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Catrina Courtenay (catrinacourtenay) | 3 comments Ultimate Betrayal Revelations by Catrina Courtenay Ultimate Betrayal:Revelations.
Free for 3 days only at Amazon:

“What’s going through that beautifully wicked mind of yours?” His eyes roam my face and settle on my lip, which is caught between my teeth. I squeak.
A hand slips off the wall and runs down the length of my arm, gently moving aside my suit jacket until I feel the warmth of his skin through my shirt. With one step, he closes the distance between us. He leans in and presses himself against me. My nipples harden, and the need unfurls low in my belly.
His lips hover above mine for what seems like minutes, and his eyes devour me as he waits.
He tilts his head and seals his lips over mine in a possessive, frantic kiss. The kind of kiss that truly lives up to all the anticipation. A movie kiss.
The kind they probably teach in drama school. How to bring a woman to her knees 101.
The force of his need tilts my head back, and I can’t contain the groan as his hand rises up my body.
“God, I want to strip you down and make love to you right here, right now,” he groans. He pushes his hips into my belly, and I can feel the hardness there. Kissing me quickly, his lips linger on mine for a moment, and I breathe him in, not wanting it to stop.

message 2: by Denise (new)

Denise (queenangel69) | 26 comments Thank you for sharing. Got my copy. I look forward to reading it.

message 3: by Catrina (new)

Catrina Courtenay (catrinacourtenay) | 3 comments Denise wrote: "Thank you for sharing. Got my copy. I look forward to reading it."

Glad to hear it - and I hope you enjoy reading it!!

message 4: by Ada (new)

Ada (alexab92) | 12 comments Thank you also >:D<

message 5: by Catrina (new)

Catrina Courtenay (catrinacourtenay) | 3 comments Hey Alexandra - Hope you enjoy it and if you like it, tell your friends!

Alexandra wrote: "Thank you also >:D<"

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