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Sex in YA Novels (Shiver being the Worst - so far)

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Laurel Just to be clear, I'm not entirely opposed to sex in YA novels altogether. I'm just opposed to novels where the couple hardly know each other and get it on and then pass it off as "true love." This book was probably the worse and had a mix message because Sam wanted to "do things right" and then gave in anyways. And then there is Grace who started off not caring about having a boyfriend or getting into a relationship, but then BAM she meets Sam. They start snuggling in bed right away and then about a week later they consummate.

I've read other YA books with sex, some didn't make sense while others were done right. I don't like Twilight but at least Edward was CONSISTENT in what he believed was right. Sam - not so much. I understand that teenagers have raging hormones but what message is the author trying to get at?

Are there other books that have just as confusing messages about YA sex? Do you think the author handled this well or do you also think that she is sending mixed messages with how the sex was handled in the book?

QueenAmidala28 Have you worked with teenagers today? It depends on where you are, what culture you are in and 20 other factors going on in the world today. As a middle school teacher, I endorse books that do not have sex in them but focus on the main characters striving for other attributes: sports, best friends, music, etc. With everything that young adults have to deal with today, sex should be the last thing on their mind. Of course, it happens but in my opinion we shouldn't be pushing these books on them either.

Sarah Chambers I have read a lot of YA books (Shiver included) and have not had a problem with sex being included. Surely it's more realistic teenagers do have sex and will continue to do so if they wish. I think we can sometimes set too much store in the idea if teenagers see or read about something society considers bad they will go out and do it. Lets give them a bit more credit it's not the town from Footloose. If author's are censored and forced to give young adult's a fake ideal rather than characters they can relate to in this day and age, they will figure it out and tune out. I am not saying more sex is needed, but these books aren't exactly porn.

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