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message 1: by Soloro (new)

Soloro | 4 comments Is anyone here "in the industry" & know of any presses that have a special interest in publishing Judaic historical fiction and (the clincher) are open to novella-length books (26k words)? And/or an agent willing to rep a novella?

The Big Five are not likely to publish a novella so medium-to-large Indies are my targeted platform. (I am not terribly keen on self-publishing.)

Thank you!
Hopefully you can all someday read my imagined history of one of the Dead Sea Scrolls. :)

message 2: by Francine (new)

Francine Weistrop | 15 comments Sorry to be a complainer, but when I joined this group, I was under the impression that it was a forum for discussing books with a Jewish Historical fiction theme. It seems to have become a clearing house for people who are writing, did write, or are planning to write a book on the subject.
For those of us who really are interested in sharing information about books in this genre, this new theme is a distraction, and not helpful at all. Maybe there is another forum that could be helpful for you writers as you work your way to literary success and fame.

message 3: by Soloro (new)

Soloro | 4 comments Sorry to have upset you, Francine. It's a grey line, because authors also join these groups desiring to let people know of a topical book they have published (or are going to publish) in the hopes that someday you and others will read and discuss their books. It sounds like the list is leaning heavy on advertising & not so much on discussion. Maybe it would be a good practice for all that "if you advertise a book, you should start a discussion of someone else's book". Point understood -- though I feel your last sentence was unnecessary.

message 4: by Allan (new)

Allan H. Goodman (allan_h_goodman) | 9 comments KT - I see that you are a member of the Jewish Book Carnival group.

See the post in that group entitled "New Press dedicated to Diversity in Publishing and Jewish Books." The publisher referred to in that post may be interested in publishing your novella.

I am an independent author of nonfiction and a historical novel of Jewish interest. While you are not necessarily considering self-publishing, I can offer some advice on that process that still may be helpful to you, even if you ultimately seek a traditional publisher for your "imagined history" of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

If you wish to correspond with me at, I can offer advice outside of Goodreads.

Allan H. Goodman

message 5: by Ruchama (new)

Ruchama (ruchamab) | 22 comments Personally, I'm interested as a writer and reader in information about author's books. I see no reason to separate my writer self from my reader self. Addicted readers like myself often feel a relationship a kinship with the authors we read. This forum promotes that to the mutual benefit of the reader as well as the writer.

message 6: by Laura (new)

Laura Parenteau | 6 comments Hi KT- following up on Allan Goodman's comment, you might try Fig Tree.

message 7: by Soloro (new)

Soloro | 4 comments Laura wrote: "Hi KT- following up on Allan Goodman's comment, you might try Fig Tree."

Thank you, Laura ~ will take a look!

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