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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 1958 comments Mod
Damien Devereux lives in a rather impressive old home rather secluded from neighbors, but still reachable. It is a large brick home that many call the Devereux Manor. He lives with his brother, Salem, sister, Erin, and familiar, Variel. They all seem to cope well enough with one another and spend more time apart than together. Damien has a large home due to owning his own business that has succeeded quite well. With six bedroom and seven bathrooms this home also contains six other living spaces used for a kitchen, livingroom, etc...Salem sleeps in the attic having had a room and bathroom all designed perfectly to his comforts. Erin's room is closest to the stairs leading to the main floor while Variel is further down the hall and Damien's room is the last door on the left. tot eh right is the door leading upstairs to Salem's bedroom. A full sliding door divides the attic into two parts making a covered bathroom separate from the bedroom or conjoining the two into a large room. Damien designed his room with a victorian style keeping to the house's historical background. Variel has a rather contemporary modern look to her bedroom much like Salem's. While salem's bedroom takes up the larger part of the attic on the other half of the house two guest bedroom are placed in the attic as well divided by a single wall keeping them compact and comfortable.

Exterior:(view spoiler)

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Variel snorted slightly. "Yeah, I'm a great role model." She said sarcastically, shaking her head and rolling her eyes as she followed him over to the house. She unlocked the house and turned the key, closing her eyes for an instant at the rush of cool air that rolled out. She turned to face him, lightly kissing his cheek with a quick but sincere, "Thank you." Before stepping up into the house, moving forward enough to give him the space to get inside. "So. Apparently I'm stuck with hanging out with you guys for a while." She teased lightly, though warily. She didn't want to risk what they'd just gained. "What should we do?"

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Damien smirked as he placed the chairs in the hall closet then moved toward the kitchen to dump the cooler ice and place the drinks back in the fridge. He smiled at the kiss she gave him all the way to the kitchen. "Well...I'm considering making a big meal...maybe grilling out and having the kids invite some friends over for a cook out..Coven friends...I hate mortals. "Damien was always strict about his rule on mortals. He didn't want them near his home or anywhere on his property. He despised the creatures and was rather reluctant about allowing them to even enter his lounge. He then leaned against the bar and frowned, "Go ahead say something about morals and so forth. Humour me about your ideas on the creatures and my siblings being friends with them." Damien was quite ready to hear her story as she was once a mortal, but now she wasn't so he wasn't racist toward her.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "I don't really enjoy mortals, but there are a very select few that are worth the effort." Variel shrugged, following him over to the kitchen. She jumped up to sit neatly on a stool, turning around to face him as he moved. "Then again though, it isn't because of them that for a year I spent my nights doing my best to not bark at the neighbors cat." She said dryly. Variel avoided humans because she feared what they'd do to her if they found out. Witches she avoided because she feared what they had already done to her. "Let's just say I'm not fond of people in general." She shrugged. Damien she could handle because he was nice to her, sometimes going out of his way to do it. Erin and Salem, she'd learned to deal with, originally because she had to because they were Damien's siblings, but she'd grown to enjoy their company as well. Brand new people she didn't like.

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Damien smiled, "You want some wine? "He asked reaching under the counter and grabbing a bottle of rather old chilled wine from the wine fridge under the bar. He turned grabbing two glasses from the cupboard. He poured himself a glass and awaited her answer. It happened suddenly and he didn't expect it as he started feeling weak. He felt dizzy. He hadn't committed a single murder in almost a year now and his powers were feeling the strain. He needed power and he had to kill to do it. After so long he never saw it as murder os much as a way of gaining mroe pwoer and energy. He needed it to survive as a Wraith.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Yes please, thank you." Variel accepted his offer, absently tapping her nails out on the counter. She flinched backwards as she felt his emotional spike, her gaze shooting back over to him. "Are you alright?" She asked, then changed it, knowing there wasn't a big chance of him admitting it. "You're not alright." she said flatly, staring at him. "What's the matter?" She pressed worriedly, an air of stubbornness to her. She was never going to let this drop until she got a satisfactory answer.

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Damien looked at her trying to put on a fake smile of ease, "I'm fine..nothing is wrong..here." He said sliding the already poured glass of wine to her. His hand shook and the wine bottle fell shattering on the floor. "Damnit! I just mopped." He gripped the counter hard before moving to the closet for the mop, but he felt dizzy again. He rubbed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. Once someone became a Wraith killing other witches was all they had going for them. They could eat and sleep just like any normal person, but it was the need for a constant supply of power that kept them going. Without it they were doomed to die slowly with the more power they used just like regular Witches, but with the unfortunate habit of killing to retain such power. "Don't worry..just enjoy your wine." He siad as he managed to get the mop and moved back tot he broke glass and spilled wine. He propped the mop up and attempted to get the glass up but his vision was blurring. He was power hungry...literally. He had been starving himself of pwoer to keep suspicions from rising against him. The man in black who ruled the Underworld did not warn him of such a price to pay for power, but he expected his debt was due and if he didn't offer a newborn infant soon he would be stuck draining of power no matter how many times he killed for it.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Ignoring the wine glass offered to her, Variel stood. Slowly she walked over to stand beside him, carefully pushing the glass out of the way for the moment. "Damien, I know you're not. There's no point in trying to convince me otherwise when I can feel your emotions." She said, attempting for a dry sarcasm but only succeeding in sounding worried. She wasn't short, but still short enough compared to him that her arm had to go around his waist instead of his shoulders as she insistently guided him from the kitchen, pushing him to sit down on the couch. "I'll take care of the glass and wine. But first, I'll take care of you. Now..." She sank down beside him on the couch, her hand sliding out from around his waist. "You're not telling me everything." She said simply. She wasn't judgmental or anything, just matter-of-fact. "Now. You know me, so you know that when I say that I promise whatever you say is not going to change how I think about you. So for me to help you, you have to tell me what it is you haven't yet." She said firmly, her gaze searching his face.

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Damien sighed rubbing his temples and leaning forward to not look her in the eyes. He then looked around for a moment and whispered a spell. "Protege filium meum anima per velamentum hostili aures. Sic indecens latere non audietur sonus vocis meae. Qui explorarent excaecant oculos. Sensus illos velim torpet nolunt audire verba mea." Suddenly it seemed like a shield or a curtain of shadow was draped over the house. "I believe I can trust you, Variel, but know what I'm about to say will be cursed upon you in silence. I cannot risk anything slipping out. I will say this quickly before my veil is broken. I am a Wraith. As you know about Wraiths you will know what weakens me. I need soul energy from another Witch and if I do not seek it soon I will begin to age quickly..." He sat back in silence and awaited her response knowing very well she would damn him and he would have the unfortunate act of havng ot kill her just as he had to do to so many before who had learned fo such and threatened to turn him over.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Variel was still for a long moment, staring back at him. She blinked rapidly, letting out a deep sigh as she tried to process. So he killed people. Alright. They'd deal with this. She slowly drew in a long breath, running her hands through her hair as she tried to process. She knew of his power lust, but didn't know how deep it truly was. In all honesty when she'd first met him, she thought vaguely that he seemed the type to do it, but he was still in the coven so that had been counted out. Plus, the simple reason of how nice he was to her. She didn't exactly approve of what he'd done, but it was said and done. He would die, and if that wasn't bad enough, she would too. "Alright. Ok. Now. At least we know what has to be done for you to get better." She said, determination growing in her voice as she spoke. "If you need one to live, then we're going to get you one. I can go find one." She said at last, rolling her shoulders back. She looked over at him and sighed, giving him a light kiss. "It's okay. You're still you to me. And you're still stuck with me." She said bravely, smiling just slightly.

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Damien was rather grateful that she was there for him. She understood the reasoning behind it and understood that her own life was at stake if he didn't kill an ascended Witch. He was rather frightful that she may turn him in if she left, but he knew he had to trust ehr. He didn't want to, but he had no other choice. "Very well, but I doubt you can do it so easily as I have for so long. I have to be precise with it and I have to be able to do it with as little evidence as possible that I did it. It can't be done anywhere near my house and it can't be done during the day. I committed one murder during the day and the High Priestess caught on. If she didn't think that I was going to kill her myself she would still be High Priestess. I'm lucky that the ruler of the Underworld killed off the one she passed her knowledge to and the newest one has no idea about my actions. It will all work out. I just need to know I can trust you. Will you take a vow of silence?" Damien asked clearly caution in his voice. he was very weary of what may become of his siblings if he is deemed a Wraith. He couldn't risk them finding out either because it would mean that they too would have to die. He felt dizzy again and all of the magic he summoned for secrecy vanished entirely. "I'm weak and need rest...I need to kill."

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "There's tons of big dogs in this town, and wolves in the woods. Humans will never suspect me, and I'm redeemed in the eyes of the Coven. Still though, I'm relying on you to cover it up what I slip up on." Variel warned. She sighed though, rising to her feet and moving to the kitchen. "Here's what we'll do." She began, coming back and handing him the glass of wine. "First, you're going to drink that. We're going to let it get closer to dark. Then we're going to get in the car and go to his house. I have one in mind- don't worry about it. You can set up, either at the house or a place you tell me. I'll track him from there if he's not home, and if he's in public I'll get him to follow me back to you." She explained briefly, sitting on the couch next to him again.

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Damien smirked, "If he is in fact at home I think I could pull off a more flawless kill. It will be easier that way and raise higher guards in the Coven. When Witches are being killed in their homes they will start patrolling more. I can easily sneak past any form of patrol after that and I expect that it will become more easily to kill for as long as they are looking for Wraiths and not other Coven members." Damien explained as he always planned ahead for future kills and events. He was ten steps ahead when it came to such things. even some of his ideas that seemed less likely to work they always seemed to work out in the long run. He always had a plan, but his arrogance held him at high stakes which meant he could get caught and never tally in what would happen should it happen. He always planned how to not get caught rather than what if he did. It showed a bit of optimism on his part when such things came into play. He took the glass of wine and sipped it leaning back feeling a rush of power fade from him again. "It will continue to drain me if I keep it up. This time tomorrow I'll look fifty. I need to do it soon. If we don't kill him tonight I may not make it to the next Coven gathering." He explained cautiously.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "I hate to break it to you Damien, but I don't think even you can pull off hotness when you look fifty." Variel chuckled, lightly kissing his cheek to show she didn't mean any harm by the comment. She was worried about him was all. Ok, not all. It was a bit of self-preservation as well, but if she was honest with herself (which she totally wasn't being at the moment) out of the two of them, herself was not her first worry. "Come on then. I'll drive, and I promise I won't kill us. I haven't yet. Bring your drink if you must, I'm sure I can get us out of anything that comes up." She stood and turned to look down at him, offering a hand to help him up. "If he's not home I can bring him back there. Now come on before you get wrinkles." She chuckled.

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Damien frowned struggling to get up, "Not funny." He gave her a very serious look. He sat the wine glass down after downing it quickly. He moved to the door feeling lightheaded and dizzy so much that he couldn't think. "Perhaps, we move along a bit more quickly. I won't have the strength to kill him soon and my organs will start to fail." He explained as he walked out the door grabbing a jacket as he felt chills. He was wearing his long trench coat and no shirt. He made it to the car and inthe back of the trunk he grabbed a pair of black suit pants. He struggled to get the passenger door open and realized eh forgot the keys in the kitchen. He pressed the ignition and the car failed to start by hsi powers. "Get the keys from the kitchen counter." He said blandly.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Well we really don't want you to die. I'd kind of prefer it if you were immortal, since, you know, when you die I'm pulled down along with you." Variel chuckled slightly, though she sounded more worried than anything else. Having followed along behind him she had to turn and jog back to the house. It wasn't hard to find them and soon she was heading back, twirling the keys around her finger. She hopped up to the driver's seat, putting the key in and turning. "You have to tell what to do to help you. That's what I'm here for." She pushed gently, kissing his cheek before looking at the mirror to make sure she wasn't going to run anything or anyone over.

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Damien smirked, "I like how you take safety precautions before we go on to murder someone." He seemed to be trying his best to look strong and healthy even to someone who already knew he was weak and ill. He sat up not wearing his seatbelt, but what was new. He allowed her to drive to the male Witches home that would be his next claimed victim. He was feeling his heart pulse for the kill. It felt as though it was pounding out of control desiring to feed on a soul. His blood was boiling for a chance to feel such power again.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Shaking her head, Variel smirked. "Why shouldn't I? Besides, if I hit something and wreck the car, then you're screwed." She pointed out, heading to the house. "Car's here, he's probably here." She noted, pulling around to the back before parking. She turned the car off and put the keys in the armrest, turning to look at him. "If you need, I can go in first. I know not to kill him, and I know how to cause injury but not death. You are not strong enough to take him on by yourself right now." She warned, opening her door.

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Damien nodded, "Go...I will be behind you." He said as he opened his car door. His hands were growing age spots already. He felt his hair thinning and his skin starting to loosen into wrinkles. He shook a bit trying to get out of the car and once he did he seemed a bit out of breath. He frowned looking at Variel a bit frightened now. "We have to hurry. I use too much power. It will drain me before we get the job done if we don't act now!" He said warningly. He moved toward the door and awaited Variel to knock.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Well then we'd better act, hm?" Variel said very matter of factly, stepping out of the car and closing the door behind her. Obeying, she walked up to the door and knocked. When he opened the door she did the obvious thing and just flat out punched him in the throat. He coughed and half choked and stumbled back, Vari walking in after him. Quite athletic at this point, she followed it up with a kick to the throat, knocking him to the ground.

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Damien held his chest in pain and stretched out a hand grasping the man's blood and ripping it from his pores. Then a bright light floated up from his mouth. Damien leaped feeling new life in the death itself. He leaned in kissing the man or so it seemed as he sucked the light in. He exhaled looking as young and fit as ever once more. He smirked with a smile as the blood flowed back into his body. "I can't risk anyone thinking it was me because I'm the only one the Coven knows to be able to control blood. He stood seeming calm and collected, but in his eyes a new light gleamed. He seemed to be radiating with power again, but darkness was still in his aura. He was clearly dark and evil on the inside with the love and joy to kill and extinguish the fire of life. He then moved the blood around in the guys body as the bruising from the punch vanished slowly. He went into the guys kitchen and found a box of toothpicks. He broke one in half and laid a piece beside the body and forced the other half into the guys throat rather harshly. "He choked." He said sounding almost sad for the guy, but clearly it was an act. "Let's get out of here...I'm hungry." He said with a cold and cruel smirk on his lips. He took Variel's hand quickly and pulled her to him so he could kiss her. He bit her lip slightly making it bleed tasting her blood. "You have no sign of fear...your blood taste sweet." he smirked.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Variel waited rather patiently, studying the man's death with sort of a detached interest. But it was Damien's reaction that intrigued her. She watched him as he fixed the body, but of course that wasn't her only option. She concentrated more on his emotions now, the excitement she found, well, it wasn't exactly reassuring. But she wasn't afraid, like he had sensed. She knew if she was going to die it would eventually be because of Damien, directly or indirectly with his death.
As he pulled her forward she didn't bother fighting it, simply looking up at him and kissing him back. She blinked and winced a fraction as he bit her hard enough to make her bleed, but it could have been worse and she knew it. So she didn't bother fighting or complaining. "If you die, I die. This keeps you from dying, and I have no desire for death myself." She said simply. Though, of course that wasn't the only reason. She didn't want Damien to die, and not just because it would cause her own death.

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Damien smiled, "Come on...I'll treat you to a night on the town. You earned it." he wrapped his arm around her and lead her outside after wiping the doorknob off with his jacket. He then opened the passenger side door for her and walked back to the driver side. "I'll drive." He waited for her to get in and smirked rather happy that she wasn't afraid of him and that she wasn't going to let him die. Vari was apart of this now and he trusted her to keep it quite. If the Coven killed him she would die, but in her own emotions he felt it was more than self-preservation for her. It was off for him because he never truly cared for anyone but hismelf. Sure eh cared for Vari and hsi siblings, but he was always number one. He felt off abotu her emotions ebcuase it felt like she cared for him.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Ah yes. Accomplice to murder. Great reason for a reward." Variel laughed, looking over at him warily. Honestly, she didn't trust how overly nice he was right now. It had nothing to do with the fact he'd just killed someone either. He was rarely mean to her, but it was almost as rare for him to go out of his way to be nice to her. "If I'd known that's what would get me free things, I would have started throat-punching people long ago." She chuckled, ducking her head to get into the car. Closing the door after her she lightly kissed his cheek, then spoke again, "Damn. You were thrilled a minute ago, now you feel... Weird." She noted the emotion change.

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Damien raised an eyebrow, "I could say the same about you. As far as reward goes. you took a risk for me and I respect that. I'm showing my gratitude to your loyalty. Given my emotional change...that empathy link goes both ways." He said plainly as he backed the car up and started driving toward Devereux Lounge. Damien turned the radio up and One Day/Reckoning Song by Asaf Avidan came on. He started driving and they were pulling into the lot before any conversation could stir.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Variel looked over at him curiously, raising an eyebrow. She knew he felt off, but she just didn't know why. Once they parked she opened the door and jumped out, stretching her long legs. "So." She mused aloud. "First, I'm going to change." She announced cheerfully. "Then I'll be back down." Without waiting for an answer she jogged toward the house, opening the door and propping it open a bit to let him get in easier before running up the stairs to her room. It was a quick change from tanktop and running shorts to a loose tshirt and yoga pants. This way she wasn't quite in pajamas, yet she still wouldn't have to change again. As she had promised she emerged back downstairs, making her way back over to him. "There. Now what?" She said expectantly, looking up at him.

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Damien had already put up the alcohol and was setting out vegetables and thick steaks. "I think we are going to grill. You are welcome to help out or just relax and watch." he said plainly as he grabbed a bud light platinum beer out of the fridge and sliced a lime and poked it down into it. He then grabbed seasonings and other things to marinate the steaks in. Italian dressing, soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, worchestire sauce, italian herbs seasoning, lemon pepper, garlic salt, meat tenderizer, and new orleans cajun steak seasoning. He placed them in a dish and beat the steaks with his fist. "If you want you can do the salad, baked potatoes, and rolls." He offered with a smile. "I want today to be all about Salem and this is his favorite meal. I want him to have a good time with us and see that I do care."

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Variel groaned. "Oh my god so much food today.... It's like my dream come true." She laughed, stepping past him into the kitchen. She dug around in the fridge and pulled out lettuce, spinach, and some baby carrots. She threw the greenery in the bowl and neatly used a knife to cut the carrots into strips, throwing them in as well. She set that to the side and went back to the fridge, pulling out the tube of uncooked rolls. It was easy enough to set them out on a baking tray and slide that into the oven, and this time went to a bottom cabinet, pulling out potatoes. All she did was throw them in the oven after the rolls. "Easy enough." She said firmly, glancing up and over at the door. "When will he be home?" She asked impatiently. She was never sure whether Salem liked her or not, though she always tried to be nice to him, especially when Damien was particularly harsh.

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Damien shook his head, "I don't know I think he mentioned something about a swim meet or some game going on, maybe a swim meet then a lacrosse game. I can't remember, but he will be home in time for dinner at least. I presume that Erin will be staying to watch his games too." Damien looked at the salad and frowned, "We have cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, shredded cheese, and a lot of toppings and dressings too you know." Damien offered. He then walked outside snapping his fingers a few times before a fire started in the gril. he then laid the steaks on the rack and waited for them to start cooking.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "I'll look for the other stuff." Variel groaned, crossing to the fridge again. This time she dug deeper into it, pulling stuff out and setting it aside. Eventually she closed the fridge and turned to the stuff. Soon enough she had bacon bits and cheese on it and was pulling out a knife and cutting board. She cut the cherry tomatoes, black olives, cucumber, celery, and hard boiled eggs and added them to the top. Shoving the knife and cutting board aside she pulled out a large salad spoon and set it beside the bowl. Then she pulled out dressings from the fridge. "What's his feeling on bleu cheese?" She called out to Damien, pushing the fridge closed behind her with her foot.

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Damien shook his head with a smile before calling back out, "He hates it with a passion. I've only seen him eat Italian and Ranch. Normally the Ranch he eats has to be homemade, though." Damien said checking on the steaks and flipping them as steam and smoke bellowed up with a crisp delicious scent. Damien closed the grill again and lit a menthol cigarette again. He took a sip of his bud light platinum beer with lime and nearly downed it entirely before walking in finishing it up. He then grabbed another beer and shoved a slice of lime in it again but this time it began to fizz up and he had to be quick to suck on the top of the bottle.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Ugh, everyone hates bleu cheese. I don't understand, I think it's great." Variel complained, smiling as she put all the dressing but the ranch and Italian back. Figuring she'd just leave it up to Salem she set the bowl and dressings in the counter, sliding the spoon in the bowl and walked over, sitting in a chair just outside. Her nose twitched, but it was easily for her to detect the difference between the delightful food smell and the acrid cigarette smoke. She didn't say anything, just concentrated on the food one, leaning back and closing her eyes.

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Damien then walked back outside to check the grill again puffing on his cigarette when he heard someone curse at the sound of bricks or books falling to the pavement. He looked over the fence to see Salem walking up the driveway. He didn't look like he was having the best of days. His head was soaking wet and he looked like he was trembling. Damien didn't want to concern himself feeling that he just had a hard day. Things always got harder closer to the end of school especially for seniors.

Salem managed to get his books back into his bag and walked into the house. he didn't bother with going outside or into the kitchen he just went upstairs. He walked into his bedroom slamming the door shut and throwing himself onto his bed his face smothered into a pillow. He screamed and then sat up. he kicked his shoes off and jerked his shirt off throwing it to the floor with clear defiance. He moved to his bathroom and punched the wall hard. He had so much rage running through his mind he started to put off an aura of patience as if it was being expelled from him as Wrath set in. He jerked out of his pants and briefs before turning on the water and climbing into an ice cold shower. He propped an arm up as he leaned his head forward taking in the water. The bathroom door was wide open and all he felt was the pressure wash away. He was trying so hard to dispel his wrath and take patience back in. he was breathing heavily as tears fell from his cheeks, not that anyone would be able to tell as the water was soaking his entire body. Unfortunately, Salem was never good at Spellcraft. No matter how many times he attempted it he could never get any spells right leaving him disappointed. "Peace of the mind and peace of the body. Take my pain and rage make it disembody. My soul to be free of grief my heart clean of pain. With the water upon my body wash clean my slate in this rain." He chanted the spell a few times under his breath, but it didn't make him feel any better.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "I'm going to go check on your brother." Variel said pointedly, giving Damien a look before she stood again, though she kissed his cheek as she passed by him to show she wasn't really angry. She started toward the stairs, shaking her head slightly. She winced as she heard the scream, making her way down the hallway to Salem's room. She knocked on the door, "Salem, sweetie, are you alright?" she called through it, her concern obvious. She didn't like most people as a general whole, but she had been around Salem as long as she'd been around Damien. She liked him, and she tried to make up for Damien's indifference. Knocking again, she called a bit louder as she heard the running water. "Salem, it's Variel."

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Salem moaned in irritation hitting the wall of the shower with a whimper of pain. "Come in!" He called out to Variel. He figured Damien sent her up because he was too busy to come up himself. He climbed out of the shower after turning the water off and wrapped a towel around his waist. He walked to the door and opened it. "What do you want? "He asked rather coldly as he wiped his eyes with his fist.

Damien was glad for the kiss on the cheek, but he was starting to wonder just why she gave him a rather pointed look as if he had done something wrong. He tried pushing it t the back of his mind as he poked at the steaks and listened to the juices sizzle around them. He finished his cigarette and put it out in the ash bucket below the grill. He then downed his second beer and moved back into the kitchen for another. He wasn't going to bother with Salem because whatever it was Variel had it covered.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Variel frowned at his tone, studying him. "I want to make sure you're alright. And I can tell you're not." She noted, shaking her head slightly to get her chocolate hair from her face. She stepped forward, moving past him to perch neatly on the edge of his bed. "Come here, Salem." She said gently, simply studying him. "I know something's wrong, and I am not arrogant enough to expect you to tell me. But I do know the look of someone who feels like they don't have anyone to turn to." She said carefully.

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Salem shook his head, "i don't need anyone to turn to. I'm fine enough to handle the situations I go through on my own, thanks, but tell damien next time he wants to get inside my head to do it himself instead of sending up his pet." Salem never talked to Variel in such a degrading way. In fact, salem never talked to or about anyone in sucha way. Clearly he was frustrated abotu something and he was not happy about it at all. He felt defeated. "Sorry, I'm just upset that we lost the game today." He said clearly that wasn't the only thing. Salem's team never lost a game because of Salem and a select few others who were naturally talented in such sports. It was beyond the failure of losing the game clearly. He had so much pain in his mind he would never be able to unravel something so distorted. He wasn't able to focus if his life depended on it at this point. Nothing about this week went right for him. First someone destroyed his picture he made on a huge poster board for the art show. then he had hundreds of post-its on his locker with rather rude comments towards his sexuality. Today after they lost the game Salem was beaten down physically and verbally in the showers. He didn't know who did it, but he knew that now the entire school was claiming him to be gay and it was alright for those who were open abotu being gay, but not for him. He was not alright. his entire self-esteem was crushed and shattered. He wanted to use his powers against them, but after Dustin died he refused to use his powers against anyone especially mortals. "Just go back to Damien and tell him I'm mad that I lost the game. You don't have to constantly sniff around just because he wants you to." It was only the that a cloud moved shining the sun into his dark bedroom that a bruise on his cheek and few on his arms and sides could be seen.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Variel simply studied him, not even acknowledging his rude comment. It was partially because she knew he was just upset and lashing out in anger, and partially because she knew it was true. She had to obey Damien, and she was a dog some of the time. She essentially was just a pet, and she'd accepted that a long while ago. That didn't mean she enjoyed him calling her that, but it didn't really hurt her.
"I said I'm not arrogant enough to ask you to tell me what's really going on, but I'm also not stupid enough to know that's the reason you were crying." She said softly, standing back up. She crossed over to him again and hugged him for a long moment before pulling back to look up at him, though her hands still rested on his shoulders. "And I'm not going back down to do that. He didn't ask me to come up here. I'm here because I'm worried about you. If you truly want me to leave I will, but... Remember why I was here. Because I care about you. You've always been nice to me, and I consider you a friend."
She smiled, then continued, though a bit slower. "I don't know the details of what you're going through, but I'm sure I can relate. I'm not going to bore you with my own details as I'm sure you don't want them, but... If you do decide you want to talk, I understand what you're going through, though from a slightly different angle." she said simply. He went though what he did because he was gay, she went through what she had because of that lovely practice known as slut-shaming.

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