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Introduce Yourself ★★

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Hello! I'm Danny, 16 and Stage 1 lukemia

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Hey! I'm Eliza, I'm 15 and I support gay right!

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Can you 2 be mods. To help me out

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Sup? I'm Michelle.

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HIII!!!!!!! :)

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Shawn Quaid (sejuyen) | 1 comments A blessed Sunday to you all.

I am Shawn, 24.

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GC (greycacophony) | 3 comments Sup, guys, I'm Grey. OuO

message 14: by Tate (new)

Tate (hi_im_tate) I'm Jade, 15. Punk rock

Jacob, 15. Jock

They are twins

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Madz (madz22) Hey

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Ken (kensamcampo) Hi

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