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Jackie I have finished the novel, A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks. This story is very cute and sweet. It is about this sort of rebellious bad boy, Landon Carter, who falls in love with a sweet, quiet, plain, religious girl, Jamie Sullivan, who secretly has leukemia and only has a few more months to live. From two different worlds, Jamie and Landon meet at the homecoming dance, and prepare for the Christmas play. Landon and Jamie visit the orphanage and tries to put on the best Christmas play they can. Landon and Jamie collect presents for the orphans and attend the Christmas party together. Despite this romantic relationship between Jamie and Landon, Jamie's father, the Reverend at the local church, does not trust Landon. Landon's friends also take Jamie as a joke because of her appearance. By the end of the book, Landon announces his love for Jamie. Jamie is shocked, and tells Landon about her sickness. Landon then prayers and has a change of heart. Landon asks Jamie to marry him, and she accepts. On the wedding day, hundreds of guests show up, and Jamie will always have "a walk to remember."

Shruthi This story honestly brakes my heart. The book was not as hearbreaking compared to the movie. Every time I watch the movie I cry so much. It so touching. I wished that Jamie never died and lived with Landon for the rest of his life.

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