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So, whatcha wanna do?

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Hmm Friend x Friend?

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Okay, sounds good.

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*Reminder even though you don't need it: I'm the female^_^*

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Name: Sebastian Klein
Age: 21
Appearance: Has jet-black hair, light green eyes, medium to dark skin, and is 6'3."

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Name: Kenzie G. Callen
Age: 18
Gender: Female

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I have a question, how do you post pictures?

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<.img src= "Post link here" .>

Just remove the periods and the 'post link here' then post the link in between the quotes.

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Thank you so much. I haven't been able to figure out how to do that. lol c:

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:) Glad to help:)

So can you start?

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Sebastian walked down the empty sidewalk, scanning the line of shops for the right building. He stopped walking as he stood in front of a building that said "Dragon Tattoos." Grinning brightly, he opened the door to the shop and went inside.

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(( ^_^ I'm going to pretend that Kenzie works at the shop ))

Kenzie was looking at her phone, she stood behind the counter with a bored look, her blonde braid fell over her shoulders as she looked at her phone, she played candy crush, the boring game everyone says was fun.

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Sebastian's gaze traveled through the shop. All of the walls were covered in tattoo designs, and the photos of happy costumers. "Hey. I'm interested in getting a tattoo. Do you have any design books that I can look at?" He walked closer to the counter and rested his hands on edge of the glass counter top.

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Kenzie looked up she turned around and grabbed the tattoo book, handing it to the guy without looking at him.

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He carefully grabbed the book and walked over to a seat in the waiting room. He flipped through the pages, studying each design carefully. He decided to get a large tribal print, but he was still uncertain where he wanted it to be. "This is going to look awesome." He said quietly to himself before walking back to the counter and setting the book down.. "I found one."

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Kenzie looked up, " What tattoo do you want today?" Kenzie asked her blonde braid was moved to lay behind her back

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He opened the book back up and flipped to the page. "I'd like this tribal print." He said happily as he pointed to it. "This design is huge, how long do you think it will take?"

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" About ten minutes," Kenzie replied with a smile she put her phone away as she took a quick look at the book.

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"Okay, that's not too bad. He gazed warmly at her, silently admiring her. "Is it going to hurt a lot? Like how bad is it?" He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly, as his face turned a light red color.

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" The way I do it, it won't hurt," Kenize said in reassurance.

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"Good. I'd hate to be crying in front of you." He chuckled and cleared his throat.

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" Ugh, I had my fair share of cry babies but, I wouldn't care if you cried in front of me," Kenzie said with a smirk, she walked away from the counter, " Follow me," Kenize instructed.

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He smirked nervously and walked behind her. "Ah, we're heading to your evil lair." He smoothed his hair back and kept walking.

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" Yes my evil lair of torture is just right down the hall," Kenize said playing along.

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He chuckled and looked around. "This building is pretty big."

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" Eh, my father put a lot of work into it," Kenize said.

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Sebastian's eyebrows flew up. "Wow. He did a fantastic job."

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" Yeah he did, but I'd suggest that you don't use the bathrooms," Kenize said as she opened a door on her right.

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"Don't use the bathrooms, got it! He peeked inside the room from behind her."

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" Here we are, my room of ultimate torture," Kenize said as she turned on the light to reveal a chair and a couple of clean and advanced technical tools.

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He gasped dramatically in mock horror. "No...please don't hurt me, strange woman."

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" haha, okay back to reality, sit in the chair, where so you want this tattoo?" Kenize said.

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He stood in front of the chair and pulled his shirt over his head, setting it down on the table, he sat in the chair and looked at her. "I'd like it on my chest. Right on my left side."

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Kenize nodded she got on her gloves, " Alright, now as I do this be as still as you can be or else I'll end up hurting you if you move," Kenize said.

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"Okay, I'll try my best to stay still." He forced a smile and bit his lip anxiously.

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Kenize smiled lightly, she grabbed a smooth round needle, she turned on the machine, " you ready?" Kenize asked.

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"Yeah. A little too ready." He quickly shut his eyes and his chest muscles tensed up.

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" Stay still now, think of happy things, and don't make a comment about that," Kenize said right after she said happy things. She put on hand on his shoulder and she began her work.

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He stood completely still, and every once in a while he would wince.

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" Don't move," Kenize murmured as she contiued her work.

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He shut his eyes and bit down on his lip, hard. His palms were clammy, and beads of sweat were forming on his brow. "Are you almost done?" His jaw tightened as she moved the needle on the sensitive part of his chest.

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" Almost," Kenize said as she gently moved the needle across the sensitive part of his chest,

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"This freaken hurts. I thought you said it wouldn't." He tried to hold back laughter as the needle moved around his skin.

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Kenize finally finished, " That's because your muscles kept tensing up," Kenize said as she sat back.

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"Oh, sorry. How does it look?" He smiled brightly and gazed at her.

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" Looks good, better then all my other ones," Kenize said.

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He stood up and shook her hand. "Thank you, uh- wait what's your name?"

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