrying down the hall. He stopped short, watching her fade off down the hall. Frustrated, he laid his head against the wall in defeat, feeling like an utter fool.

Good people? She had a hard time believing that. Lucy was a detective, her whole life centered around putting bad people away so that they could never hurt again. But it was a distant sort of work. She never got to know those people, never learned of their hardships or let herself considered whether they might be good in their own way. She preferred to think that her emperor was in the right, that everything on her planet was the way it should be.
And besides, to her it was never so much about good and bad, right and wrong. It was a game of sorts, one challenge after another to prove how clever she was, to live up to her father's name and win the approval and affection she had never gotten before.
When he grabbed her arm, Lucinda blanched, trying desperately to pull herself out of his grasp. "Get of of me!" She shrieked, unsure of what he meant to do with her. She tried to calm herself, tried to clear her mind enough to figure things out. Panicking would do her no good.
"Imprisonment?" Lucy stumbled over her own feet as he dragged her through the crowd in the tavern, ducking her head as a glass bottle flew through the air and nearly decapitated her. Soon, they were out of the bar and working their way through the new chaos of the marketplace and docks. "You're not going to hurt me or force anything from me. Quite the contrary, actually. You're giving me exactly what I want by taking me aboard your ship and away from this place..." She studied him, trying to figure him out. It would be so much easier to beat the money out of her. Why bother with all of this? She smiled slightly, though there was nothing cunning or vicious in the expression. Lucy never looked like anything but young and naive and excited and bright, as if she had never been exposed to the horrors of the world, even though she should have been in her line of work. But, the job was so, so distant...
"So, what is it? Can't bring yourself to strike a woman? Is the whole tough-guy act nothing but a show? Have a heart after all?" She taunted slightly, raising an eyebrow. Her confidence wavered as she tripped slightly over a crate.

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments ((Switching up the order here just for this post because it's more convenient))

Ian continued to drag her through the crowd even though it seemed like she was coming willingly now. He knew that he was giving her exactly what she had asked for, but he had his reasons. If he hurt her, she would never cooperate, and even if he beat her to a pulp like he knew that he could if his heart was into it and took the money by force, that...that would never fell right to him, even though he would never admit that to her.
Ian would have just remained silent if she had stopped there, but when she began to insult him and the fact that he wasn't going to hurt her, that pushed him over the top. He raised his hand to slap her out of pure anger, but them hesitated, as if he didn't really want to do it. That's when he heard the voice in the back of his mind that always came around in situations like this. The voice of his father. Are you just going to take that?! Hit her! Hit her hard!
So Ian closer his eyes and did as he was instructed by the voice in his head. He slapped her across the face, not very hard, but hard enough to leave a bruise.
"There. Is that what you wanted?" he snapped, leading her into the ship and to an empty storage room where he locked her in, still unable to believe what he had just done. "Aida!" he called angrily, his voice echoing through the ship. He would have the sweet and gentle woman take care of his new prisoner because he knew that she could do a much better job of it than he could. Ian knew that he needed to go and cool down before he tried to do anything else because he knew that he would only do something that he would regret.
He would clear his mind and then try to talk to the thriving girl again later.

Aida heard Nolan calling after her and she stopped for a moment, almost turning around, but she remembered that she couldn't because she had just said that she was going to stay out of his way. She had to hold true to that or else her word would mean nothing to him ever again. Besides, she was too hurt to want to talk to him now anyway. She just wanted to be by herself, so she went to the infirmary and started busying herself with sorting things again, even though she had already sorted everything several times. It was something to keep her mind off of how lonely she was.
When she heard the Captain calling for her, she heard the angry time in his voice and knew to expect the worst. She didn't really want to know what had angered him so much, but she wasn't sure that she wanted to find out either. Still, she loyally hurried down to the cargo bag where it sounded like his voice was coming from. When she got there, she saw Ian looking enraged, but there was also something else in his eyes. Regret? Sadness? Apologeticness? She couldn't make sense of it. All that she knew was that the man confused he very much.
"Take care of that," Ian snapped, pointing to the closet and then he pushed past her and left.
Aida bit her lip, having no idea what she would find behind the door, and she only hoped that she had gotten more information. Still, she slowly crept towards it and opened it a crack, peaking inside.

Aηgєℓєηα  | 2762 comments Lucy didn't think he was going to do it. He had paused and her arrogance had made her sure that he was bluffing, that he was just trying to scare her. But then he swung away.
Maybe the hit wouldn't have felt so hard or painful to someone else, but Lucy had never been hit before. Sure, during training sessions she had been roughed up, but never for real. Her free hand went to her cheek, her eyes widened in shock. Pain spread through her face and she tried to blink it away. She was still in shock as she was thrown into a tiny room, her coat tossed carelessly beside her. Lucy scrambled to a sitting position by the wall, pulling her knees up to her chest and staring at the floor. Her hand was still pressed to her reddened cheek.
What had she gotten herself into?
Okay, just calm down... She needed to keep a clear head, needed to think herself out of this. Lucy didn't intend to stay down here like a prisoner or be treated so harshly by the captain of this ship, and the money didn't matter to her. She would easily give it back if she didn't think it was securing her safety here. But she was getting what she wanted, a way off the moon... Now, if only she could steer this ship straight towards home.
The detective in her screamed at her. How could she simply go home? She was on the ship of a confirmed thief! If she could just find the right evidence...
She heard the door creak open slightly and her head snapped up, fear gripping a hold of her. Was it that man again? What did he intend to do with her?

((Do you want to put Ian and Nolan on hold for now while Aida and Lucy talk?))

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments ((Sure :) Should we plan what's happening of should we just go with it?))

Aida was surprised to see that there was the woman in the closet. Ian had told her to "take care of it" but she had no idea why there was a strange woman in there in the first place. Had he brought her here to the ship? And if so, why had he thrown her in a closet and what did he expect Aida to do about it. "H-hello," she responded uncertainty and softly, slowly stepping into the storage room and closing the door behind her. She was very unsure of what to say or do.
"I'm sorry, but who exactly are you?" she asked, her voice sounding very confused, "The captain didn't exactly inform me about what's going on here...." She knew that that was nothing new, but still. Ian had seemed rather angry when he'd called her and then stormed off, but of course, that was nothing new either. It seemed as though Ian was angry half of the time that Aida spent around him, and she often wondered what caused him to be that way. It was clearly more than a temper, there was truly something not quiet right with him, but she'd never had the courage to ask him about it. Aida was about to ask more of the woman, but then she noticed the bruise on her face and she frowned.
"Who did that to you?" she asked softly, knowing that it could only be a slap that could leave that kind of bruise. "It's okay. I'm a medic, I can help you," she said, not wanting the other woman to distrust her.

Aηgєℓєηα  | 2762 comments ((Eh, let's just go with it. :) ))

When a woman stepped into the small closet, Lucinda found herself shrinking back into the wall, the edge of a plastic crate pressing into her side. She watched the woman cautiously, wondering who she was and if that man had sent her here. If so, why? Lucy's eyes scanned the woman quickly, trying to pick up what clues about her she could. The young lady looked to be roughly the same age as her, which she found very strange.
"Lucinda Rowe." She said, sounding far more confident then she felt. Lucy forced her chin up as she met the woman's gaze. This woman seemed to be of a kinder disposition than her captain, which was a great relief and comfort to Lucy. "I - I'm a pilot from the merchant ship Artemis." She said, remembering the lie she had told the man. She would have to stay consistent.
She knew it was best to keep her own temper in check, too, but she couldn't help but roll her eyes at the mention of the man who had hit her, feeling a mixture of fear and rage run course through her veins. Her cheek throbbed and she was about to make a biting remark when the other woman noticed the mark there. Lucy's expression softened in surprise. "Oh, I - it's nothing. I'm quite all right." She turned her face away slightly, slightly embarrassed that she had let the situation get so far out of hand. "But thank you." Her gratitude was genuine. "For your concern. But it was your captain that did it..." Her voice faded off into bitterness before she added defensively, "I'm not a thief, by the way, despite what he might tell you. And I'd gladly give him the money back if I didn't think that my possessing it is the only thing keeping me alive." She winced slightly at the sharpness in her tone. Sometimes Lucy got so lost in her thoughts that she would be forgetful of those around her. She didn't mean to be rude to the woman, though, not at all. Lucy thought that this woman actually seemed nice... But she shook those thoughts away. She couldn't get carried away. These people were nothing but thieves.
And Lucy was ready to let the games begin.

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments Aida nodded when the woman introduced herself and said that she was a pilot of a ship. She thought that that was maybe why the Captain had brought her here, maybe he had hired her. But that didn't explain why she was in a storage closet. When Lucinda explained further though, Aida frowned, beginning to understand. Ian hadn't brought this woman here because she was a pilot, that was just a coincidence. He'd brought her here because she had been foolish enough to steal from him. Aida knew that if this Lucinda had known Ian beforehand, she never would have tried something so stupid. There was no way that she ever would have gotten away with it. It was rather hard to when she was trying to rob a man who did the same thing for a living. "I'm truly sorry that the captain hurt you, he needs to control himself better. If you come with me to the infirmary, I'll get you some ice and some pain killers," she said softly and kindly, offered her hand down to the woman so that she could take it and Aida could pull her up off of the ground. "But, you are wrong about one thing. Ian won't kill you. He might look like it, but the man doesn't have it in him," she explained, knowing that about Ian after assuring him on a burglary or two. Whenever he needed to attack someone, he either simply knocked them out of shot them somewhere that wouldn't kill them quickly. She had never once sen him kill someone, even in times when he probably should have. "If you give me what you stole, I'll deliver it to him and you can leave before we take off again," she explained, knowing that Ian most likely would not agree with that pan, but Aida knew that she could deal with him later.

Aηgєℓєηα  | 2762 comments Lucy hesitated a moment, scrutinizing the woman before her with her hand outstretched. She didn't deal with criminals on a personal level usually, but rather reviewed cases in her office or looked for clues at crime scenes. There were all sorts of dangers to that work, of course, but not like this. This was very personal and Lucy knew she needed to be careful here. She didn't know these people, didn't know what they were capable of.
But this woman seemed harmless, right?
So, Lucy took her hand, hauling herself to her feet and grabbing her white coat from the ground to drape over one arm. "A pain killer sounds lovely." She sighed. But there was a certain light to Lucy's eyes, a certain confidence that should not have been there considering her situation and the fact that she had just been hit. But Lucy was the type of person who would smile at the Devil himself.
Maybe this would be an adventure, she thought. A true taste of freedom...
And maybe this could be the case that wins her a position at the emperor's side.
"Wrong?" Lucy seemed slightly startled by the statement. "Unlikely. And while I do find your loyalty to your captain very admirable, I must disagree with you." He had it in himself to hit her, so what else was he capable of? Lucy didn't want to know what happened when his temper really got out of control... But as she spoke to Aida, her tone was not at all unkind. She was simply stating things she believed to be fact. And in truth, she liked Aida so far. But still... "I'm sorry, but..." Lucy hesitated, her eyes narrowing in thought as she worked out different scenarios in her head. "I can't do that. I assure you, I have no interest in stealing from you or seeing your crew go without food. But I also don't intend to stay on this moon. The second I give the money back, I get thrown out at the nearest landing place. Might as well wait until we get somewhere I wouldn't mind being." She shrugged, knowing that it was the logical solution to her problem. And it bought her time some time to find evidence to convict them.
"And I'm sorry, but you didn't tell me you're name..."

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments Aida smiled a little when Lucinda took her hand and agreed to let her help her with the bruise on her face. It was the least that Aida thought that she could do after Ian had hit her for stealing money. Even though Lucinda was stupid to steal the money, Ian never should have done that to her. Somewhere in the back of her mind, Aida believed that Ian would never hurt anyone on purpose. Even though he wasn't entirely a pleasant person, he wasn't normally violent. Something must have provoked him to do it, but Aida had no idea what. "Well, sometimes I feel like he doesn't deserve my loyalty," she muttered, more to herself than the other woman. She was clearly angry with Ian for his actions, but she knew that it was not her place to say so. "I don't like him much, but he keeps me safe and paid and fed, so I guess I owe him with my loyalty, right?" she explained as she led Lucinda to the infirmary. She gestured for her to sit on the operating table that Aida had yet to actually use for an operation and hoped to never have to. She opened up the cabinet where she had stored all of the medicines and anesthetics and got out a small bottle with pain killers in it. She took two out and got Lucy some water as well. "This should help," she said kindly, handing it all to her, "And, my name is Aida by the way, Aida Hawthorne." She felt silly for never properly introducing herself, but it had simply never come up in their conversation. She listened as Lucinda explained her plan to stay on the ship until the captain took her some place that she wanted to be, and Aida sighed, knowing that her plan wasn't exactly fool proof. "Well, if that's really what you have your heart set on, then you're going to be here for a long time," she explained, sitting on the counter top across from Lucy, "We never go much of anywhere that a person would actually want to be. Just places people go when they have no other place to go. Outer planets, boarder moons like this one... We never go anywhere nice or civilized." She knew that that was because the people who purchased Ian's services weren't exactly the best people or most decent, and those sorts of people only inhabited the worst and poorest places.

Aηgєℓєηα  | 2762 comments Lucy's eyebrows shot up as Aida went on about her loyalties towards the captain. She wondered if this woman was really a crook. But she worked for a thief, so how could she be any better? Lucinda just let herself be happy with the fact that Aida wasn't completely sold on the captain. She followed the other woman into the infirmary, a little pleased with the fact that Aida had so easily taken her away from the closet. Even if she was a prisoner, she didn't want to be locked up like one. No, she needed to look around, needed to find some evidence of what they were up to here. "Thank you." She muttered as she took the two pills and the cup of water from Aida, swallowing them one at a time before setting the cup down on a table. She had situated herself on the operating table, her legs swinging down off the side like a kid. "It's nice to meet you, Aida Hawthorne. But don't worry about me. I don't mind staying here for some time if it's necessary. It isn't like I have anywhere else to be after what happened on my ship." She shrugged, thinking up new details in her head that she would have to swear by from now on. After a few moments of silence, during which she sat her coat down beside her, Lucy asked, "That man - the captain, who is he?" She hoped his name sounded dreadful to the ear. "Are you... are you the only two people aboard this ship?" She hadn't seen anyone else on the way here.

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments Aida sighed, knowing that pretty soon, Lucinda would wish she was someplace else, even of she claimed to be alright with being held prisoner here by Ian. Aida knew better than to ask questions about Lucy's old ship when she brought it up. She didn't know that the whole story was a lie of course, and she didn't want to being back bad memories for Lucinda, since there seemed to be some attached to this other ship. Instead, she simply said, "If you're really a pilot, you might be able to make an agreement of sorts with the captain. He was looking to hire a pilot anyway since the man can't keep this ship in the air to save his life." Aida hoped that Lucinda being a pilot really would soften things between her and the captain, and maybe she could work for him to pay off the money that she had stolen. After that, she could simply leave to whatever she wished to go and they could hire a proper full time pilot. When Lucy asked about the captain, Aida sighed. "Ian Reynolds is his name, but he gets irritated of you call him anything but Captain," she said, seeming bored with the topic, "He works freelance, offering his services to whoever might need them and can pay for them." She had simply used the word "services" because she knew that Ian would have her neck if she went around blurring out that he was a professional thief. Lunging a would find out soon enough, just as Aida and Nolan had. When Lucy asked if anyone else was on the ship, she said "A mechanic named Nolan, but he's just a dork," she said, smiling a bit involuntarily at the thought of him but her smile faded when she remembered how he had hurt her and how he clearly didn't want anything to do with her. "You shouldn't worry about him..." she muttered, her mind clearly elsewhere now.

Aηgєℓєηα  | 2762 comments A pilot. They were looking for a pilot. Lucy fought the urge to grin at her own brilliance. Who would have known her lie would work so well in her favor? Granted, she wasn't a real pilot... Actually, she had never flown anything aside from her hover back home. Certainly never a real spaceship. But how hard could it be, right? Surely she could bluff her way through it just fine... "Ian Reynolds..." Lucinda echoed, mentally going through a list of known criminals in her head. The name didn't spark any memory of hers, but she only really knew about the criminals on her own planet. Not intergalactic outlaws. "I'm not calling him captain." She said immediately, her tone colored by incredulity. Lucy smiled slightly, shaking her head and thinking about what a lovely challenge this all would be. She was thinking over what Aida could possibly mean by services whenever a change in the other woman's tone drew her back to the present. Lucy's eyes dance as she fixed her gaze upon Aida. "A mechanic, hm?" It seemed that Aida had some mixed feelings about this Nolan. Lucy gave Aida a knowing smile, but didn't make any teasing comments, though it killed her not to. She closed her eyes as the painkillers began to take affect and the sting was taken out of her face. "Where is this ship's next stop? Are you in the middle of a job now?"

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments Aida knew that Lucy had picked up on her mixed feelings when she spoke of Nolan, but Aide decided to just push him from her mind. She couldn't be thinking about him right now because it was too dangerous and she knew that it would only hurt her more. Still, he was very pleasant to think about most of the time. When Lucinda asked more about their operations, Aida sighed as she was pulled back to the present. "The Capt'n usually picks up clients in taverns or in the market place, but it seems that he's picked you up instead," she said, knowing that that meant that he probably hadn't had time to find someone in need of his services, "So no, we don't have a job, and that's only going to make him more agitated than he already is..." She sighed, knowing that sitting through dinner tonight would not be pleasant with Ian angry again. Still, it had become their little tradition. When Ian was in a good mood, he would help Aida and Nolan make dinner and then they would all eat together. If not, Aida and Nolan would simply make it on their own and still eat together without him. "He won't want to stick around here for much longer though, so I don't think that we'll have a job for a while more..." she said, knowing that the reason that Ian didn't want to stay too long was because moons were crawling with bounty hunters and feds and he liked to be on the safe side. Right on cue, the ship began to rumble to life and Aida knew that Ian was trying to leave right now. She turned to Lucinda again, a pleading look on her face. "Please, please go talk to him before he takes off. You're a pilot, and he nearly crashes into a building or something on every takeoff." She knew that his takeoff a were much worse than his landings, even though they were both scary and terribly preformed. Aida had no idea why Ian thought that he could fly a spaceship when he clearly could not.

Aηgєℓєηα  | 2762 comments Lucinda nodded as Aida spoke, thinking things over. They didn't have a job right now. That, of course, was a little inconvenient. It meant she would have to stay here a little longer than she had originally planned if she wanted to get some solid evidence of crimes being committed aboard this ship and by this crew. "Oh, I hope he's agitated." She smirked slightly, her eyes dancing with their usual mirth. "If not, then my rude remarks and the slap I got for them were all for nothing." She hoped he was beyond frustrated. The least she could do here was make sure he was as unhappy as possible. That blasted man... Lucy shook her anger away, calming her temper before she spoke again. But she was cut off by the rumble of the ship. She lost her balance for a moment, almost sliding off the operating table. "Oh, I - " Lucinda blinked, thinking through things. After several moments of consideration, she hoped to her feet, brushing off her drab clothes before she grabbed her white coat. With one swoop, the jacket was placed around her in all it's double-breasted button, Napoleon-style glory. Lucinda treated that coat like a living thing, really. She was quite certain she would one day ask a killer to wait a moment while she took it off, making sure her death wouldn't cause any blood stains upon the light fabric. She buttoned it up as she spoke, "I suppose I don't mind piloting this thing for you lot. Which way to the control room?" She asked. Lucinda looked far more confident than she felt, smiling and putting her hands on her hips like she ran the place. This couldn't be too hard.... right?

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments Aida frowned when Lucinda said that she hoped that Ian was angry. It was clear to see that him being angry brought Lucinda pleasure, and Aida did not enjoy that. If Lucinda was only here to cause more trouble for them than what already existed, then she would be a little less welcomed by Aida. "It's this way," she said and began leading Lucy towards the cockpit of the ship. Hopefully they could convince the captain to hand over control to Lucy. Aida knew that it was unlikely but still worth a try. Once they got there, Aida opened the sliding metal door to reveal Ian sitting in the command chair, waiting for the ship to be ready for take off. "Captain!" she shouted happily over the noise, "Lucinda is a pilot! Did you know that?!"
Ian turned around when he heard Aida's voice. His first reaction was who the hell is Lucinda but then he saw the girl that he had taken prisoner standing behind Aida and it clicked. He glared at the woman and shook his head. "That's not happening! She has no right to fly my ship! Now go get strapped in!" he shouted over the roar of the engine. He spoke as if Lucinda wasn't even there at all.
Aida sighed heavily at his stubbornness. "Yes Sir," she muttered, stepping out of the room and closing the door behind her. She looked back at Lucinda and sighed again. "He won't listen to me. He never does," she said, knowing that this would be the case from the start, "Go in there and try to convince him, bit be nice." She said the last two words forcefully, wanting to be sure that she got the point across. If Lucinda went in there and yelled at Ian, it would only make things much worse.

Aηgєℓєηα  | 2762 comments Lucinda let herself be lead away into the control room, her mouth tasting of something bitter. Aiding criminals didn't make her a criminal, did it? It wasn't like she was killing anyone or stealing from innocents. She was just making sure no one died aboard this ship and even criminals had the right to live.
She raised an incredulous eyebrow at the captain as he refused to let her help, rather rudely in fact, and yelled at Aida Hawthorne. She had already decided that she hated Ian, but she plastered a smile her usual confident smile on her lips. "I'm always nice." She countered, watching as Aida left the room to go strap herself in. Lucy didn't leave, but rather watched as the fearless captain tried to perform a successful take off. "You're ambition is cute and all, but you're going to get us all killed." She smirked, just as sarcastic as always. "Move." She instructed, as though she were the one in charge here. Lucy was very good at pretending she knew what she was doing... even though she had never actually flown a ship. She quickly went over everything she knew about ships, everything she had ever read or watched. She could do this. She could do this...
Lucy reached forward quickly toward the control panel, shifting the ship as they ascended just before they would have brushed against the top of the tavern. Her brow was knit with concentration as she wrestled for control of the ship. She may not be the most orthodox law enforcer, but Lucinda would gladly die to protect innocents. When someone's life was in danger, she would always do whatever was necessary.
Even if the lives in danger belonged in a cell.
"I said move, Ian." She said through gritted teeth, not caring that he didn't like to be addressed by his first name. "I'm not them get hurt because of your stupidity!" His crew, she meant. Because she couldn't care less about whether or not he got hurt right now.

Nolan had been sulking in the engine room when the ship lurched very suddenly to the right, sending him straight into a worktable full of tools. It fell over, scattering wrenches and screw drivers all over the floor. He blinked, aching all over as he hauled himself to the feet. What the hell...? His stomach churned as the ship rocked and roared and he realized what was happening.
Time for one of the captain's famous take-offs.
He groaned, stumbling his way up top so he could strap himself in before he got himself injured again. Once he made it to their seats up top and saw Aida, he wondered if he should have just taken his chances in the engine room. "Aida." He sounded surprised for a moment, and then he could only stare at her, not knowing what he was supposed to say. "I - Listen, I didn't mean to upset you or anything. I just... Trust me, it's not you. It has nothing to do with you. I - I, um - " A lurch from the ship made him lose balance and almost fall over. He felt like he was about to hurl, so he silently sat in his seat and strapped himself in, not sure what to do about Aida.
God, he was pathetic, wasn't he?
"I... I'm - " He tried again, but the ship started to rumble once more, stealing the breath from him. "What the hell is going on in there?!"

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments Ian sighed and rolled his eyes a bit when Aida left. He truly did hate yelling at the sweet woman; but sometimes it was the only way for him to get his point across to her. He was aware that she was somewhat afraid of him, and that did make him feel terrible deep down, but of course he never let any of those feelings show. That was weakness after all, or at least that's what he had always been taught.
When the girl he had taken prisoner suddenly came in again, he paid no attention to her. He would have preferred that Aida never let he out of that closet in the first place, but now it was too late to fix that. When Lucinda tried to take control of the ship by force, Ian couldn't even believe that she would do such a thing. "What the hell do you think that you're doing!?" he yelled over the roaring engines. He tried to shove her away, but she was persistent. He kept fighting with her for the controls, making the ship lurch this way and that way because truly neither one of them was flying consistently, they kept switching off by force. The ship scrapped the top of a building and then nearly flew into a large polluted lake. There was no way that Ian was going to handover command of his ship to someone he had taken as a hostage. But then, when she said that she wasn't going to let his crew her hurt because of him, Ian suddenly let go of the controls because he knew that she was right. He never wanted any harm to come to Nolan and Aida, especially because of him. They were truly good people, and he would be forever grateful for their services to him, even though he could never seem to show them. He sat back in his chair and sighed heavily, not liking how this had turned out, but knowing that if it was truly for the good of his crew, he would let Lucinda fly.

Aida saw Nolan emerge from the engine room as she was going to go get strapped in. She was going to pretend not to have even seen him because she had promised to stay out of his way, but as she was going to walk away, the movement ship knocked her off balance and she fell onto the hard metal floor. She got up again, struggling to stay standing with the rapid and random movements of the ship that made her feel like she was going to throw up. As she went to go her strapped in, she could hear Nolan stumbling over himself as he tried to apologize several times. Aida couldn't tell if his attempted apology was out of guilt for hurting her or because he truly was sorry. Soon she managed to get strapped in and she held on tightly. Somehow, she had caught another glimpse of the deep burns on Nolan's arms, and an had to look away because she knew that she could help him but he simply wouldn't let her. "If you're trying to apologize to me, just let me heal you! If it has nothing to do with me, then why is it such a big deal?!" she shouted over the roar of the engines that sounded as if they would give out at any second.

Aηgєℓєηα  | 2762 comments "Shit! Lucinda almost fell over when he stopped fighting her, as she had been putting all her body weight into trying to push him away from the controls. She quickly righted herself, falling into the seat beside his as she quickly maneuvered the ship around a cluster of satellite dishes, the ship jerking slightly in protestation. Remain calm. Remain calm. Lucy had never actually piloted anything like this before...but she read a lot of books. And sometimes main characters were pirates or military pilots or whatever else.
And so far, she was doing a far better job than Ian had been. In one swift motion, she swept off her coat, tossing it in Ian's direction as though he were a coat rack. In the next instant, a headphone set was over her head and she spoke into microphone piece lightly, even as her brow knit in concentration and sweat formed on her brow. "We are now leaving Izilla and sector 23, passengers. And you might want to strap in." She smiled slightly to herself, somehow looking completely natural as she worked at the controls and steered the spaceship up and up and out of the moon's atmosphere. The ship rocked, but it held steady thanks to some clever maneuvering on her part.
And once they were in the wide void of space, Lucy finally exhaled. An amused relief came to her eyes. "Thank you for flying with us today. You are now free to move about the cabin. And remember," Her voice blasted over the intercom once more, making her sound like someone you might here on the radio. "you have many choices in illegal and unregistered space craft, but ours is the only one captained by such an - " The mic cut out on her then, making her smirk in annoyance. But she took off the headset, pressing a button to set the ship on autopilot. Lucy then ran a hand over the sleek side of the panel appreciatively. "She's not an Artemis, but she sure drives well... Your ship got a name, Reynolds?" She raised an eyebrow, seeming perfectly calm and relaxed, as if she weren't a prisoner.

Nolan awkwardly moved to help Aida up when she fell, but she was already climbing to her feet. He retracted his helping hand, his cheeks darkening in embarrassment. As he strapped himself in, his thoughts stumbled over themselves as he tried to formulate a real apology. The ship lurched again, making his one of the safety belts dig into his stomach quite painfully. Wouldn't it be just fantastic if he puked right now? This situation was already awkward and embarrassing enough... "No, no, I..." Nolan sighed, trying to figure out a way to explain himself. "I promise it doesn't have anything to do with - " the ship rocked again. It was calmer now, though, as if it had stopped battling itself. Now it was just the natural turbulence. Not that that was much more pleasant, but it didn't feel like they were actually about to crash... "Aida, it isn't that simple, all right?" He had raised his voice now, his awkwardness forgotten in his outburst. But Aida kept going, kept asking him to let her heal him. Another voice kept sounding in his head and he couldn't take it anymore, couldn't take the emotions, the feeling of burning. The ship lurched once more, just as it was leaving the moon's atmosphere and Nolan blurted out, "Because I deserve it!"
And the burning stopped, the voices stopped.
Silence was left as the ship's turbulence calmed and they sailed smoothly through space once again.
The words hanging in the void.

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments Ian let her take control of the ship once she regained her balance, but everything she did angered him. She was in his chair, wearing his headset, flying his ship and addressing his crew. It only made everything worse for her when she threw her coat at him. Ian had grown to hate thy damn coat and he didn't understand her fascination with it. He grabbed it off of him and threw it to the ground as she flew, staying silent even though he was fuming with rage. In the short time that be had known this girl, he had already grown to loathe her. When she finally got into open space and leveled the ship out and spoke again to Aida and Nolan, making jokes about him and the ship, that pushed Ian over the edge. Who the hell did this woman think that she was?! He knew that he had to put her in her place, just like he had been taught to do so many years ago. He took the com from her and forcefully hung it back up in it's place before he stood up from the seat, not enjoying sharing it with her at all. "Let me make something very clear to you. You are not welcomed here and you will never be welcomed here. I don't care what Aida told you, that woman sometimes acts like she was born yesterday and she ever should of let you out of that closet in the first place," he snapped, only saying those things about Aida because he was angry. He didn't truly mean them, but he did mean what he said about Lucinda, "You are a prisoner here, and no matter what you think, you are not in charge. I better be making myself very damn clear right now because I'm not going to put up with you anymore. This is your one and only warning to stay in line." Ian sighed and rubbed his hand over his face, suddenly exhausted, but when she asked the name of the ship, he only sighed again. "She's called Arcadia. Don't ask why," he muttered. Of course there was a reason behind the name, but there was no way that he was going to tell her now, or ever really.

Aida didn't know how much more of this argument she could take because it made no sense to her at all. "That isn't a good enough reason!" she exclaimed, which was different because Aida wasn't normally one to raise her voice unless someone had truly angered or hurt her and Nolan had managed to do both. "I don't understand why you're being such a stubborn jerk about this! There has to be a reason that you won't let me help you! I need a real reason Nolan, not an excuse!" she exclaimed, growing exasperated with all of this. She felt the ship slow down a bit and the randomness of it's motions even out a little bit. Still, she felt awful. Her head was spinning and she was extremely nauseous, definitely in no shape to be having this argument, but then again Nolan probably wasn't either. When he suddenly proclaimed that he deserved the pain of the burns and the ship's engine fell silent, so did Aida. That was the last thing that she had expected him to say, and it made her even more confused. She continued to grip on to the handles of her seat and looked down at the ground, her hair falling in front of her face, shielding it from Nolan's view. "What...what do you mean?" she whispered, not entirely sure if she truly wanted to know or not.

Aηgєℓєηα  | 2762 comments Lucinda gasped when the communicator was taken fro her and a second later the captain of the ship was looming over her. But she wouldn't show any fear. No, she was far too proud to show that. "Well, Aida told me that you're in dire need of a pilot, and now it's very clear to me that you are in no way capable of driving this ship yourself." She fired back, rising to her feet as well so that he didn't have quite as much height on her. "And she seems to be a lot smarter than you are, Reynolds." She didn't like him saying things about Aida. Even though she barely knew the woman, she knew she liked her far better than she liked Ian. She opened her mouth to protest further, but Ian had a bit of a point. She was kind of a prisoner at the moment...which was a tad inconvenient. Lucy fell silent, staring at the control panel on the ship, her jaw tightened defiantly. "Arcadia?" She glanced up, studying him for a moment. Something softened in her as she wondered what the name meant to him, if Arcadia had been a real person he had once known... "That's a nice name." Was all she said, turning away from him again. After another moment of silence she said, "Give me a job." The statement came out of nowhere really, but she pressed on, taking a step closer to him. "I've already proved I can fly and I don't - " Pride choked her words but she forced them out, gritting her teeth. "I don't have anywhere else to go, Ian. I won't give you your money back - Let me work it off instead." And then she reached down, pulling a sleek silver gun from her boot. She laid it on the control panel quite carelessly before crossing her arms and smirking up at him. "For all your intelligence, you must have forgotten to check me for weapons before you threw me into that closet. If I meant you harm, I would have shot you already."

Nolan felt as though the blood in his veins froze when he realized what he had said. The truth in his words shocked him, as if he had never once considered that to be a reason. He thought of fire and smoke, of the way his people had no funeral hymns. Unfortunately, his thoughts were interrupted by Aida. Of course she would ask questions, of course she would try to understand. He had always thought she was too kind for her own good. "I - I didn't..." Mean to say that... The ship was now drifting smoothly through space, which was good. That meant he could get the hell out of this situation and escape down into the engine room. But he didn't move for a moment. Instead, he looked over to Aida, seeing how her hair was falling in her face and longing to push it back for her. He had never brushed hair from a girl's face before, though, and just the thought made him feel awkward.So he looked away, blushing in his dark way as he fumbled to unstrap himself from the seat. "I - I should just go. I am sorry, though... Yeah." He cleared his throat, getting to his feet and readying himself to make a hasty exit.

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments Ian watched her as she seemed to think about the name of his ship, no doubt trying to figure out the meaning behind it, but that was something that he would never ever tell her. He had never even told Aida and Nolan, even though they had both asked. It was a deeply personal bit of information, and Ian didn't ever seem to share those about himself. Ian was about to leave when Lucinda randomly blurted out that she wanted him to give her a job. Ian almost laughed at the thought of it. "Are you actually crazy enough to think that I would trust you even for a second with anything, let alone my ship and my crew?" he asked her. As she insisted that she wouldn't give him the money back that she had taken from him because she was going to work it off instead, Ian only shook his head. "That money was for food. I can't afford to hire you at the cost of the money that you stole from me," he explained, his eyes cold and hard as always. As she explained how she had no where else to go, something softened inside of Ian a little bit and he sighed, remembering when he was just like her. "Okay, how about you give me the money back that you stole and I'll allow you to stay here for free. You don't pay me anything aside from what you took, but that also means that I don't pay you for your services. You're just a passenger, got it?" he asked, pulling out his own gun and laying it beside hers, "If I had intended to hurt you or take the money back by force, I would have done that already by now as well, so you have no reason motto trust me."

Aida saw that he was going to try and make a run for it, that he wasn't willing to talk to her about this even though he had been the one to being it up in the first place. She figured that it had just slipped out, but now that it had, she wanted answers and she wanted to help him with whatever all of this was about. "No, Nolan, wait," she said quickly, fumbling with the buckles on the harness that kept her strapped into the chair. It took her a moment to get them to release, but when they did, she stood up quickly, almost too quickly. Her head spun and it took her a moment to her her bearings again. Once she did, she looked at Nolan before he left. "Please. Can't you understand that I'm just trying to help you?" she pleaded desperately with him, "If you don't want to talk about whatever this is all about, that's fine, but please don't go run away and hide in the engine room again." She reached out and grabbed his arm to keep him from leaving, but when his skin felt extremely hot to her touch, she felt like an absolute idiot. She had just grabbed on to his burn. Aida quickly pulled her hand away and stepped back from him. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to do that, I swear!" she said quickly. Sometimes, Aida could be just as socially awkward as Nolan could.

Aηgєℓєηα  | 2762 comments Lucy faltered whenever it seemed like he was going to laugh at her request, and as he explained himself she scrambled to find another idea. She really couldn't go anywhere else, considering she didn't have a way back to her home planet... But that wasn't why she wanted to stay here. Lucy wanted an adventure, the thrill of the chase, and this time it would be better than it ever had before. This time she was where the action was for once. "No." She said quietly but strongly. "I don't want your charity. I'll find a way to help out around here if you won't let me pilot Arcadia." She wouldn't just stay here without earning her keep. She could work somehow and he could pay her by letting her stay. But she wouldn't just accept handouts. Lucy exhaled slowly, but tensed up again when he pulled out his gun. "Oh, don't I?" She challenged, a spark of anger coming to her eyes for a moment, that fierce temper of hers always lying just below the surface. Too bad she lacked the physique and the experience to be much of a real threat. It was her only her mind that was her weapon.
But that didn't stop her from reaching out and slapping him across the face. There wasn't any anger in her as she straightened again, though. Only smugness and amusement as she moved her face just enough so that the bruise he had left on her cheek caught the light. "Maybe you don't really mean me harm, but let me make something clear to you, too. If you ever touch me again, I'll show you just how good of a shot I am." She reached for her gun, shoving it back in her boot.
But then she smiled again, hoping she seemed at least a little threatening. Truth be told, she had never actually faced a real criminal before. Lucy only read over cases and looked at crime scenes. Nothing was personal that way.
"Now we're even. Later, Ian." She would never call him Captain. On her way out of the room, she snatched her white coat from the ground.
The money was no longer on her person. No, it was in his pocket. Where it had been for quite some time...

Nolan kept walking, trying to tune her out even though it hurt his conscience to do so. She's only trying to help you! Stop being a jerk, man! God, he was acting just as moody as the captain... "Aida, could you please just let it - Ah!" Nolan gasped sharply, crying out in pain as she grabbed onto his injured arm. His hand went to sooth it immediately and for a moment all he there was was pain and the color red. "Gods!" He blinked as the pain ebbed away. Seeing her concerned expression, he tried to look as though it hadn't bothered him, to no avail of course. "No - no! I'm fine. It's fine." He said quickly, not wanting her to feel guilty or anything. He dropped his hand away from his injury, fixing his gaze on her. His eyes then dropped to the floor for several awkward moments before he grumbled. "I don't hide in the engine room."
That was probably the biggest lie he had ever told in his life. He always hid out in the engine room, away from Aida and the captain, away from... Well, everything. It was easy to lose himself in his work, to let the steady sound of a hammer and the roar of the engine be the only things that mattered. And he could create there! There was always things left over and Nolan was imaginative. He could make all sorts of useful things for them, just like his -
Well, that didn't matter anymore now, did it?
Luckily, he was spared from having to explain anything when a redheaded girl appeared from the cockpit, looking like a pirate with her long white coat and her hands confidently upon her hips. She stared between Aida and Nolan before stating, "Hope the ascent didn't shake you up too much. Care to show me to an empty room?"
Nolan was even more confused now and he looked to Aida for an explanation, happy to forget about his outburst. "Um..." Gods he was such an idiot...

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments If Ian had been angry with her before, now he was furious. Her slap stung his skin and honestly he didn't know what he had done to deserve it. Maybe she had only done it because she simply thought that she could. Well, that wasn't true at all. Ian knew that he was the one in charge here, not her, and he was going to make that perfectly clear to her. As she started to leave, any ounce of pity that he had had for her was gone, and he said, "That's it. My offer is off the table. Next place we stop at you're getting off whether you like it or not." She had just lost her chance at a compromise with him all because she had gotten too cocky and thought that she didn't have to listen to him. Clearly she had no prospect that he was in charge around here and as his unwanted prisoner, it was in her best interest to do as she was told and keep her mouth shut. Ian let the metal door to the cockpit slam shut behind her and he sat down in his chair again, wishing that none of this had ever happened. It was far more stress than he could bear when added to the amount that he already had on him. Ian knew that he had to get a job soon to make some money and take his mind off of all of this.

Aida hated herself when he cried out in pain when she grabbed his arm. How could she have just done that?! All she wanted to do was help him and now she had only hurt him even more. Her grasp on him hadn't been firm, and his reaction to it only proved how serious his burns were and how much pain they caused him. What did he mean when he said that he deserved the pain? That didn't make any sense to Aida and it seemed as though he refused to explain himself. "Nolan, please..." she whispered once more, unable to look him in the eye. If he continued pushing her away like this, he was bound to make her cry.
When Lucinda suddenly emerged and asked to be taken to a room, Aida knew that she would be forced to do it because there was no way that Nolan ever would. "I will," she said, taking a deep breath to collect her thoughts and feelings. She refused to look at Nolan again as she walked briskly past him and past Lucinda, looking strong, but that strength was simply an illusion. It always had been, ever since she'd set foot on this ship, not just because of her argument with Nolan. Just like everyone else here, Aida had a lot of things that she preferred not to talk about.

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