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This is where you can talk with your leader!

silverineAlchemist Emberpaw runs to the leaders den, as she enters she sees Netherstar and bows her head

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(( It's Neverstar))

Neverstar smiles at her apprentice. "What is it, Emberpaw?"

silverineAlchemist "Im am sorry for yesterday, I am afraid I have tunnel vision, once I focus on something, my senses and instincts fly past me, I will try to control it."

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"Is everything okay?" Neverstar's eyes suddenly grow wild with fear. "Are you alright? Is everyone fine?"

Neverstar is terrified and worried about her Clan.

silverineAlchemist "I am ok, I just need to focus on my surroundings" She mews and smiles

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Neverstar stride over to her apprentice. "Did the badger hurt you?" Her voice is calm and soft now, assured that the danger is past. "How did the patrol go? Is the badger gone?"

Neverstar licks her apprentice's head. "Come on, lie down here. You must be exhausted." She leads Emberpaw to her nest.

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silverineAlchemist "Thank you Neverstar" She says as her eyes begins to droop, "and no the badger didn't hurt me"

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"Thank goodness," Neverstar murmurs softly. "Sleep, Emberpaw. You did well today," she whispers to her sleeping apprentice.

silverineAlchemist ((what do you want to do now?))

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((RP on Sofia's Thing))

silverineAlchemist ((OK))

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((The group is Camp Half-Blood RP or just look at my page for the groups I'm in))

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