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Ken (kensamcampo) Name: Selena Tapia Aiza De Sanchez

Age: 38


Personality: Kind, Caring, Smart, and Outgoing
Grade Taught: Freshman

Subject Taught: Spanish 1

Carlos Daniel Sanchez Tapia ( Son, 14 ) { Band Geeks and Jocks, open for creation } * his middle name is Daniel *

Salvatore Sanchez Munoz ( Husband, 38 )

Eugenio Tapia Aiza ( Brother, 18 ) { Jocks, Emos, Goths, and Auto Mechanics for cliques. Open for creation }

Alina Tapia Aiza ( Sister, 15 ) { Populars, Band Geeks and Jocks. Open for creation }

Mira Aiza Castillo De Tapia ( Mother )

James Tapia Martinez ( Father )

Extra: From Mexico. Surfs, Skateboards, Plays Guitar, Plays Football, Does Soccer. Sings and Dances. Acts.


Name: Andrew Cade
Nickname: Andy

Age: 39


Personality: Athletic, Smart, Kind, and Outgoing

Grade Taught: Freshman

Common Name of Grade Taught: 9, 9th, Freshies

Roles: Coach, Parent, and Teacher

Subject Taught: Biology

Common Name of Subject that he Taught: Bio

Formal Name of Sport that he coaches: American Football

Common Name of that he Sport Coaches: Football

Level of Sports Coaches: Junior Varsity and Varsity

Common Name of Junior Varsity Level that he coaches: JV

Henna Lisette Cade ~Nicknames; Henn, Hannah, Henna, Lis, Lisette, Sette, Lise~ ( Wife, 38 ) { WoodShop 5 Teacher at Hallwood High } [ OFC ] | Former Cliques; Popular Clique, Artist Clique, and Band Geeks Clique. Status; Alumni of HallWood |

Cameron Aiden Cade ~Nicknames; Cam, Camy, Aiden, Camero~ ( Brother, 38 ) { Unemployed drunk guy } [ Only mentioned, Biological father of Andy's step-children. Cameron is in jail. Cameron is presumed dead. ] | Former Cliques ; Smokers, Emos, Lazies, Bullies, Idiots, Rejects, Procrastinators, Junkies, Collectors, and People who don't care about other's feelings. Status; Alumni of HallWood |

Jackson Cade ~ Nickname; Jake ~ ( Step-Son, 15 ) { Student of Hallwood High, OFC } | Cliques; Jocks, Band Geeks, Populars, Auto Mechanics, and Artists |

Alyson Carly Cade ~ Nickname; Aly ~( Step-Daughter, 12 ) { SOHH [Student of HallWood High], OFC } * Skipped 7th and 8th grade because of test scores * | Cliques; Jocks, Populars, Band Geeks, Nerds, and Artists |

Mason Matthew Cade ~Nicknames; Mase, Mas, Mace, Mason, Matt, Matthew, Mattie, Matty, Matthe, Mattey, Matti, Mattster, Yo Bro, Champ~ ( Step-Son, 13 ) { SOHH, OFC } * Skipped 8th grade due to test scores * | Cliques; Jocks, Populars, Band Geeks, Nerds, Artists, and Auto Mechanics |

Extra: Skateboards and taught step son how to skateboard as well as play guitar. plays guitar. did football in high school and college.


Name: Avery Shawn Nolte

Age: 38


Personality: Loves metals, outgoing, smart, and kind

Grade Taught: All Grades ( 9 - 12 )

Subject Taught: Metal Shop

Katara Jody Nolte { Nee Castalle } ~ Nicknames; Katar, Jod, Ara~ ( Wife, 38 ) { Chemistry Honors Teacher at HallWood and Professional Swimmer } [ OFC ]

Katherine Katrina-Katerina-Katarina-Kathleen Nolte ~Nicknames; Kate, Katie, Kath, Kathy, Kathe, Rine, Rin, Kat, Kattie, Katerin, Kata, Rina, Kathl, Kathlee, Kathleen, Leen, Kataleen, Katri, Katrin ~ ( Daughter, 14 ) | Cliques; Metal Workers, Geniuses, Nerds, Jocks, Artists, Populars, and Band Geeks | [ OFC ]

Extra: His daughter attends this school.

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Jane Isles-Rizzoli Name: Leticia "Letty" Ortiz

Age: 26


Personality: Loves to act like one of the guys even though she isn't, She expects the best out of her students.

Grade Taught: Junior & Senior

Subject: Auto Mechanics

Family: Jax Ortiz (Son, 10)

Extra: She has a big test at the end of each semester.

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