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message 1: by Jason (new)

Jason Hein (jasonphein) | 32 comments Hey everyone! I am very excited to release the cover for my first Novel in the Varsian Kingdom Series, "Arise to Fall."

Right now I am looking for feedback and mostly negative feedback. Might sound odd but any negative feedback is what I want to focus on because it will tell me what may need changed. Not that I will turn aside posative feedback it's great to know that it's a good design if it is. ;)

So here is the link to my author facebook page where the pictures are. Please let me know what you think! If you are interested in keeping up with my writing like my facebook page and that would be a great help to get the word out about the book as well!

message 2: by S.J. (new)

S.J. Lewis (sjlewis) | 469 comments I like the cover. Including a map on the back is a nice touch.

message 3: by Jason (new)

Jason Hein (jasonphein) | 32 comments Thanks, appreciate it! :)

message 4: by Jason (new)

Jason Hein (jasonphein) | 32 comments I have a second option for the cover (Though so far this version is just the front and only a few hours of time has been put into it. It's the very first draft)

Let me know which one you like better if you would be so kind as to offer more feedback. (Which I do greatly appreciate)

message 5: by S.J. (new)

S.J. Lewis (sjlewis) | 469 comments I suggest that you stick with the first cover.The character in the foreground on the second cover looks a bit Neanderthal.

message 6: by Jason (new)

Jason Hein (jasonphein) | 32 comments The Characters on the second cover are simply place holders at this point. They will be quite different after it's worked up if I go with that option.

Out of the design, mainly, is what I am wondering about.

message 7: by S.J. (new)

S.J. Lewis (sjlewis) | 469 comments Ah. Well, I would still go with the original cover.

message 8: by Jason (new)

Jason Hein (jasonphein) | 32 comments Alright thanks for the feedback. :) Do appreciate it.

I am very betwixed and between as of right now. I have got a lot of negative feedback towards the CG characters on the front of the first cover so I am debating which to try and go with.

Brenda ╰☆╮    (brnda) | 1409 comments As a, sometimes, visual artist. The first looks GREAT, to me.

Beautiful color, and I like the composition.

message 10: by Jason (new)

Jason Hein (jasonphein) | 32 comments Thanks. :) I do appreciate your opinion I think I will probably be sticking with the first version but maybe revamping it a bit.

It's still a work in progress so thanks for all the tips.

message 11: by Claire (new)

Claire | 24 comments I prefer the art style of the second cover. The first one frankly looks like a screencap from a video game to me.

message 12: by Jason (new)

Jason Hein (jasonphein) | 32 comments Thanks for the feedback. :)

We are going to try another filter on the art from the first one and see if we can get a more painted or drawn look but keep the picture.

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