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message 2: by Lauren (new)

Lauren (bookworm1987) | 344 comments Mod
I finished this book finally, 2.5 stars bumped up to 3. I didn't hate it but I didn't love it either I struggled to get through some of the sections. Believe it or not my original reserve to not reading this book was the cover. I hate the cover.. But oh well. The book was funny and I liked the writing style. But I think I was ready for something with heart in it you know? Not Fault in Our Stars style but something with heart. Not sure what my next read will be.

message 3: by Mom2triplets04 (new)

Mom2triplets04 | 316 comments Did not see that ending at all. Wow what a great book. I really enjoyed this one. The cover is awful yes but the story was very good. I really enjoyed the funny parts. It kept me interested to keep reading which is very hard to do lately. Thanks for choosing this one. Adding to my favorites and will be getting the sequel in sept.

message 4: by Jorie (new)

Jorie | 4 comments That ending totally came out of nowhere and I' currently sobbing (literally!) I actually like the cover, especially the art one the back. I really enjoyed how this book ended so I'm not sure if I would want to read a sequel but I'll see when September rolls around.

message 5: by Keshia (new)

Keshia (brain_candy) | 11 comments I completely wasn't expecting that ending. I know Winger didn't care, but I wanted to know why Casey/Nick killed Joey, and how they got caught. As much as I liked the rest of the book, the ending seemed to come out of nowhere and didn't seem fully fleshed out to me. Overall, I did like the story.

message 6: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer White (jwhitern) I gave it 4 stars. I wound up liking it more that I expected I would at the half way point. Was surprised at the ending, once Joey went missing I pretty much figured out what happened. Glad there will be a sequel!

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