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Adiva Chris Colfer is going turn this series into a movie! AWESOME!

ella Which website did you find that on?

Adiva not sure but i searched it up and there is so many saying it

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ella Q: Have you thought about developing The Land of Stories for as a TV or movie series?
A: Oh, yes. Yes, yes. That's definitely in the works. I am horribly superstitious so I won't say anything else, but yeah, it's definitely in the works.


Adiva And I can't wait till it happens.

Kenzie I herd tht he wanted his fans to want it really bad before he said anything, but are you sure?

Adiva Yeah

Adiva But I could be wrong.

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Eve I will play Bree.

message 10: by Meghan (new) - added it

Meghan omg! well i guess i'll be alex.

Cheshire Cat [Heidi]~ We're All Mad Here ~ I'll be Mother Goose, then! Nah, that would probably require a LOT of makeup in order to make me look like her...

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Meghan totally!

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