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Lynn (papergalaxies) | 2416 comments here it is

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Lynn (papergalaxies) | 2416 comments so, what sort of character form do you prefer?

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What do u mean? Spell everythong out for me

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Lynn (papergalaxies) | 2416 comments Like how detailed do you usually make your characters, do you just use Name, Age, and Appearance. Or do you like adding stuff like Personality, Likes and Dislikes ect.
Or would you rather just dive right in and kick the character sheets to the curb?

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I just do name age and appearance

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Lynn (papergalaxies) | 2416 comments Okay, sounds good to me

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U firt. And explain the plot

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Lynn (papergalaxies) | 2416 comments Okay, heres mine then:
Name: Nova Foster
Age: 17

So basically, your character (guy A) Decides to do a report on my character (Girl A). He goes into the project thinking nothing more of her than just that, a project. Somewhere along the line his viewpoint on her starts to change and he realizes that she is still a person and not just some statistic as he and the rest of the town thought before.
That's just the basic plot line I imagined, feel free to add or change what ever you would like.

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Age: 19
Name: scott monroe

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Can u start?

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Lynn (papergalaxies) | 2416 comments Sure

Nova sat at her window, watching raindrops race down the smooth glass. She liked rainy days, to her they were much more desirable than a day with the bright sun present. With gloomy weather it was much easier to forget the outside world and just live in her mind, as she had been for almost the last two years now.

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