How Green Was My Valley How Green Was My Valley question

Smoke and mirrors or worse ?
Pasti Jones Pasti May 05, 2015 06:57AM
My personal feelings on this book are that Llewellyn was no more than a social tourist.
And that How Green was my valley is the worst example of over romanticized fiction ever written.
Its also a very bad representation Of South Wales in most aspects.
Llewellyns right wing views also shine through.
Opinions please ?

The amount of good done by this book outweighs any trifling and penny-ante complaints like this, that you strangely have gone so out of your way to raise.

Llewellyn --it turns out--based the book on interviews rather than direct experience. So what? So did Stephen Crane for 'The Red Badge of Courage'. Get over it. The ends justifies the means in these cases.

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