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Ainsley Ross | 4 comments I have finished the first book to my Pandora series and would like 4-5 beta readers that would be interested in reading all the books for this series, but it's not a must.

Word count: 84,631
Genre: NA Fantasy Romance
Sex Scene: Explicit


Sisters torn apart…

Willow and Hazel Wolfe are as close as sister’s can be—until five mysterious strangers show up with differing tales of good and evil. They bring with them atmospheric anomalies, death, and war. Can the sister’s find their way back to each other or are their paths forever torn, twisting them into sworn enemies?

Fate and Prophecy…

Hazel Wolfe’s world of hanging out and drug paraphernalia has been turned upside down by a dark, tempting demon warrior, sworn to protect her from the Elder’s assassins. His world is at her mercy. Will she fall under Talon’s spell and accept her prophesied fate?

A secret destiny…

Willow Wolfe has her future lined up and planned out exactly the way she wants it; college and maybe a new relationship with her long-time friend, Ewan Hunter—until Gabriel and Zach show up with fantastical stories of other realms, magic destroyers, and an evil twin. Will she ignore everything she knows about Hazel and team up with this duo to save her sister’s soul before it’s too late?

Ainsley Ross

message 2: by Ainsley (new)

Ainsley Ross | 4 comments Hello Bunny

Thank you for the interest. I can send it word doc. 1-3 weeks would be great for a timeline if that is possible, if not I can work with you. I look forward to your feedback.


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Ainsley Ross | 4 comments Hi Bunny,

I'm doing a check in with all my beta readers today. I look forward to reading your feedback. Here is my email.

Thanks again,

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