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Why Do People Hate Clary?

I dislike them both for different reasons.

I really liked Clary and Jace in the first three books. I really wanted them to be together and was infuriated by that "we're siblings...wait not really" plot twist that extended throughout the first trilogy.

Then...the second trilogy happened....

Clary started acting like Jace was her whole entire universe (which I really don't like in female characters, but it happens often). It seemed like Jace consumed all of her thoughts on every single page.

Then there's Jace....

The whole "bad boy" trope was not the thing I had a problem with. It was the constant angst. Jace was always sulking about something. It got even worse in the second trilogy. I got so tired of the constant angst-fest that Jace kept having.

I personally don't hate clary (or Jace) but I can admit that she does aggrivate me at times. Many of the choices, and potentially all, she makes I cringe at (e.g., Betraying Jace in COFA by alerting Sebastian, et cetera). I do love Clary, as a character though. She's just really dumb at times.

One of the things I have noticed, regarding female characters in YA, is that they tend to get the flack for being impulsive and reckless, but if male characters are like that they are brave and daring and innovative. There seems to be a layer of sexism that is pervasive in people's minds. If women in YA act reckless or impulsive it is looked at as a personality flaw, but if male characters do it, it becomes a commendable trait. This is seen with the lack of hate towards Jace.

To be fair though, both Jace and Clary are reckless and make stupid decisions. The problems in book 4 & 5 probably could've been avoided if Clary and/or Jace fessed up to the events of book 3 (Jace dying, Raziel Resurrecting him).

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To be honest they were both terrible people. I didn't like it at all. I thought Jace was annoying because he was like I'M DEMON, DO NOT COME CLOSE. Like I'm not one to compare book characters, but come on Jace. Will Herondale at least had a reason to be an asshole. You just were one, a cocky and arrogant one.

Clary was just Jacey Jace Jace, Jace is light, Jace is air. JACE JACE JACE
She just made stupid decisions for stupid reasons. Reasons where there was clearly a better solution. I felt like Clary was selfish, she didn't look for better in the world, she looked for Jace first. Like I get you like the dude, but you seriously? Come on Clary, come on.

I think that Clary is like way more annoying than Jace because she acts like she doesn't want any attention but secretly craves for the attention she's getting. But that's just how I see it.

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