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Jesse (JesseTheReader) (jessethereader) | 210 comments Mod
AND IT'S OVER! Did you like how it ended or are you CRYING BECAUSE YOU NEED A SEQUEL ASAP? How did you feel about the book as a whole? Tell us your thoughts!

Lauren  (laurensbookshelf) I absolutely loved the book! I thought it had a great balance to it, and the writing was beautiful! But I really want the sequel like NOW! XD

message 3: by Leo (new) - added it

Leo Becker (leowithbooks) It was such an amazing novel.

Bella Karam (bellabedina) I wouldn't mind a sequel. If the author only planned to do only one book that wouldn't make much sense. I was really expecting to get the whole "break Darin" out of prison in this book but only got:
"Did you find a secret passage yet"
"Did you find a secret passage yet"
"No, give me one more day"
"Never mind I didn't really care. Wasn't not going to help you anyway"

Other than that there wasn't many problems.

message 5: by Molly (last edited May 06, 2015 08:14AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Molly | 15 comments Definitely needs a sequel! I flew through this one. While I loved the book, I became a bit frustrated with the love triangle/square/pentagon? I wanted Keenan/Laia and Helene/Elias to get together. Now that's not really a possibility- am I the only one that wants Keenan and Izzi to fall in love? My two favorite characters were definitely Helene and Izzi. I'm not sure that loving Helene will be a super common experience but I definately did! For some reason I could most strongly relate to those two characters.

And the Commandant- how super creepy was she? I mean gouging out a five-year-old's eye with a hot poker? My goodness.

I was worried the book would be too battle/fight heavy after all the talk about that but I though it was done beautifully! I never found myself bored of battle descriptions.

Overall I loved the book, especially as a first book, and can't wait to read more from Sabaa Tahir (preferably a sequel!)

Nyssa Gardebrecht | 1 comments Morgannah wrote: "So at the end of the book I am left wondering:

1) Who in the heck is Elias' father?
2) Why in the world is the Commandant such a royal bitch?
3) Is Darin really alive?
4) Who was the traitor that ..."

I got the feeling that Cook was the traitor who turned in Laia's mother and father.

I hope Darin is still alive! We need a sequel yesterday :D

Lester Elier (lesteerramireez) I thought this was supposed to be a stand-alone which wouldn't make sense at all, please tell me there'll be a sequel!

Bekki (onepartcaffeine) | 1 comments Morgannah wrote: "Can anyone tell me what the Commandant's first name was? I know it starts with a K because that is what she carved on Laia but I can't seem to find it anywhere in the book."

Her first name is Keris

Caro Ray (caroray) | 2 comments I loved this book but the love triangle(?) was really annoying especially when I wanted Keenan and Laia to be together and Elias and Helene. If there is not a sequel omg I will be so mad. I like how the resistance is the bad guys too. Where in other distopianish books there's the bad government and the good rebels and that's that. I did have a few problems but otherwise I enjoyed reading it.

message 10: by Caro (new) - rated it 4 stars

Caro Ray (caroray) | 2 comments Is it weird that Helene is my favorite character?

Molly | 15 comments Caro wrote: "Is it weird that Helene is my favorite character?"

She's my favorite too :)

Olivia | 2 comments Oh I absolutely loved this book and the way it ended! There was one bit of it that I saw coming, but the rest of it I was excited and on the edge of my seat. I flew through it in a single day and I need the sequel right now :D

message 13: by Roy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Roy What an awesome book! Can't wait for the sequel.

message 14: by Roy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Roy My favourite character would have to be Laia. What drew me to her was the fact she was willing to do things regardless of how scared she was and no matter the consequences. She showed true strength in my opinion. How about you Morgannah? Who was your favourite?

message 15: by Dina (new) - rated it 5 stars

Dina (belletoi) | 4 comments I need a sequel like ASAP! But also she needed it so that it can be a standalone, but there are so many store lines lest to explore.

I loved the book, read it in no time! I hope the author works on a second!

I think Laia's decision to GO BACK and rescue the others shows her character. Her plan was brilliant, can't believe it worked! I can't wait to read about her and Elias adventures and how they get closer to each other if there is a next installment.

Ashlee Ann | 1 comments Amazing! But definitely want a sequel ASAP!

message 17: by Ana (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ana (allwillendindoom) | 5 comments this book was SO good, I absolutely loved it and it sets such a good base for more books. so there def NEEDS to be at least one more book.

Laia/Keenan >>>>

also, Helene's ending broke my heart. she gave up everything for Elias and now she'll have to do whatever Marcus wants her to do and that thought is sickening. terrible.

Ifrah Alia (infinitebooklist) | 6 comments I loved this book and, just like everyone else, I hope Penguin hurries up and signs a book deal with Sabaa Tahir so she can tell us the rest of the story!!! I really want to know what happens next!

I feel like there is so much more left to explore. Like:
1. Who is Elias' father!?!?!
2. What is the tribeswoman (Afya?) planning? Why did she seek out Elias and give him the token?
3. What is the Nightbringer up to?
4. Who betrayed Laia's parents? (I agree with the Cook theory)
5. What in the world is going to happen to Helene and how is she going to get out if this mess?
6. What did the Augurs see in their dreams in terms of Laia? What is Laia destined to do?
7. How is the Scholar-Martial dynamic going to be fixed?
8. Why did Mamie Rila lie to Elias about how she found him?
9. Are Elias and Laia going to be able to save Darin?
10. Who is the Commandant's spy in the Resistance?
11. What is Mazen planning?
12. What is Spiro Teluman planning?

The more I think about it the more questions I can come up with. Penguin, seriously, we need the sequels. This has to be a trilogy AT LEAST.

Errin (chaolaena) | 1 comments My expectations were pretty high and this book still managed to exceed them! Laia was brilliant and I was cheering her on so hard! And did anyone else think Elias upped his snark for this last section? XD I love these characters so much! I think this would make a kickass duology and I cannot imagine publishers not signing her on again.

Ariana Lynn (adandelioninthespring) | 1 comments I loved this book so much!! I was so upset when it ended, knowing that Sabaa isn't signed for a sequel. However since it's #2 on the NYT bestsellers list, Penguin should be coming to their senses soon haha. Sabaa says she has four books planned total!

message 21: by JeNee (last edited May 14, 2015 02:05PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

JeNee (shewouldstay) | 2 comments Did anyone else find bits of this story predictable?

Petuli | 4 comments I thought this was supposes to be a standalone :)

Gabriella I really enjoyed this novel. It lived up to the hype for. I felt the world to be very brutal but I could not take my eyes away from it. Laia and Elias were great main characters. I'm glad they were so different because I was never bored reading it. I NEED A SEQUEL. ASAP!!!

Gabriella I really enjoyed this novel. It lived up to the hype for. I felt the world to be very brutal but I could not take my eyes away from it. Laia and Elias were great main characters. I'm glad they were so different because I was never bored reading it. I NEED A SEQUEL. ASAP!!!

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let's be real there is going to be a sequel

message 26: by Bonnie (new)

Bonnie | 5 comments really enjoyed this book. a little predictable in terms of the book ending with Elias and Laia but really enjoyed it nonetheless... although I would say I much more was a fan of Laia / Keenan.

Really enjoyed them... they really grew on me during the book. Other than the that they were different (Elias looking different from his mother / the other masks, etc...) and speaking their minds, I didn't really feel anything regarding them. IDK... I just really liked Keenan. And was glad to see he wasn't just going along with Mazen blindly at the end. Although I guess that might things potentially dangerous for him if Mazen figures out how far Keenan's gone (letting Laia go, going to free Lana) to stop the revolution. Mazen doesn't seem to be the kind of guy to appreciate that, even if it'd be saving him from walking into a trap.

Liked Izzy... but honestly, if there was a sequel I'd be okay if she wasn't in it much. She was a good friend to Laia but presuming we'd have new characters or expanded on characters maybe she'd be one I could maybe do without. Conversely, I wonder if we're ever going to see some of the other masks again? I know a lot of them were killed off but some I think made it... Dex, etc. Was actually read sad Zak died. Was thinking that with Elias/Laia going on maybe he/Helene could have been explored in later books.

I also wonder if we might not get more from Helene's POV in the next book, presuming there is a sequel? Otherwise we might just hear of the things Marcus is doing.

and I hope we see more of Elias grandfather. He was pretty awesome. Keris certainly was interesting in how dark she was and how she became that way.

Courtney | 14 comments It took me a bit to get into the story, but once I did I really loved it! I definitely feel like there needs to be sequel, and I hope we get to see where Laia's and Elias's story leads. I wish Zak hadn't died, though, because I was hoping he would leave Marcus and team up with Laia and Elias.

But as for the important stuff, I'm not exactly sure who I ship. I think I'm more for Laia/Elias, though.

message 28: by Bonnie (new)

Bonnie | 5 comments yeah, I just really felt bad for Keenan at the end, when he mentions that he doesn't feel alone anymore. I don't know... I know Laia/Elias will most likely end up together but IDK, just liked them more.

I agree about Zak, although with his sad following to his brother and crush on Helene, I doubt he would have left. Although it might have been better for Helene if he had lived, since he might have tempered Marcus' somewhat. What was it Elias said...

"without his quiet voiced brother at his back, Marcus seems almost feral"

I'm guessing that Marcus = Caligula? Not the only Roman emperor with issues but certainly, perhaps the most infamous? Certainly was insane and in time, his own honor guard turned on him and killed him for the sake of everyone around him... will be interesting how that transpires.

Part of me wants to think Zak didn't die. I mean, Cain seemed actually sad that Zak died or had to die. IDK. We've seen the Augurs cheat death so maybe? IDK. I'm sure he's gone though and that's just wishful thinking

Maria H. | 2 comments THERE MUST BE A SEQUEL

message 30: by Bonnie (new)

Bonnie | 5 comments yes... hopefully a couple of them.

Since Elias/Laia are going to be together, if there is a next book, I wonder if others might have their POV? Since its like we'd have to have Laia and Elias explaining the same scene, just from different perspectives?

Radha (radhacelis) | 7 comments AMAZING BOOK!!! and as other are saying, THIS IS NOT A STANDALONE!!!! DEAR MISS TAHIR! YOU BETTER BE WRITING AS I TYPE THIS, that's all I'm saying!!! :)

message 32: by Ranada (new)

Ranada Givens (southernbookwrym) | 8 comments I loved the book even though I am a little sad by the way it ended but I just couldn't put it down even though I had to lol

message 33: by Anna (new) - rated it 5 stars

Anna | 2 comments I need a sequel!!!!

Hillary (noodlez88) | 13 comments I loved it! It is one of the few books I have read this year that I truly loved. The characters were so good. I loved how the world is. I can totally see it as a movie. There HAS to be a sequel!!! It is too good to not have one!!

The Jared Brown | 5 comments AHHHHH MAN this is so good I need a SEQUEL NOW!!! Penguin listen to me I need it now or I will die!!!!!!

The Jared Brown | 5 comments Courtney wrote: "It took me a bit to get into the story, but once I did I really loved it! I definitely feel like there needs to be sequel, and I hope we get to see where Laia's and Elias's story leads. I wish Zak ..."

I agree!!!

Vivian  Garzon (goodreadscomviviangarzon) | 1 comments I cannot wait for the sequel!! congrats to Sabaa Tahir

message 38: by Alex (new) - rated it 5 stars

Alex Horsey (eternallibrarian) | 3 comments I loved every minute of the book! I was (surprisingly) not surprised about Mazen's betrayal. I got this off feeling about him. I WAS surprised at the final trial, at Elias' execution, at the EVERYTHING! I was not expecting so many feels!

Can there be a sequel???? I REALLY want one!!

message 39: by Bonnie (new)

Bonnie | 5 comments still amped about their being at least one more ... and yeah, I keep feeling bad for Zak. I mean, earlier I would not have cared but then we started seeing a little bit of him that showed he might not have been such a bad egg. Certainly would have been better for Helene if he was around as he might temper Marcus somewhat....

also wondering if we;ll see more or Dex / Faris? I imagine they might side with Elias maybe at some point since they could have done something to prevent his escape and didn't. And Elias noticed Dex was crying at the execution.

Madeleine Lukban (avatareternity) | 2 comments !!!!!!! Can't wait for the next book

Morgan Blanch (hopelessbookaddict) Right, well that was a roller coaster. I absolutely adored this! Such amazing book, and I am so glad there's a second one coming. No WAY would they leave it like that.

message 42: by Morgan (last edited May 23, 2015 08:05AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Morgan Blanch (hopelessbookaddict) A lot of people seem to be rooting for Laia/Keenan and Elias/Helene. I dunno. I;m a total Laia/Elias fan (is that too mainstream? :P).
I just feel like Laia tried a little TOO hard to enjoy the kiss with Keenan, and, as much as I kind of understand Helene's actions, I'm still very angry at her for hurting my baby Elias.
The emotions are still raw.

message 43: by Abigail (last edited May 27, 2015 11:58AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Abigail (abbeygrace) | 3 comments I absolutely loved this book and it lived up to hype and it has possibly become my favorite as of now. I am so glad there is a sequel. I do think it would be fine to answer all these questions in only the sequel. Two more books may be unnecessary, unless something big happens in the next one. Don't get me wrong I loved the setting and would LOVE more books but I just hope she doesn't stretch it out and make it boring.

Vanessa | 24 comments I finished this a couple days ago and started a new book but I still can't stop thinking about this one. It was so good and I can't wait for the next one. I love Elias and Laia and I was nervous when I thought each of them died. I really need to see what happens to them next.

Teddy Bear Books | 8 comments GHAAAA! BHABLPOWEEE!
Sorry. Just had to do that.
This book was really awesome! Such a great story, and now I am bursting with excitement for a SEQUEL! I loved all the characters (sans Marcus, Commandant, etc. Although they were excellent villains). I will do a review on this eventually, but right now I must reflect every amazing moment of this story.
Can't wait for the LIVESHOW on June 6!

Elena-Loredana | 6 comments I was not expecting an explosive ending :)))
Love the book! I cannot wait for the sequel.

Grace Wagner Omigosh! This book was fantastic. My favorite characters were definitely Izzi and Elias. I loved Zak, as well, and his death just killed me. Whenever Elias mentioned how broken or different Marcus looked without his brother, my heart broke a little bit. I cannot wait for the sequel!! Laia and Elias forever!!!

Katie ust finsihed this book better late than never and OMG I JUST CAN'T EVEN RIGHT NOW. I NEED a sequel NOW ! The plot twists in this book were so good one minute i think your dead then your live. I am so proud of Laia for going back in and saving Elias and Izzi. I have a strange suspicion that the cook is Laia's mom and thats why she knew her mom and is so good and making bombs. Also the cook spoke highly of her father but not so highly of her mom. could be because she has regrets. Im so looking forward to Elias and Helene meeting again i definitely want them to get together even tho laia and elias probably will . Im hoping there is more than one book to come so many people could have their own books.

Kendra (kennelsfordogs) | 4 comments I really enjoyed this and I can't wait for the sequel!

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