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Did anyone go to Free Comic Book Day?

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message 1: by Annice22 (new)

Annice22 | 219 comments Mod
Did anyone pick up anything good?

It was so crowded where I went that I was only able to pick up one book, Avatar: The Last Airbender. I'm hoping when I go back there will still be a few books left.

message 2: by Travis (new)

Travis (travishiltz) | 415 comments Went to a couple places, both really too crowded for it to be fun.
Got about a half dozen freebies and bought a big stack from the 'all for a dollar' boxes.

Then, we went and got schwarma for lunch.

The Doctor Who, Avengers, Boom studio and Gronk comics were fun. The couple others were more big ads than stories.

Not bad, but I may skip the big events next year and just hang out at my local shop.

message 3: by Jim (new)

Jim (jkmfilms) Got some cool comics - but the only DC comic anyone had was Teen Titans. Apparently we missed the Batman comic. I guess we need to go earlier than noon next year.

The lantern rings were cheap, but cool.

message 4: by Robert (new)

Robert Wright (rhwright) | 64 comments I am still going through my huge stack.

My LCS was very generous, getting many titles and only limiting to 1 per. I was front of the line, as usual.

I don't remember a Batman comic, DC's books were:

Teen Titans Go!

Full list of titles: http://www.freecomicbookday.com/Home/...

There were a few I didn't bother with, but all of these were available at my shop. Also, they had a Hero Clix promo pack. I don't play, but they were cool.

message 5: by Jim (new)

Jim (jkmfilms) Ah - Divergence is the one I was thinking about. I think my LCS was out of those. Mine was generous, too. But it had one table with "take 1 per title" and another table with "take any 5 of these". I thought it was good...

Bummer! No Hero Clix here. But they had a Marvel "Original Sin" bouncy ball and Lantern rings...

message 6: by Jim (new)

Jim (jkmfilms) That stinks - apparently it was out of Street Fighter, as well as The Tick. Need to be earlier next year!

message 7: by C. John (last edited May 05, 2015 03:10PM) (new)

C. John Kerry (cjkerry) | 119 comments Our local comic book store limits people to three titles so I have to make choices. I picked up Divergence, Doctor Who and The Phantom. Each of the kids also picked up three each. As well there were dealers set up for the day (third or fourth year for that) and I managed to pick up some bargains.
Essential Spider-Man Volumes 4 & 5 and Essential Iron Man Volumes 2 & 3 $5 each
Showcase Presents Martian Manhunter Vol. 1 $10
Showcase Presents Enemy Ace Vol. 1 $15
Comic Cavalcade Archives Vol. 1 $25

message 8: by Travis (new)

Travis (travishiltz) | 415 comments FCBD 2016:

Couldn't hang out at my local shops long as I was going to see a matinee of Civil War.

Got some decent stuff and a couple on sale TPBs.

Rom was interesting, Doctor Who felt clunky, the Phantom was fun and the stuff from the big two were feeble.

message 9: by C. John (new)

C. John Kerry (cjkerry) | 119 comments Our local store only allows three per person. Picked up The Phantom, Doctor Who and 2000 AD. The book from DC didn't look interesting. They also had stuff left over from the Halloween promotion on the tables.

message 10: by Travis (new)

Travis (travishiltz) | 415 comments My shops limit was five and since there two in my town, I was able to get a decent stack of comics.

Both DC and Marvel have gotten really lazy about FCBD. Haven't enjoyed anything they've put out form them for the last couple years.

message 11: by C. John (last edited May 09, 2016 09:26PM) (new)

C. John Kerry (cjkerry) | 119 comments My six year old daughter picked up DC's Superheroine book and was happy with that one. She also got Strawberry Shortcake which she liked and something about a midnight garden which she was not enamoured with. The mall our comic store is in (we only have one nowadays in town) hosts a comic book show as well and I bought her four Archie digests at 75 cents each and she gave me one when we got home. My other three didn't get up til after lunch (they had bowling in the morning) and by that time pickings were slim. In fact a lot of what was there was the stuff left over from Halloween.

nightwing_shawshank | 10 comments yup

message 13: by C. John (new)

C. John Kerry (cjkerry) | 119 comments My ten year old couldn't find anything he liked but the wife told him to pick some anyway. He did and then gave them to me when he got home. Going to have to see if we can do things differently next year. They didn't bowl last year so were able to be there at the beginning..

message 14: by Travis (new)

Travis (travishiltz) | 415 comments We were thinking of going to the shop by the theater, but the crowd was too crazy.

My two local shops did a nice job of setting up two sections, one of all the kid friendly FCBD comics ( with some extras for kids) and then a section for the less kid friendly comics.
They were really good at letting parents know, so they could help their kids find stuff.

My shops don't have the room or money to attract big guests or do big events, but they always have good sales and a good selection of kid stuff.

message 15: by C. John (new)

C. John Kerry (cjkerry) | 119 comments Yeah our shop did the same. The stuff oriented towards the older audience was on a table at the side of the main items.

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