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message 1: by Keeley (new)

Keeley  (abibliophilesjourney) | 7 comments Mod
Hi world! My name is Keeley and I'm a 24 year old book blogger from Pennsylvania.

I love reading horror, fantasy, and science fiction. I've been on booktube for just about 1 year (May 8th will be a year) and to celebrate I thought I would start a read-a-thon!

message 2: by Ashli (new)

Ashli Lewis (muchfaith22) | 9 comments Mod
ahhh, this sounds like so much fun, and I was gonna do it, but I'd already signed up to do bout of books readathon the same week. I will see if I can't double up, but not sure what the challenges are for that yet. How often are you thinking to do this one, just once a year?

message 3: by C.K. (new)

C.K. Dawn (ckdawn) | 5 comments This sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun, thx for the invite Keeley. :) <3 ck

message 4: by Ashli (new)

Ashli Lewis (muchfaith22) | 9 comments Mod
YAY...found out there's no specific book theme/challenges for BoB so I can double up on the readathons! :) This one sounds way fun though.

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