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message 1: by Laura Liliana (new)

Laura Liliana | 3 comments i have a book in my hands

The Vision of Emma Blau
isbn 0684872730
Published by Scribner 2000

However when I put in this isbn, i get a different edition, different publisher different year.

What can I do fix this?

I upload the book cover that matches the publisher and year

message 2: by Empress (new)

Empress (the_empress) Looking into this

message 3: by Empress (last edited May 03, 2015 12:34PM) (new)

Empress (the_empress) Confirmed with Worldcat that this edition has correct data and cover.

Reverted image upload for this edition since it is a different isbn. Please don't remove ISBN from other editions. Image uploaded taken from Amazon and confirmed with Worldcat data is correct.

Looked at other editions and did not find one with your cover. Created an alternate cover edition for the one you have. Please upload the cover to it:

Hope that helps.

message 4: by Robin (new)

Robin (ukamerican) | 106 comments Both Touchstone and Scribner are imprints of Simon & Schuster so I went to S&S website and looked up the book by the ISBN - they say Touchstone Jan 2001:

But they may only have that info because it's most recent. Maybe it was published in 2000 by Scribner and then the same ISBN got republished by Touchstone in 2001, making both details correct for the same ISBN.

This is exactly why we need to be able to put in more than one publisher/release date for a single edition/ISBN/ASIN.

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