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Your Favorite Couple?

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Sara Name 5 of your favorite couples from any book.

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Percy and Annabeth- Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Flynn and Amanda- Kingdom Keepers
Ron and Hermione- Harry Potter

........That's all I have

Nora percabeth (percy jackson and the olympians,percy-annabeth)
everlark (hunger games,peeta-katniss)
madness (mara dyer, mara-noah)
wessa (infernal devices,william-tessa)
sydrian (bloodlines,sydnee-adrian)

Jesse Burk Percy and Annabeth - Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Kirito and Asuna - Sword Art Online (Light Novel)
Lawrence and Holo - Spice and Wolf (Light Novel)
Falcon and Aya - Void Wielder trilogy
Will and Alyss - Ranger's Apprentice

Varsha Percy and Annabeth- Heroes of Olympus
Celaena and Chaol-Throne of Glass
America and Maxon- The Selection
Meghan and Ash- The Iron Fey
Day and June- Legend Trilogy

Emily Beard 1. Cinder and Kai- Lunar Chronicles
2. Percy and Annabeth- Percy Jackson
3. Jaron and Imogen- Ascendance Trilogy
4. Leo and Calypso- Heroes of Olympus
5. Enna and Finn- Books of Bayern

Autumn 1. Anabelle and Owen-Just Listen
2. Sidney and Mac-Saint Anything
3. Ron and Hermione-Harry Potter
4. Leo and Calypso-Heroes of Olympus
5. Hazel and Frank-Heroes of Olympus

(Also Ava Lavender and her friend's brother but the name escapes me at this point)

Maddi Percy Jackson and Annabeth(Percy Jackson and the Olympians)

Katniss and Peeta(The Hunger Games)

Jace and Clary(The Mortal Instruments)

Amy and Roger(Amy and Roger's Epic Detour)

David and Megan( Steelheart)

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Percy and Annabeth (Percy Jackson series)

Leo and Calypso (Percy Jackson series)

Warner and Juliette (Shatter Me series)

Silverstream and Graystripe (Warriors)

Crowfeather and Leafpool (Warriors)

Eddie Tuma Percy and Annabeth is my favorite couple. They have been through way more than any of them.

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I will have to agree with that

Ashmita Ghosh 1. Clace- Clary & Jace- Mortal Instruments
2. Percabeth- Percy & Annabeth- Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus
3. Bedward- Bella & Edward- Twilight (I know people will have opinions about this one)
4. Fourtris- Tobias & Tris- Divergent
5. Annettine- Anna & Etienne- Anna & the French Kiss

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Leah Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood (Mortal Instruments)
Celaena and Chaol (Throne of Glass)
Leo and Calypso (Heroes of Olympus)
America and Maxon (The Selection)
Holder and Sky (Hopeless)

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