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J.J. Lair | 48 comments This month I'm putting all my books on sale. On May 30th, I'm part of the Jackson Writer's Group book festival. Mix Tapes and Stuff will be out a year at the end of the month. I have so much to celebrate with you so I'm putting my books on sale. Reviews are definitely welcome. I would really appreciate the feedback from everyone.
This week Dear Pen Pal is on sale for $.99 till May 7th.
Two school children are made partners in a pen pal project between schools. They start writing just for grades, but then they discover they can talk to each other like they can't talk to anyone else.
Then one day it stops.
Cate wants to know why?
Joe doesn't want to tell her.
They local minor league baseball team is on the way to the playoffs. Cate dates a player. Joe writes for the team. There's love, confusion and sports all in one book.

Here's the link:

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J.J. Lair | 48 comments Dear Pen Pal is now $1.99 for today and Mother's Day.
A funny story of a boy and girl that are matched up as pen pals and meet as adults. Their trust and relationship is very different from everyone else in their lives. It may cost them those relationships.
Reviews are welcome and very appreciated.

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J.J. Lair | 48 comments Dear Pen Pal will go back to $3.99 around 10am today May, 10th. Thank you to anyone that bought the book on sale. I hope you'll enjoy it. Reviews are always welcome.

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J.J. Lair | 48 comments Mix Tapes and Stuff is on sale this week. Today's sale is $0.99.
It's 1986 and Mix Tape and Orville are best friends until they each try to find the Schuyler Mine. Who will find it first?
Reviews are always welcome. Check it out.
here's the link:

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Ibiloye Christian | 37 comments You Are a Winner!: Pull Down the Strongholds, Move-on!

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J.J. Lair | 48 comments Yesterday Mix Tapes and Stuff was on sale for $1.99 in honor of being released a year ago. In the past year, the readers on Goodreads checked out the book, wrote reviews and helped me promote the book. Thank you everyone.
The $1.99 sale continues today. Please check it out and leave a review.

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J.J. Lair | 48 comments The sale for Mix Tapes and Stuff continues. Looking for a book this weekend? Mix Tapes and Stuff is $2.99 till Monday. You're thoughts and reviews are always welcome. ...

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J.J. Lair | 48 comments The month of sales finishes this week with a mystery. Dream Dancing is on sale for $.99 today. Lonely truck driver Mark meets the mysterious Abby in Babe's Go-Go bar. Abby tries to hide her past, but she can't. Everywhere is danger as a murderer is killing the dancers at the club. Every night that Abby dances to make money for a better life, she is in danger!
Please take a look at Reviews are always welcome.
Dream Dancing by JJ Lair via @amazon

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J.J. Lair | 48 comments I will be at the Author's Fair at the Jackson Public Library, 2 Jackson Drive Jackson New Jersey today where I will have copies of Dream Dancing available. Today on, Dream Dancing will be available for $2.99 which is less than the physical book at the library today. Please take a look and reviews are always welcome.

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