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Winger > Wed 5/6 | 128-189 (Ch 27-37)

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message 2: by Mom2triplets04 (new)

Mom2triplets04 | 316 comments Liking winger and Annie. So do not like chas girl friend. Can't believe she keeps kissing winger. Annie will be so mad when she finds out.

message 3: by Jorie (new)

Jorie | 4 comments Yeah, I feel like she's manipulating him in some way and I hope he can find a way to get out of that situation without hurting anyone, but I have a sick feeling this won't end well.

Shannon (kitchandpages) (leaninglights) | 713 comments Mod
Winger is spiraling - seems like he's out of control and hasn't got a clue what he actually wants, other than female body parts lol I like him and he's funny but I also feel like he's a bit one-note at this point. I want to see some character development.

message 5: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (hannahvu) It will definitely be interesting to see what happens in Seattle - I want him to step-up and deal with his feelings for Annie!

message 6: by Lauren (new)

Lauren (bookworm1987) | 344 comments Mod
I'm hoping for him and Annie I feel bad about his friendship though.

message 7: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer White (jwhitern) Seattle is going to be interesting! I think he is about to get friend-zoned!
I am sure it will be a crazy weekend!

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