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Hook's hangout, probably not the best place to be at dark...

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Shiona and Hans both came to the rock, talking about Peter of course.

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" Hello Socks," Shiona said.

Hans just simply nodded,

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" We were bored that's all, oh and Hook is back," Hans said.

Shiona didn't smile like she always did.

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Hans looked at Shiona, then back at Socks.

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Audra  | 64 comments Britta ran down the path to Hook's favorite spot. She saw the children and sighed in releif. "Socks," she called, "Hans, Shi, good. Pan's back, you need to get back to the hideout. He doesn't want you out here right now." She stopped at the top of the path and yelled down at them.

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Hans and Shiona left right away.

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Audra  | 64 comments Britta moved from foot to foot, a nervous habit she had formed a long time ago, "Flower was down at Pirate's Cove earlier today, there was a girl there and she cornered her. I found the two and managed to stall long enough for Peter to get there. Long story short, it was one of Hook's crew." She said this very quickly.

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