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Hiya! c:

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Hey :)

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So, whatcha wanna do?

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Maybe a fantasy romance?

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Any specific scenery or situation?

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Not that I can think of at the moment. Did you have any ideas?

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I have an idea for one. A clan of orcs attacks the royal carriage, carrying an elf prince or princess. The other servants flee, but the elf prince or princess is left for dead when they receive a blow to the head from one of the orcs. The prince or princess wanders through the woods, looking for a way back to their kingdom. On their way there, they meet a forest elf, a wild and nature loving creature. And they eventually fall in love.

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I like it

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If you don't feel like doing that one, I can always just think of another one.

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No, I like it. I think we should do that one. Which one would you like to be? Since you came up with the plot.

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I'll be the male forest elf. Unless you wanted to be the female one.

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I'm good being the princess :) Do you want to make quick character sheets or just jump right into it?

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We can jump right into it. Would you like to start us out?

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Of course :) It will take me a bit since it'll be a long intro.

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It had been a long day. Princess Taenya Snowhallow lay curled up in the carriage, uncaring of the bumps in the road. Her guards roamed around their charge, ever watchful for enemies in the woods. Her father, the king, despite his best efforts could not please all those in his kingdom. There was a group of orcs that rebelled against the elf king.

The attack came suddenly and without warning. A group of ten orcs swarmed the small party. The six elf warriors were out numbered but fought ferociously to protect the princess. At the first cry of pain, Taenya shot up in her seat, her heart pounding in her chest. She pushed back the curtain on one of the doors and screamed when an arc of blood splattered the window. The guard on that side of the carriage had been cut down by and orc and was now trying to force his way into the carriage. Taenya had no where else to go.

The door was ripped off the hinges. The orc grabbed her by the foot and pulled her out. She kicked at him and clawed at the inside of the carriage, fighting to stay inside it. Her struggles were nothing to the stronger creature, who pulled her out as though she wasn't doing anything to fight him.

Once out, she fought him, clawing with her nail. He seemed to tire of her struggles as her guards died around her. With his club, he bashed her over the head. She dropped like a stone, blood running down her face. The orcs finished killing the guards and looting the carriage. They carried it off to their camp, leaving the princess to lie among the dead.

It was several hours before Taenya woke. Her head was throbbing and she was dizzy. She struggled to her feet. The moment she saw the carnage around her, her eyes filled with tears. She known most of the men her entire life and now they were gone. She realized she couldn't stay there. She stumbled along the road, not watching where she was going.

She ended up deep in the forest, lost in more ways than one. Not watching where she was going, she tripped over a tree root and fell to the ground. She tried to rise but was unable to as her limbs betrayed her will. She curled up into a ball and started to cry.

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Rowan was walking along a gentle, quiet stream. His vivid green eyes scanned the waters for any signs of fish or crayfish that might be swimming along the bottom of the stream, where the old leaves and rocks were the perfect camouflage. He hadn't eaten in many days due to the scarcity of food, and he believed that it was because of an encampment of orcs farther up the creek. He knew they would eventually leave the land barren, from all of the feasts and celebrations that they had. He stopped suddenly, there was a strange noise coming from behind a thicket of brambles.. It sounded like sobbing and crying. "What could that be?" He said to himself before wandering closer to where the sound came from. It was an elf woman, a very beautiful one. She was all alone, so he slowly drew nearer to her, hoping not to frighten her.

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Taenya heard the rustle of leaves and her heart raced once more as she thought the orcs were coming back for her. "W-who's there?" she called out. Her brown eyes searched her surroundings and landed on Rowan. She scooted back towards the tree whose root she had tripped over. Her green dress was torn and the shoulder and the right side of her face were covered in blood. Her silver blonde hair had fallen out of the careful braid from that morning as was snarled terribly. "Who are?"

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"I am Rowan. I'm sorry for frightening you, miss. I just happen to be crossing the stream when I heard your crying. What happened to you?" He gazed at her, his face masked with worry. He knelt down beside her and touched her injured head. "I need to treat this, or you will have permanent scarring."

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She inched away when he touched her wound then groaned as the fast movement made her head spin. "Orcs attacked my carriage." Tears filled her eyes again and flowed down her cheeks. "They killed my guards, my friends. I don't know how to get home."

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He picked her up into his arms without warning. "I'm brining you back to my home. And I'm sorry about your guards, I'm sure they tried their best to protect you and keep you safe." He walked with her a while before stopping in front of a cloak of ivy hanging from sturdy boulders. She moved the ivy aside and stepped into the hidden grotto. "I hope you will find my abode comfortable. You can stay in my bedchamber."

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Taenya squeaked in alarm when he picked her up. She looked around his home curiously, used to nobles estates and her father's castle. "I've been rude. I apologize. My name is Taenya Snowhallow. Thank you for helping me, Rowan," she said, looking up at him with gratitude in her eyes.

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"It is a pleasure to meet you, miss Taenya. I will be right back with some new clothes and some things to help with healing." He strode into a room in the back of the cave, and returned shortly with a loose robe and a bag of herbs and supplies. "You may change in my bedchamber if you wish. If you look through the corridor, you'll see a room to your left. That is the room you will be staying in."

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She clutched the robe he gave her. "Thank you," she said, her voice soft. She turned and walked to his room, using the wall to steady her. She changed quickly and then sat on the bed to rest for a moment. She didn't get up as exhaustion hit her like a wall and she fell asleep on his bed.

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Rowan went in to check on her, but realized that she was sleeping. He smiled and walked quietly out of the room. He went into his kitchen and threw together some simple bread and a large cup of cordial.

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Taenya slept for several hours, her head injury and her long walk in the woods tiring her out. When she woke, she was confused about where she was and lay still for several moments until it all came rushing back to her. She felt tears well up again and scrubbed at her eyes. She couldn't cry again.

A loud rumble from her stomach made her blush. She'd never gone this long before without eating. She clutched the robe around herself and cautiously left the bedroom.

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Rowan had just returned from a scavenging mission, and he carefully prepared the food. There was rivershrimp and hotroot soup, mushroom and potato pasties, berry and cream puff pastries, and a simple spring salad which consisted of wild lettuce, carrots, sliced radish, tomatoes, some left over berries, and was topped off with a homemade raspberry vinaigrette, he also sprinkled toasted almonds and walnuts on top. "I hope she will enjoy this simple meal." He turned to look at her. "Oh, hello. I just finished preparing a meal. I will be tending to your wounds after dinner, is that okay?"

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Taenya nodded her head, careful to do it slowly because it still hurt some. "Yes. Thank you Rowan, for being so kind to me." She walked over to the small table and hesitated, unsure of where to sit and not wanting to take his seat.

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He pulled out the large chair in front of her, before walking to the other side of the table and sitting. "It is truly a pleasure. Living in the forest isn't as fulfilling as living in a town or kingdom with other elves."

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She took the seat that he offered her and scooted in closer to the table. "Why don't you move into town then?" she asked him curiously. She picked up her fork and mixed her salad together before gathering a bite and eating it.

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"My home is here, with nature. There is energy in the forest, and I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to cope without it. I would like to be closer to other people, but I wouldn't give up the forest for it. He munched on his salad quietly for a few moments, before looking back at her. "What is it like where you live?"

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"It's nice. My father dotes on me. I'm his only child. My mother died when I was young." She looked down at her plate. She wondered if her father knew that she was missing yet. He would probably tear the countryside apart looking for her.

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He frowned slightly and put his empty dish onto the counter. "I'm sorry to hear about you losing your mother. Death is a terrible thing." He sat back down and scratched the table with his fingernail. "Do you have a husband?"

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"Thank you." Taenya shook her head. "No, but my father is looking for a husband for me. I've had several portraits painted and sent out." She picked up her spoon and stirred her soup. "I was going back home from visiting a friend to see a suitor that had arrived to meet me."

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"I see." The room was quiet for a moment before he smiled and asked her how the food was.

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"It good, thank you. I like your soup better than Cook's at home." She smiled shyly at him and took another spoonful of soup. "How long have you been living in the forest?"

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"I'm glad you like it. Um, well, ever since I was cast out as a child. My parents were both in positions where having children was forbidden. When I was born, my parents sent me away because they didn't want to lose their positions. It happens quite a lot, actually. I heard you crying and I thought you might have been another abandoned elfling." His bright green eyes looked at her happily.

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Taenya looked at him shocked. She knew people who held positions back home that weren't allowed to have children but she hadn't known that they would sometimes have children and then abandon them. "I'm sorry. I didn't know that happened. I should talk to my father about."

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"No, you shouldn't feel obligated to. Most of my life I've been searching for them out in the woods and raising them so they can survive in the forest, or any other place that they would want to go. My home is like an orphanage." He smiled.

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"No, but I should!" Taenya protested. "My father could help. You see, he's the King. He has the power to help people." She watched his face to see his reaction to learning about her father.

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His eyes lit up. "So you're the...princess."

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"Yes, I am. I think it's why the orcs attacked my carriage. Because they are unhappy with my father," she said softly. She wondered why his eyes had lit up.

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He bowed formally. "I apologize for my home, for I know this is nothing in comparison to yours." He looked at the floor, shyness causing his face to turn red.

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"No, please, don't. Your home is lovely. It feels more like a home than the castle does," Taenya pleaded with him. "Please, don't. We were having such nice conversation."

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He nodded and turned to look out the window. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable or anything."

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"I-It's just, no one's ever treated me like a normal person before. It was nice." Her eyes were soft as she looked at him. "Is there any way you can forget that I'm a princess and we can talk like friends again?"

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"I don't know. I'll try to." He smiled and sat back down.

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Taenya smiled at him. "Thank you." Silence followed her statement. "Did you build this place yourself?"

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"No. This place had been here long before I have. I'm not sure who made it, really." His eyes shimmered, and he shrugged. "Would you like some more to eat?"

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"No thank you. This was a lovely meal. Thank you, Rowan," she told him with a smile. She got up from her seat with the intent to help him clean up.

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"I'm glad you enjoyed it." He smiled gratefully and took their plates over to the pot that was used to clean the plates. "I should tend to your injuries. Waiting too long is risky, and you could get and infection."

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