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Sorry . umm i dunno its up to you

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Ok. So whih one do u wabt to be the girl on

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So i can be the girl studtent and you be the male teacher, then i can be a guy in the other?

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Nvm im thinking of the wrong rp. So charries: age name and appearance ok?

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So heres mine.

Age: 19 (first year of college)
Name: Lydia Martin
Appearance : http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2u...

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Wanna start?

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Lydia walked into her advanced phycology class, her first period in the day. This was her first day of college, and shes been preparing for it all summer

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Lydia got into the class early, and knocked on the locked door. "Can i come in?" She yelled

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"Im sorry its my first day, and i wantsd to get to know the professor. I want to be a psychologist, so im hoping this will be my favourite class. And im just nervous." She laughed

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"Well i guess its a day of firsts." Lydia said laughing. "Are you happy being able to teahc?" She asked him

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"Ive always been fascinated with how the brain works, and human behavior. And id like to make a difference in the world. This is my way. I hope..."

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"Im sure youre going to do just fine." She said to him

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She looked at the time, and grabbed a seat before the students started piling in.

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She couldnt help but admiret him from her seat. She liked him, and tried to work uo the courage as the masses were leaving to ask him to achedule a time to talk more

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"I was wondering if you were free for lunch. You seemed really interesting to talk to, and i thinj it would relieve some stress talking to you iver lunch.." She saud softly

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She grabbed a sticky note and a pen off his desk, jotting down her cell number. "Shoot me a text when youre free," she smiled before turning to walk out if the room

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She answered, and they decided to meet at a local coffee shop she loved. She opened the door and began to talk ti the baristas, whom she knew well

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"Hey!" She said smiling. It was around 5:30, so she had changed into this http://images.birdsnest.net.au/system... "it was a gorgeous day today. But more inportantly, how was yojr first day teaching?" She asked

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((Thats ok. Its just kunds summery boho stuff.))

"Mine was ok. Stressful. I forgot mkre than i wanted to, due to a trip

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"Well i was in france for the summer and i forgot stuff. Mais cela est la vie" she said in fluent french, remembering her travels.

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"Combien de temps avez-vous été en France?" She said, continuing in french

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"Tout l'été, mais je prenais français les quatre années de lycée." She stated, having loved french in high school

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Oh. Eh bien, je me suis amusé. Voulez-vous commander maintenant? She asked

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He brought back the food and lydia started to eat. "Ah i loev this place." She said enjoying the food

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"Well now you do." She smiled at him
"So tell me about yourself." She demanded

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"I have time. Everything

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"Umm, basics. Favourite things. Great life experiences. Childhood. Family. School." She laughed

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"Start at the begginning." ((We can skip through talking, maybe they went somewhere for fancy desert and he can get a drink and stuff

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((I mean like alcohol. They atr food at the coffee shop, then they can go for desert somewhere else))

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She sat across fron him, eating on chocolate covered strawberries. She was telling him about her life story, most things about her.

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She stole it before he could eat it and shr ate the cherry, smiling mischeviously

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She grabbed his white wine, taking a sip. "Stole that too" she laighed.

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"Oh such a gentleman" she said laughing. She grabbed his glass, swirling it and holding it in her fingers. She sipped on it, while eating a strawberry. "So. What led you to want to teach?" She asked

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"Oh. Well." She laughed. "Has anybody beat me to you?" She smiled

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She bkushed. "Nothing. Nevermind." And if yoi keep eatkng my strawberries youre payong for them

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"Just finish it. Im not going to eat after you. Thats like kissing you. And id rather just actually kiss you." She smirked

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"Well of course i am" she grinned at him. "Who wouldnt, youre adorable, smart, funny, interesting. And speakung french, hands down sexy." She laughed

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"Oh now youre just teasing me." She smirked. She waved down a waiter, grabbing the check

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Je paie. Je dois plus d'argent que vous suariez." She responded handin the bill and her card to the waiter

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"I come from a wealthy family. My mom still gives me lots of money, but i dont really want it. " she sighed. "Can you wake me home?" She smirked

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"Hey, did that offend you?" She asked, noticing his sudden distance

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"No need to be ashamed." She laughed. I have 5 or 6 times the money a well payed kawyer has. Dont worry." She said getting out of the car and walking with him to the door

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"So. Sge said standunf at the door. "Tonight was fun."

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"I never said i would talk about psychology. I just said i wanted to talk." She smiled. She unlocked the door and turned around. She hugged him, unsure of he'd accept it

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"Well at least i know thays okay. She turned to open the door and stopped. She spinned around and kissed him, soft and brief. "Oh my god. Im so sorry..." She said when she pulled away

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"Really?" She said, slightly breathless.

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"Oh shut up." She said kissing him again, wrapping her hands arou d his neck and running her hands through his hair.

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"Is this allowed?" She asked breathless

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"I know. Im sorry." She kissed him quickly. I gotta go inside." She said softly

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The next day she put on this for school, and left at 10:00 for her first class.https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/...

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