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Here we are

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Nyxie Kitten (nyxiekitten) | 781 comments alright, characters

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Nyxie Kitten (nyxiekitten) | 781 comments Name: Emily Adler
age: 15
Gender: F
Orientation: Strait


((I will update this with personality and such as we go along))

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Can you put the plot up in your first post I sort of forgot it.

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Nyxie Kitten (nyxiekitten) | 781 comments A young girl ( I would like to play her) is abused at home by her drunken mother. She is the daughter of a middle class family and is normally at home with just her and her mother as he father is almost always off on business. She is a daddy’s girl and is spoiled to death but he refuses to believe his wife would lay a finger on their only daughter. She suffers from Depression and self-harm, often hiding it with her school uniform. One day her last period teacher takes notice and offers her shelter at his home. He is a CEO of a major company, only teaching because he enjoys it. HE takes the small girl in, as she is too afraid to go home without her father there, as time goes on he starts to fall for her as he showers her in gifts, giving her everything she could imagine, including a safe environment.

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Name:Johnathon Alden

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Nyxie Kitten (nyxiekitten) | 781 comments ((should we start?))

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You please

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Nyxie Kitten (nyxiekitten) | 781 comments Emily slowly walked into her last class of the day, looking around the empty room before slowly sitting herself down. She sighed, pulling out her books, she was always a couple minutes early to all her classes.

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Mr.Alden sighed cleaning off the white board and honestly wondering when the semester was going to end. It was just so tiring to have to deal with pesky teens that wanted to have sex already. He shook his head and could hear someone behind him taking a seat. "who's here already?" He asked.

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Nyxie Kitten (nyxiekitten) | 781 comments Emily looked up slowly. "It is me mr Alden." She said with a smile, pulling her sleeve dow. To hide the bryise on her weist that her mom had made the night before.

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Nyxie Kitten (nyxiekitten) | 781 comments ?

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"Okay thank you for that Emily." He said as he wrote things down on the board for the lesson he was about teach.

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