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The Atomic Sea: Volume One (The Atomic Sea, #1)
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message 1: by Ray (new)

Ray Greenley | 20 comments Hello! I have promotional copies of The Atomic Sea: Volume One to offer in exchange for an honest review on! Please contact me if you're interested!

Here's the promotional copy:

"Epic adventure in a strange world by best-selling author Jack Conner.

A thousand years ago, the sea began to change, and the change spread. Now the boiling, toxic, lightning-wreathed Atomic Sea has encompassed every ocean on the planet, and the creatures that live in it have become mutated and unnatural. The sea's taint can infect any human who comes in contact with it or with unprocessed seafood, killing them... or altering them.

No one knows why the sea has become this way or what it portends, only that it's irrevocably changed the world. Meanwhile, world war has erupted, and the small country of Ghenisa, like many others, is tottering on the brink of collapse under the onslaught of the Empire of Octung.
Dr. Francis Avery, a middle-aged widower, is aboard a military whaling ship far out on the Atomic Sea, when a series of murders onboard propels him down the rabbit-hole of danger and terror unlike any other. Soon he becomes aware of a spy on the ship, but that's just the beginning.

With the help of the grizzled whaler Janx and a mysterious woman named Layanna, he will embark on an epic quest to save Ghenisa from Octung and unravel the secrets of the Atomic Sea.

This is the opening volume of a multi-volume saga of adventure and high stakes in an awe-inspiring world unlike any you've ever seen before. Welcome to the world of the Atomic Sea." link:

Please note that this book contains mature language, as well as descriptions of mature 'encounters' and violence.

Thank you!

Ray Greenley

Susan (nrlymrtl) | 95 comments I am definitely interested in giving your book a listen and a review. Here's my book blog:

I cross post all reviews to Audible, Amazon, and Goodreads.

You can contact me here or via email:

Thanks for considering me.


message 3: by Ray (new)

Ray Greenley | 20 comments Thanks for your interest, Susan! I'll be happy to gift you a copy, and very much look forward to your review! Based on what I see of your blog, I think you'll enjoy the tone and themes in this book.

Thanks again!


Susan (nrlymrtl) | 95 comments Received. Thank you! Will send link once the review is up.


message 5: by Justin (new)

Justin (justinswapp) | 62 comments Any US codes left? This sounds good (great reviews so far!)

message 6: by Ray (new)

Ray Greenley | 20 comments I do have some left, Justin! If you could, message me your Email address and I'll gift you a copy of the book.



message 7: by Justin (new)

Justin (justinswapp) | 62 comments swappster at gmail dot com


message 8: by Ray (new)

Ray Greenley | 20 comments Sent! Thanks!


message 9: by Justin (new)

Justin (justinswapp) | 62 comments Cheers, and thanks. I'm excited!

Amie's Book Reviews (amiesbookreviews) | 58 comments I'm not sure if I sent a request earlier for this audiobook, but it is not in my Audible library, so I probably didn't.

If there are still codes available I would be willing to listen and review it for you. I do have a few books ahead of this one, but it shouldn't be long before I can review it.

You can check out my reviews at

My email address is



message 11: by Ray (new)

Ray Greenley | 20 comments Thanks, Amie! I don't remember seeing a request from you before, so thanks for getting in touch. I've gifted you a copy of the book. Enjoy! I'm looking forward to your review.


message 12: by Ray (new)

Ray Greenley | 20 comments Thanks for the great review, Amie! I'm glad you enjoyed the book!

In case you were curious about part two of the series, I have already finished production and it should be available within the next week or two. If you're interested in reviewing it as well, I'll be happy to send you a copy once I have my promo codes in.

message 13: by Dennis (new)

Dennis Butler | 5 comments I'm a bit late on the draw here but if you have any codes left I am a fellow scifi author and I will leave you a good review if you send me a code. I'll be having some lengthy blood transfusions this month and listening to audiobooks is perfect (TMI). :-)

message 14: by Ray (new)

Ray Greenley | 20 comments Thanks for your interest, Dennis! I've gifted you a copy of the book. I hope you enjoy it! I'll look forward to reading your review. :^)


David (dc995) | 1 comments I'm game :)

message 16: by Adrian (last edited Jun 08, 2015 01:08PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Adrian | 96 comments I also am a bit late but would love to listen and give a review. My audible email is removed. Thanks!

message 17: by Ray (new)

Ray Greenley | 20 comments Thanks, Adrian! I've gifted you a copy of the book. I'll look forward to reading your review. :^)

Amie's Book Reviews (amiesbookreviews) | 58 comments Here is the link to my review of THE ATOMIC SEA - PART ONE.

I rated this book as 4 out of 5 stars and thoroughly enjoyed the audiobook.


message 19: by Ray (new)

Ray Greenley | 20 comments Thanks for your review and feedback, Adrian! :^)

Adrian | 96 comments Ray wrote: "Thanks for your review and feedback, Adrian! :^)"

No problem! I am glad to have had the opportunity and wish you well with future narrations!

Can I ask you an honest question... How did you enjoy the book? Or are you allowed to answer that?

message 21: by Ray (new)

Ray Greenley | 20 comments I probably would say I couldn't answer if I didn't like it, but fortunately I did enjoy the book! Also, if I didn't like the story I wouldn't have done Volume Two (now available on Audible as of earlier this week!) and be planning to start on volume three soon. I like the bizarre, dark world, and I think the characters are interesting.

But I definitely recognize that it's not a book for everyone. And I also understand the comments about the way it ends. It didn't bother me as I felt that a narrative arc DID complete, but that's just my opinion. There's a technical reason for the way it ends, which anyone who's interested can read about on the author's blog. Volume Two picks up right where Volume One left off.

Thanks again! :^)

message 22: by Ray (new)

Ray Greenley | 20 comments Thanks for the fantastic review, Susan! You can check out her review on her blog, Dab of Darkness, here:

By the way, Volume Two is available and I'm currently working on Volume Three!

message 23: by Jessica (new) - added it

Jessica  (jessical1961) | 519 comments Dab of Darkness is a great blog! I read it daily and often find myself reblogging some of what she writes. You really need to check it out.

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