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Heather Edwards What hides behind The Manor House walls?
Eerie mice, with gyrating eyes, displaying clown mouse actions!
This is a story manipulated by a mad scientist, who kidnaps animals for experimentation, creating lots of new species. Annie Softnose the local cat magically becomes entangled in a web of deceit. Her world collides with Featherpaws ... “a scientific creation,” who is on a mission!
Their journey together, helps Featherpaws find his true self, and he learns to appreciate his own quirky uniqueness.
Startlingly Featherpaws and Annie Softnose discover science can be channeled for good and evil. Negotiations and futuristic science ultimately provide the perfect solutions, and show that we must care for our world and its creatures.

Heather Edwards Taking care of our world and nature is a theme Heather Edwards always includes in her books. Her stories are full of information and illustrations about animals and conservation, from caring for animals and our environment, to humans, their needs, emotions and feelings.
Her scientific fantasies are aimed at 7-15 year olds. Her story books about, "Featherpaws," involve how science can act for good and bad, and how children should make scientific inquiries, questioning why adults are destroying nature.

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